Your favorite console of all time?

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I got bored the other day and wanted to play some of my good ol' Gamecube games, so I dug the Wii out of the closet only to find that it's broken and won't turn on anymore. I bought it when they first came out, so my warranty's beyond expired. Initially I was going to send it off to Nintendo and pay them $70 to fix it, but I suddenly realized I only have like 3 games for the Wii - and I don't really like any of them that much.

So instead I just ordered a refurbished Gamecube for 35 dollars. Looking through all the titles for the Gamecube, I have to say the proportion of good games to mediocre ones is just outstanding. The PS2's catalog was like 50/50, the original XBOX was 90% crap, but the Gamecube was the Michael Jackson of consoles; just hit after hit after hit. The only other system that had this many good games that I can think of is the Dreamcast. It's a shame Nintendo is making the same mistake Sega did by bombarding everyone with dumb systems and silly peripherals.

What's your favorite console?

I think for sheer amount of great games, the PS2 wins. No current gen console has got even close to it imo.

My favorite would probably be the SNES though - so many classics. The great games on the SNES are still great - have been replaying Chrono Trigger on my MacBook Pro, and enjoying it immensely.

Inb4 someone says PC.

PS2, due to them having alot of good IPs but, as Yahtzee said, it was only because it had a good third party support and there were plenty of equally shit games per each good one.

SNES is definitely up there, I always thought it was way better than the Genesis. It had its share of awful games though. Mario's Missing still gives me nightmares.

PS2 hands down. Best god damn console ever to be released upon our mortal world. And this is coming from a PC gamer. I have well over 150 games for PS2. Mine still works and I play on it quite often. But I always had a thing for Play Station. Even as a PC gamer I had the urge to buy the PS3. I did not regret that decision either.

Do handhelds count? if so then I go for the GameBoy Advance.
I've had it the longest and it had a great library of games.

Can't choose. It's a tie between the PS2 and GamecubeWii. I got my PS2 rather late in it's life, and really didn't get to play many games before it was stolen, but I fully enjoyed it while I had it. I have a first gen Wii, which is backwards compatible, and I have several NES, SNES and Sega games on it as well. If I had the money, I'm pretty sure I would've filled up a couple large SD cards with games.

And no you can't make me choose between them, I refuse!!!

I would say my favorite console of all time was probably the SNES. I had such a good run with mine and I can still enjoy all those amazing titles today. It was just back to back amazing titles, all the time on SNES.
PS2 would probably be a close second. Of course, if we are counting PC, than that wins.

Definitely PS2. All of the greats from the PS1 can be played on it plus it has its own brilliant library. Still have one of the first ones from release that works perfectly. I've only had to take it apart once to adjust the laser.

Easily the PS2. Massive catalogue of incredible games, plus backwards compatibility with the PS1's equally awesome set of games. Some great exclusives that help set it apart from the other consoles, a really really comfortable controller and there's the fact that it still works. Mine's years and years old now and although its had the odd hiccup, it still works beautifully. There's been some cracking consoles throughout the years, but the PS2 is hands-down my favourite.

Ps2 all the way.

I guess I have to pick NES, because after that I didn't buy another until my PS3 which is fun but... eh. I'm a PC person.

So the original NES I guess.

I hear PS2 is one of the biggest selling of all time.

What's your favorite console?

Stylish and pleasant to look at. Very powerful, yet not complicated. I love this console

I'm going to go with the Sony Playstation. Had some of my best gaming experiences on that and also I like the graphics with those games because you were able to I guess use your imagination a lot more due to the vague details on the character models.

And after spending a year and playing some games I missed out on or some I just haven't played in forever it just seems like people were having a lot more fun making games back in those days.

Also it was the system that introduced me to gore and corrupted my little Mario mind.

For gaming goodness, at this stage I'm going with the PS3... but my PS2, bought on release, still works perfectly, and gave me over a decade of awesome gaming, so it wins overall.

PC all the way. Amiga comes to mind (since it was, and for me too, used largely only for gaming) but it is a PC.

PlayStation 3 definitely.

Mine was the N64 so many great games surprised not one person mentioned it :(

The SNES, pure, unrivaled awesomeness.

Us SNES brothers must unite against the PS2 heathens! May the pure console race of Supernintendoians rule over the others!

The Gamecube's good game ratio was only so high because hardly anything ever came out for it, but what did was brilliant.

For the same reason, I'd pick the N64. When I think back to the most fun I've had playing games, and the most new concepts I was personally introduced to, it always comes back to Ocarina of Time, Jet Force Gemini, Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye/Perfect Dark etc.

It's a shame Nintendo has never really been able to replicate that level of quality gaming.

I say the Gamecube, since it has the greatest game series ever made on it.

The Gamecube's good game ratio was only so high because hardly anything ever came out for it, but what did was brilliant.

So the opposite problem of the Wii, then. :p


The Gamecube's good game ratio was only so high because hardly anything ever came out for it, but what did was brilliant.

So the opposite problem of the Wii, then. :p

Precisely, and the reason I wave my cane around while screaming, 'everything was better when I was a lad!' :p

I can't decide on PSX or PS2. Both have incredibly extensive librarys, both have given my countless hours of gaming. I guess I'll have to go with the PS2, only because it's backwards compatible making it essentially both in one.

Captcha: civil war. Yeah we tend to get those when favourite consoles are mentioned.

The P4-era PC...

Or... the SNES, still works like a charm despite 20 years of heavy abuse.

I'm going to have to say the PS2. That game had so many great title ranging from Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 3, Ape Escape 2 and 3, The Ratchet and Clank series, Jak and Daxter series, Sly Cooper series, We Love Katamari, (I've never played the original) and others I can't remember at the moment.

I do have to say though, the PS3 is pretty close behind. While I'll admit, it doesn't have as many great exclusives as it's older brother, it still satisfies me with what it has and the ability to download old PS1 titles off of there. Hell if it weren't for it I've never would have played Final Fantasy IX. And you wouldn't get to see Vivi's handsome mug on here. :P (At least not as much)

Never had a Gamecube but I do hear it was a great console.
So for me the PS2 was the high point of my console gaming.

Xbox 360, because I have had the most fun with it over any console.

Yes I owned a SNES, I can only remember one good game for it and that was Super Mario 3.

Yes I owned an N64, and that had a few great games - Mario Kart and Goldeneye come straight to mind.

Yes I owned a PS1 and PS2, and I tell you I spent many happy hours playing Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

But the game console I have the most fond memories with is the 360, despite the fact it's noisy, and despite the fact it's fragile, and despite the fact they over heat, it's my favourite.

No one said it had to be an old console...

Ah, man. This is tough. I really can't decide on the one, so it's one of these three:


PS2 by a longshot
it had great games like SW Battlefront, Ratchet and Clank, Ace Combat, Destroy all Humans.
so many great games
so little time...

I would have to say N64 or PS2

PS2, I got one for Christmas when I was 13, I spent more time with it than all other consoles I've owned combined (wasn't in to gaming much as a kid, I had a PS2 all through highschool, and now I don't have time to game I only got my 360 in '09).

I always seemed to have a tonne of fun games and it was great for socialising due to the split screen multi player being the only multi player, with the obvious exception of SOCOM.

I even had a 4 player attachment for it.

My favorite? The game boy micro that nobody liked.

It's a toss up between the SNES and the PS2. Both have a ton of great games that still hold up today.


I feel so old. I miss this thing terribly. I'd love to play Utopia again.

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