What is the worst game you own?

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Probably Invisible War or Alpha Protocol.

I really enjoyed both however, I tend not to buy games unless i'm pretty sure about them.


These, just to name a few. If I can find cheap crappy looking PS2 games, I get them.

I'm gonna say the adventures of Link, I own that game, and I do not like it.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon: *shudders* Mortal Kombat usually has a lot of good additional content to keep you around once you have beaten the game with everyone. Like character bios and concept art to collect and characters to unlock ect..this game had none of that.

And also, the endings were so bad you might as well not even bother beating the game anyway. In the end you got a pretty sad excuse for a Mortal Kombat game. The combat system was tired and had already been as taken as far as it could go in the last game.

The same can be said for the graphics, heck they didn't even bother updating the character models...

I am going to stop right there before this turns into another rant. In short this game didn't live up to anything that is promised and left nothing but a stale taste in your mouth.

Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude:
Once you get past the novelty of the nudity and once you get to the nudity there really isn't much point in playing the game anymore seeing how the rest of the game is just weak.

Shinobi PS2:

No check points...at all, and also the whole enemies staying still once you killed them then falling apart gimmick was cool for the first level but quickly became irritating. Now had it been a result of you being a master of the combat and killing everyone so fast that no one had a chance to fall apart and hit the floor yet. That would have been a cool reward for learning the game.
Oh and also no check points. And did I also mention no check points?

Socom 2:

Bought it because my friend wanted to play a game with me online. I'm really not that into war games and by that I mean anything set in the real world(ie Call Of Duty, Counter Strike ect). It has to at least have an Alien in it or a Robot, or heck, raving lunatics Or something interesting happening in it for me to be sold. Otherwise it's just a grey dish of reality and as Ed Boon once said "Reality is boring. No one wants to pay for reality"

And Fable 2:
Do I really need to go on another rant about this? Short version>>Took everything good about Fable and threw it out the window. And everything it was, was glitchy and underwhelming and since having played Fable 3 I am pretty sure Fable 2 was just the Beta test for it.

I'd have to say Syndicate. There was just nothing I can think of in a positive manner about that game, even after my eyesight recovered from bloom-induced blindness.

Hot Wheels World Race. Haven't played it in years because the driving is more slippery than a fish. The stunt system is awful too. Only flips and barrel rolls.

The 2008 Alone in The Dark /headdesk

mine would have to be 'enter the matrix' ps2. its not even worth giving away...

but i notice some of you think 'worst' equals 'i hate the motherfucking game.' when i think of worst, i think of technically bad. like broken or badly balanced, unlike 50% of the games mentioned, which some of you just didn't like (FFXIII, baroque, fallout 3).

usually the bad games are movie/TV tie-ins or cases of 'what the fuck were they thinking?' not AAA titles that you just happened to not like.

ME 2, I have never brought a game I disliked more, most of what I liked about the first had been removed and the rest was in a strip down version. The story wasn't interesting with mostly people it found 2-dimensional, there where a few good ones. The plot had a lot of small holes that kept me from enjoying the better moments, and the game made reapers go from Cthulhu level, to bad popcorn flick. It's the worst game I have ever finished, hoping in vain that it would give me just a bit of why I loved the first.

Well said. Well fucking said, I couldn't agree more.

There are crappy games, and then...

I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair, I didn't even know that game existed!

Alone in the bloody dark. I have tried to like that game 4 times, and each time I make it to the park i quit, cos the controls are SO BAD

That game just shouldn't have been made, you could even just skip everything and go right to the end. It was a pointless piece of crap.

I have a game on Steam called Rogue Warrior. It has a 29 on Metacritic, and I think that is an artificially inflated score. Everything about it (everything) sucks.

The only reason I heard anyone bought it was because it was to complete a series of some sort.

OT: Well here's just a few for you: Kane & Lynch, MW3, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Mass Effect, and Resistance 2.

Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol
I have never seen anyone even beat the first level

I recently checked it out. Was flat out shot and didn't even know what half the buttons did and where I was being shot from.

I used to own Sonic '06 and funny enough had a good time with it and only had a few problems.


Power Drome Racing PS2. Got it for 2 bucks. Not worth it. Vehicles are shit, controls are shit, characters have no discernible differences unless they are on the ultimate extremes (but when 8/10 starting characters are in the middle, you see the problem). No point in picking a specialist, because than s/he won't be competitive in the other area.
"I can turn" "I'm only going 30mph!"
Oh, and then there's vehicle selection, so now you have stats stacking on stats. Then, you realize that WipeOut is infinitely better, controls properly, has balanced powerups and doesn't require four buttons/inputs pressed/used at once to turn.

Then X-Com Enforcer.
Don't want to rant about that, but let's take the strategy out, then the customization, and then the squad command. I will simply leave a series of equations.
Squad Command + Strategy + Customizablity = Xcom (add massive amounts of difficulty for TftD)
Squad and Base Customization + some Strategy = Xcom Interceptor, which I enjoy.
Xcom - everything that makes Xcom fun except aliens + bad controls + only one weapon at a time + weak enemies = Xcom Enforcer.

Probably have some bad minis/PSone classics from PS+, but I haven't played all of those.

'Bad game, but that's still playable':
Rule of Rose from Atlus

'Bad game, that's just bad...that I got as a gag gift':
Britney's Dance Beat (or w/e)

This is horribly cliche, but Mass Effect 3. My reasoning is no other game has made me as angry as Mass Effect 3. Whenever I play a game and it turns out to be bad, I'm like "Meh, that was a waste of time and money, but whatever". Mass Effect 3 is the first time I've ever been actually angry at a developer for betraying me as a fan and taking my $70 with a smile.

Ironically, I still play the multiplayer and consider 99% of the singleplayer campaign to be fantastic, its that final 15 minutes that make me despise it. I have such a weird relationship with that game...

Tell me the name of the worst game you own and why you don't like it. (Unless you have very few games that your choice wouldn't exactly be something you dislike. In that case, what are you doing here? >:() Mine would be the Harvey Birdman: Attourney at Law game for PS2. I know it's a great show, that's why I bought the game, but it wasn't very fun or fuuny at all. I only remember one line I liked. "HAHA! Coarse Grinding!"

Superman 64. Speaks for itself.

Fallout:New Vegas. I own it on Steam, struggled with that slow-ass walk for six hours. The final straw was after several crashes, I became stuck in the terrain. I realized I was not having fun, and the game was just shitting itself. Haven't gone back since.

Overall: Probably Kyotokei. It's this boring, cheap knockoff of Ikaruga with ugly graphics. And I'm not talking about the anime-style characters because I don't have a problem with anime aesthetic. But the portraits on the menu seem rather dull and unexpressive. The backgrounds are basically Flintstones-style backgrounds of the same thing over and over, and we have a blue ice level and a red volcano level, both of which are bad ideas for a game where bullets are either blue and white or red and black, especially if the background is about the same saturation as the bullets. And the music... makes me wanna... fall asleep... Zzzzzzzzzzz... I got it for $5 on WiiWare, and I can't believe I did that because I have a copy of Ikaruga. Stupid!

Not off WiiWare: Secret of Mana. SUCH an annoying game. The characters you follow aren't likable, it makes almost no difference what weapon you're using, you have to slog your way through overtly-long dungeons with randomly-appearing enemies, leveling up magic is a chore but pretty much required to beat the game, the story is just "go here and there with no reward half the time", the game is bug-fucked to hell... This must've been a different team than the Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger guys, right?

Physical copy: There's a Sims game in the cabinet, I think, but I'm not counting that because my sisters bought it. And I can't count Avatar: Into the Inferno because I haven't played it. So, I'm gonna say Sonic Gems Collection, a compilation of most of the Sonic games that were not on the Genesis (they were for Sega CD, Saturn, Arcade, and Game Gear). Pretty much the only worthwhile game on there is a Game Gear game called Sonic Triple Trouble, which is kind of fun. Sonic R sucks, Sonic the Fighters is boring, Sonic CD is kind of a mess, there's just not much here to keep me interested. Well, there's still the Mega Collection, I suppose...

Black Ops - No explanation necessary. Awful game.
Skyrim - Bethesda games... ugh. I'm a victim of hype.
Fallout 3 - See above.
Mortal Kombat - This game looked awesome in trailers, but it plays like total shit compared to Capcom fighters.
DBZ: Burst Limit - Budokai this game is not.
Halo Wars - I wanted to believe in the console RTS revolution! Unfortunately the game is terrible.

I'd say either Duke Nukem Forever or Deathspank. They both suffer from the same thing; they're shit boring. Duke Nukem is just appaulingly badly made, and Deathspank's gameplay is never fun in the first place.

I wonder, does owning as a child a Neopet count as the worst game ever?

Postal 3, of this I am... almost certain.

Lost: Via Domus. But it's not my fault! Someone heard I watched Lost and bought this for me! I swear! Let me put it in perspective: you thought the last two seasons of Lost were bad, try this game and you'll realize there were all sorts of depths that had not yet been sunk to.

Of the games I'm personally responsible for purchasing it would have to be Zoo Tycoon. I was young and naive, and loved Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Torn between C&C4, and Stormrise, either or both.

Both games were more crushing disapointments than outright bad.

C&C4 decided to do a 180 and completely revamp itself in the worst possible way right when it was supposed to give us an ending to its story.

Stormrise was by The Creative Assembly?! Really?! The guys that made the Total War series made THIS?!

I just took a look through my collection of PC games that I never, ever have any intention of playing again, and I think I found a winner.

Not sure if this counts or not, but I'll go with Yugioh: Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny. Oh boy, if you ever needed a reminder of exactly HOW FAR Yugioh has come since the early days, that's a great refresher.

It's Yugioh... without effect monster. Or decent magic or traps. It's basically like playing with all the worst cards from the very first starter decks. Oh, and Yugi TOTALLY cheats, too. The computer is programmed to have UNGODLY luck in drawing Exodia. So, even when you're winning, at any moment Exodia could come crashing in and wreck your shit. Frustrating isn't even the word.

Other than that, I mostly just trade in any crappy games that I buy. I do still have a few PC and Gameboy stinkers, though.

some cricket management game on ps1....at the time my parents thought you played the game...no no no

right now would be..rage on ps3

It's a tossup between Black ops or Modern Warfare 2, take you pick. Both are horrible.

OH yeah . . .I do have a copy of Superman 64 though . .

I still own SSB Brawl and I still hate it. Yes, actually hate, don't correct me.

Random tripping (no one can defend this), crappy combo system, poorly designed... nearly everything. Feels like a half finished game.

I've gotta say Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. Because it's a Naruto game.

Even though, it is kind of fun...


Holy ohmygosh. I used to have that game in the waybackwhen. I actually really enjoyed it to... but, mind you, I was at the oldest ten when I played the game.

Tales of Symponia: Dawn of the New World - This game is weak. The original is tied with FF6 as my favorite RPG of all-time. The sequel was garbage. I'd place it as worse than Zelda if not for the fact that I finished this game.

This times a thousand. DoNW was inferior to the original in every possible ways, and often severely so. No World Map, far shorter and much worse main storyline, unlikable and annoying main characters, some returning characters not even having their original VAs, the 8 original party members all being guest characters that frequently drop in and out, much less to do and far less play time, and to make up for the lack of consistent party members, they turned it into Pokemon.

I never touched the sequel after I finished it the first time, but I will continue to play the original ToS until the day I die. My favorite game of all time.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel. It was the only game i snapped and threw away, didn't even bother finishing it, it was that bad.


I got it for a steal at this home improvement store (don't ask), and I honestly tried to give this game a chance, I honestly did. It's just not fun to play at all. The way I get it, most of Essential Games' production is garbage like this.

Bioshock. I really didn't enjoy it, and I don't care how good everyone else says it is.


The only game I disliked/was disappointed in enough to actually want to go sell it back was Lord the Rings: Conquest. I really, really did not like that game. I remember the first time I hung out with a guy who is now one of my closest friends, he asked to play co-op on that game with me. We almost got through one battle before we looked at each other, turned off the Xbox, and took a nap. An interesting first meeting.

Then, of course, there is Final Fantasy 12. Good Goddess, that is one of the few games in my life that I could just not force myself to finish. I just stopped maybe 40 percent through and quit.

Definitely Final Fantasy XIII. Horrible horrible characters coupled with mindless pointless auto-combat and a terrible story.

I have many games such as Infamous and Assassin's Creed that I dislike but I can see how others might enjoy them. But FF13 is just terrible and I struggle to see how anyone in their right mind could enjoy it.

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