Is there any way to access Steam games with NO internet access?

Basically, Steam's offline mode is shit. If you have no internet you can't sign into your account to access offline mode (which kind of defeats the point of an offline mode).

I'm going away for a week or two in the summer where I'll have NO internet access at all to even start Steam in offline mode. Is there an .ini edit to force offline mode so you can just access your games and stuff offline without having to sign in? Or will I have to start offline mode before I go, then hibernate my computer every time I want to power down and hope for no random power failures?

Just because you can't make it work doesn't mean it never works.

Just have it remember your password and it should work.

You shouldn't need to hibernate. As long as you put it in offline mode before you go and check remember password you should be fine. I leave my version offline for weeks at a time.

yeah havent had a problem with steams offline mode for a few years myself

Mine happily loads up on trains and stuff without the net even after I've been signed in on another computer (obviously, because if it's offline it doesn't know that).

I've never had issues playing without internet, which is why I've never understood this problem.

*gets out his laptop, deactivates wlan, activates Steam*... Well, I'm in offline mode right now.

It's just a problem because if I have an unexpected internet blackout and haven't started Steam beforehand, it doesn't let me get into the programme at all, which is a massive inconvenience.

Have it go into offline mode at least one time with an internet connection for verification.

After that, it should be able to go into offline mode by itself when it detects no connection.

Offline mode may be a bit wonky, but I can understand where they're coming from. They don't want people making changes while their account is offline, so they make sure to record your full status before going offline(at least that's what I assume they do). Whenever I've had planned trips with no internet, I'd just go into offline mode beforehand and then enjoy all of my singleplayer games as much as I liked.

Wait, what?

Whenever I start up Steam without an internet connection it brings up a little dialogue box with the option to retry the connection or restart in offline mode.

Choose the latter option.

Once, after moving to a new house with no internet, I played my Steam games in offline mode for months.


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