Poll: Diablo III or Torchlight II?

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grim dawn and possibly torchlight 2 im skipping diablo 3 even though i enjoyed the first 2

I will go with Grim Dawn and Path of the Exile. I might get torchlight after i see some vids etc.. because torchlight 1 was nice, it got really boring towards the end (same dungeon for like 5/10 floors Urgh).
Also Diablo 3 can die on a flaming stick for all i am concerned, BURN "ALWAYS ONLINE" BUUUUURN!!

bit sad really that most peoples concerns are d3 is always online

get a grip, we are all always online anyway, do you live in a shed on an island

and you wont lose everything if an issue obviously there is constant saving to server

im actually glad most will go to torchlight on here as sounds like will be all the kids and leave d3 with the grown ups

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