What is the worst game you own?

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Auora Watching is without doubt the worst game I have ever played. It is even worse than Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge; Publisher Kalypso's ghastly first effort to remake Jagged Alliance.

There's such prizes as 1-1-2 Rescue Helicopter in my collection, but if there's anything that takes the cake it'd be some random isometric ET game I got when I bought the DVD.

And that's not as in "it came along with the DVD". Literally the last copy of the movie the store had turned out to be a shitty little game.

Dragon Age 2 has to be, by far, the worst game I own.

The worst game I own is Two Human and the runner up is Sacred 2 Fallen Angels.

For me it would have to be Bioshock 1. By far not a bad game at all. From reviews and other media it's actually ment to be an amazing game. But i just can't play games with even a remote bit of scariness in them. So i just can't stand it. So it's the worst game i own.

Mass Effect 3. I'm a very picky player when it comes to buying games, and ME3 was my biggest mistake.

Superman 64.

I win.

I never even bothered to try and beat it after playing it for more than 5 minutes.

The worst game I own is Two Human and the runner up is Sacred 2 Fallen Angels.

Sacred 2 wasn't that bad.

Turgid, dreary and had that god awful mountain level that just never ended, but it wasn't that bad.

Kung Fu Panda, but it came with my Xbox. Worst game I bought (and kept) would have to be... Mirror's Edge, I guess. I just can't seem to get far enough that the controls start feeling natural.

I picked up Damnation in the GAME sale for a couple of quid because I though it looked interesting but never brought it at full price.

Thank God I didn't buy it at full price, I would probably have cried. The graphics are sub PS2 and they look even worse on a HD tv. The aiming is crap and the guns have little to no impact on their intended target. The voices are simply crap and your computer controlled AI partners have the self preservation instinct of a retarded fly.

I honestly don't know whether to sell it on or destroy it so the evil cannot harm another person.

Heh, I have Damnation too... but only because my art teacher worked on it and he constantly told us how terrible the game was... just for context he also worked on Americas Army and a demon porn game funded by Clive Barker... heh the top of his class and he got a job animating a goat demon penis...<.<

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2. :

Achron: Closest thing I have to a game that actually doesn't work. Brilliant concept, let down by very poor UI design, economic model and no auto-pathfinding or auto-retaliate on units. That last point is the big one, I expect my units in a strategy game to be able to act with at least a basic level of autonomy; I don't want to have to use my time travel abilities just to make sure my units don't miss the first 3 salvos of returned fire because they didn't attack back on their own.

Risen and Gothic 4 also both deserve dishonourable mentions for their serious hitbox-graphic dissonance issues. Oh, and I know I'm going to draw flak for this one but Xenoblade Chronicles deserves a place on this list as well for its bad camera control, level scaling and narrative pacing.


The worst game I own is Two Human and the runner up is Sacred 2 Fallen Angels.

Sacred 2 wasn't that bad.

In your opinion. I thought it was utter shit.

This was one absolutely terrible game. Like... it didn't even try to be good.


Never again.

This was in my younger years, and I really don't even know how I acquired this particular game. Nowadays, though, I always make sure a game is worth my time and money before I get it.

A game called Baroque, you run in a labyrinth, come down to the boss, get killed. Second run, you notice your first weapon is "angel blaster" and save it 'till later. Get down to the boss (labyrinths are fucking weird and makes no sense etc), shoot him... and you go back to the start...I mean what the hell.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior, that game was so broken it just was unplayable.

ME 2, I have never brought a game I disliked more, most of what I liked about the first had been removed and the rest was in a strip down version. The story wasn't interesting with mostly people it found 2-dimensional, there where a few good ones. The plot had a lot of small holes that kept me from enjoying the better moments, and the game made reapers go from Cthulhu level, to bad popcorn flick. It's the worst game I have ever finished, hoping in vain that it would give me just a bit of why I loved the first.

It's far from the worst game I own and I enjoyed it immensely but yeah I know how you feel. You can see all the cracks starting to form that caused all of the problems people have been having with ME3.

Also I REALLY didn't like how they changed paragon Shepard into a passive-aggressive jerk

Mafia - Driving driving driving shitty controls driving.

Dante's Inferno

I really should've read more about the game. Fuckin' quicktime events everywhere. I absolutely loathe QTE's. :(

Im sure its not technically the worst game I own but I dont fancy digging through my collection to try and find one that may be worse so ill just go with it.

GTA3 yeah there I said it the most disappointing game I own its liked they sucked all the fun out of the game and put it on the shelves most games I can see good bits in even if I dont like them but not here but I only played it for about 12 hours (thats all I could take) so maybe it gets good later on but I really couldnt care less tbh.

Hmm or it could be crash nitro kart that was a piece of garbage but I did get a small amount of fun from it.

Starfox Adventures for the Gamecube.

oh. My. fucking. GOD. That game is quite possibly the worst thing to ever grace the face of the planet, destroying everyone's enjoyment the moment it starts running. It is buggy, filled with terrible puzzles and has some ridiculously un-balanced combat. Eventually the game bugged out to the point of breaking, becoming a slightly more playable broken mess.

Yes, becoming un-playable was actually an IMPROVEMENT for this thing.

Really? I frickin' love that game.

OT: Need for Speed Prostreet for PS2.



The worst game I own is Two Human and the runner up is Sacred 2 Fallen Angels.

Sacred 2 wasn't that bad.

In your opinion. I thought it was utter shit.

Well naturally you thought it was shit. You wouldn't have said it was shit otherwise. And, to be fair, it was shit.

The thing that I wanted to talk to you about though was why it was shit because really, when you think about it, lots of elements of the game are very promising: It has a massive game world, several distinct and interesting playable characters, loads of loot, a system to combo chain special moves together, epic boss battles, variable terrain and online co-op.

I often think about it and end up re-installing it thinking "it must be better than I remember" only to uninstall it after a couple of hours of boredom. The thing is though, I can never quite put my finger on why I'm bored. The game just isn't fun and to me, considering my earlier plus points, that makes Sacred 2 fascinating.

I have a list: Prince of Persia 3D, Painkiller Overdose, the James Cameron's Avatar game, Richochet, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Toki Tori, Gratuitous Space Battles (insofar as it can be considered a game), The Path (same qualifier) and the god awful, unplayable PC port of Resident Evil 4.

Puzzle kingdoms.

Jersey Devil.

I think I have Bubsy 3D laying around somewhere, I used to play it all the time but as I've grown, and have been told by the internet, it's one of the worst of all time.

Beach Life

It is the worse management sim I have ever played. (And I used to be an absolute addict of management sims, so I've played a lot of them!) The only good thing about it is the box art. Apart from that, it fails in pretty much every way. Slow, buggy, difficult for no good reason, and completely linear. Every mission is the same, and every mission takes real, actual, literal DAYS!

I think it may have killed my second hamster (and possibly a close aunt). It is that bad.

shadow the hedgehog, The thing is I don't even remember buying it. I think it just appeared one day like hell shat. As to why I hate it its just too hard to explain (think metal bolts in your hip)

Dragonball Z Sagas, thankfully I only payed five dollars for it. Not sure why I bought it, I knew it got horrible reviews.

Well at the moment I don't have any games (long story) but as I recall, Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Didn't like anything in that game..... infact the only reason I got it was because of the box art!

man, I dont know what the hell happened to the Operation Flashpoint games since the publisher/developer split.

Dragon Rising was a bad game to me, so much so that I just skipped Red River.

however, though not graphically better, the Arma series has gotten better, if you have a computer that can run it, there should be no reason for you not to have it!

unless, you know, the whole lack of money thing, thankfully it is on Steam so you might be able to pick it up on sale.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

why is it bad? I have nearly put in 50 hours of gameplay since getting it last week and I have barely started the main quest.


Because every, EVERY new town I come across....

there is a



I have done like...... 4 main missions on my highest level character, and something like 40 side/faction missions.

Seriously, the game makes me rage and yet at the same time I cant stop playing it.

release me, demon game!

Mass Effect

Not trying to bait or anything, it's just a game I can't seem to get into, and considering every other game I own (even awful ones) I've been able to play for longer, I have to say ME. It's just...i don't know what it is I don't like about it.

Shadowrun (360 version)

even the producer of that appologised for making it

Alone in the Dark. (2008 release)

Installed it, waited an hour for the patch to download, played it for 15 minutes and then gave up on my belief that there is any good in the world. Which is disappointing because it had so many ideas that seemed good on paper.

I install it again every now and then just to see if it could possibly change my mind. In fact, I think it's that time of year again.

I don't buy games unless I've tried them before, and I know they're good ...

There was only ever one exception to that.

The worst game I own in Okamiden. My absolute favorite game of all time is Okami, so I was psyched for the sequel, and all the reviews were pretty good so I figured I'd just buy it, I mean how bad could it possibly be? Boy was I wrong.

Okamiden is ... pretty horrid. In the original Okami, you play as a goddess in the form of a wolf, and you have your annoying Navi character, Issun, following you around everywhere, but he isn't too terribly annoying; he actually sort of grows on you over the course of the game. That sort of thing can't happen in Okamiden though, because you have multiple Navi characters, and they keep switching out, so you never get a chance to get used to any of them. Also, each has his own abilities that you have to use to solve puzzles, so you need one in particular in any given area, and the game has to keep coming up with increasingly more contrived reasons for the proper one to be there, so it starts feeling like there's a bad soap opera playing out on your back. And of course, all the characters are utterly unlikable, all being complete morons or totally full of themselves. No personality, terrible dialogue, I just want to kick them off and go it alone. But alas, you need them for the puzzles ...

That's a big problem too. A big reason Okami is my favorite game of all time is because they really pulled the "goddess" thing off quite well. You feel all-powerful, and utterly significant compared to everyone around you, but it doesn't get in the way of the gameplay or make it less challenging. Even Issun is just there to hitch a ride and try to learn more about your godlike abilities, rather than being a leader or sage or anything like that. He doesn't even get in the way or give much advice, there are Travel Guides to do that instead. In Okamiden, you depend on whoever's riding you at the time, constantly. And they're always giving advice. And they never ever stop talking. You aren't allowed to solve any of the puzzles on your own because your rider is constantly holding your hand and telling you exactly how to solve it, even if it's something obvious they have to explain it to you. That's the biggest problem with this game, is the hand-holding.

Another gigantic problem with Okamiden is the terrible blatant padding. Imagine this scenario: Let's say you're halfway through a dungeon. You walk into a room. There's a circle of lightning in your way, so you try to find a way around it, a switch to turn it off or something. But suddenly, for no apparent reason, you're whisked off into a cutscene that puts you somewhere completely different, and you have to climb a cloud mountain or something, because it's there I suppose. At the top of the cloud mountain, after a dumb minigame of some sort, someone randomly gives you a card that will let you walk through lightning without getting hurt. You get cutscened back down to where you were, in the room in the dungeon with the circle of lightning. You go through it ... and apparently, the lightning was "too powerful", so even though you got through without a scratch, the lightning card is destroyed and is now totally useless. A single-use item, obtained in a place you can only ever visit once, immediately before you use the item. This actually happens in Okamiden, and many many more scenes like it. If it weren't for all the padding from this game, it would be about half an hour long, I swear to god.

Also the controls, graphics, and loading times are all horrible. I suppose that's to be expected on the DS, but Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks pulled it off alright so I expected Okamiden to be able to handle it. The boss fights are unimaginative and not fun at all. The best thing about the game might have been the time travel bit, but they only included that in the first place as more padding so it's really a wasted effort. Everything about this game sucks.

GTA4, i found that game so bad. Driving is wonky and weird. Gunplay is shocking and confusing.

You ever tried Saints Row 2 driving? It's like driving a well greased banana peel on an oil slick it's so terrible.

I can't decide for the winner, we have a tie. Alone in the Dark (2008 release) and Tomb Raider: Underworld, both for the PS2: and other many more which I usually trade them, but these two I kept them for ever in my collection, to remind me that I must be more careful when I choose to buy a game. The reason why I consider them as the worst games of my collection is that eventhough they ought to have taken advantage of the modern gaming systems advantages, instead they appeared worse than some releases as early as of 2001, titles that were created in the beginning of the life of this gaming system. They were glitchy as hell- probably none bothered to test if they work, and above all, extremely dull in terms of game-play action.

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