Awesome controller design from sony


I see they are still trying to push move then. Seeing as it's been about a year, does it have any games that use it to great effect?

That seems like a really big controller. I mean it has to be a good foot wide. Judging buy the fact that the move is in the middle with enough room for a hand and space around it. It just seems silly. Next thing you know the middle will also fit the vita. no want. As a plus (or negative) the 'wheel' looks big enough to strangle someone. :)

I honestly believe that the Dualshock is pretty much the perfect controller and the SixAxis does a more than acceptable job of using motion controls in the rare games that need them.

I'm not sure I understand the purpose of this goofy looking thing.

What the fu...

Pfffhahahaha! What the hell is that thing? Yeah, I cant wait to play a first person shooter with that. Go Sony. Merge your made-for-baby-hands controller with your dildo controller, its the way of the future.

That's easily the most ridiculous looking controller I've ever seen - and I owned an N64!


Alright, that's a lie. The special edition chainsaw-shaped GameCube controller for Resident Evil 4 was the most ridiculous. But still, very damn close.

I... um... don't know what this'd be used for. With all my Move-compatible games, that gun peripheral works nicely as-is and really is what I wished all along that the Wii would have done. And I don't own any Move games that aren't shooters.

It looks like Space Invader. I really can't see any practical use for this.

Red alert! Klingon bird of prey decloaking off our starboard bow!

Where's Keanu Reeves when you need him?

Shouldn't that be in an airplane cockpit?


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