Poll: How would you react to the Call Of Duty fanchise being cancelled suddenly?

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I would climb to the rooftops and laugh as the streets fill with the tears of thirteen year olds.
Then it would be back to business as usual it would'nt make much difference to my day.

Never played the games and don't desire to. But I'd be glad because it means the industry is deciding to go in a new direction and that means we wouldn't be getting the same mediocre shooter every year as well as the many other devs trying to make their own generic mediocre shooter every year too.

I really wouldn't mind it. Maybe then every other shooter on the fucking planet would realize that regenerating health is not the answer to everything. I don't mind Call of Duty so much, but I do mind its influence on other shooters.

I like CoD. I'm one of the freaks that buys it for the story. I'd kinda mourn for an hour or two and then go back to Crysis and Gears.

Since the best games of the series all got made at least 5 years ago I wouldn't really care all that much. I mean I'd care much more that all the dev people involved in the series are now unemployed, I may not like most of the games but those things put alot of food on alot of tables.

I'unno. Probably make a "Ah" sound after reading something telling me that the franchise is over, then scroll through the comments and wonder how many of them would be "Nooooo's" or "Well this is good because blah blah blah~", something along the lines of that. =p

I would probably react like this guy:


I wonder how the shooter genre would progress without everyone trying to copy COD.



Oh right... They'd all copy BF.

I don't think I'd give a shit. Even a little one.
I've never bought a Call of Duty game and I don't plan to start now. Ever since playing CoD2 or 3 years ago I just thought they were very bad games. The few times I've played multiplayer in the recent incarnations of the series have done nothing to change my opinion.

The controls are awful and its just far too simple for my tastes.

I would have to be dead to care any less.

Mick Golden Blood:

I'd add something else to that post or you'll get a warning for low content

I don't think I'd really care. Franchises come and go all the time, hell before CoD it was Halo. I'm not a fan of the series though so my indifference would be the same as if we heard Michael Bay will never touch the Transformer's franchise again. (meaning that I'd be happy I no longer have to hear people piss and moan about how it's ruining its respective industry)

My apathy towards such a situation would be like no other.
People would look into my eyes and witness the ultimate void of indifference and they would scream and then whimper.
For to witness such lifeless apathetic eyes, you would find yourself on the edge of the universe looking out upon the great nothingness beyond and your mind would fill with terror and then be no more.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wouldn't care that much if it happened.

That would be fucking awesome.

I actually liked Call of Duty up until MW3 was released. Probably because I was, in all honesty, pretty good at it. Eventually I just kind of got bored of it.

It'd be like attending the funeral of an Ex-Best-Friend turned Arch-Enemy. Guiltily happy, but still sad.

About time because for all the good it has done (yes it has done a lot of good things) sometimes a franchise needs a long break. Leave CoD for a while and make some new franchises, the industry would benefit more in the long run from new franchises funded by profits from CoD than keeping releasing more and more Cod games.

The best the series has to offer is in the past (CoD2, CoD4, MW2). If the series ended right now, it wouldn't affect me in the least. Especially since Shit Ops 2 is on the horizon. Black Ops makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Seriously. Awful, awful game. AWFUL.

I would think that there's something wrong in the world. I mean it's a franchise that fans rabidly buy every time even though it hasn't had any significant changes since the first MW version. I personally wouldn't miss it in the least. There should be only so much beating of a dead horse one should be allowed to do.

Since I've never cared for that franchise or anything that's spawned from it I couldn't be happier.

Well, I'm not a Call of Duty fan, or an FPS fan in general. So I'd be completely indifferent.

I would be like YEY! Now they can work on better things like another Zork Game!

Oh Well.

I like the idea that a version of the game is available when I'm ready to revisit it. The kind of comfort you have with WWE games, EA Sports games and the like.

The series from what I've played and seen seems fantastic. I'd much rather be flooded with titles yearly than have only 3 games and not see it for 10 years if ever again.

I could give a flying fuck. They'd just be another shitty mindless shooter that will come up and fill the void anyways.

I'd be sort of sad I guess, I do actually enjoy CoD, and I'm looking forward to Black Ops 2.

Still it wouldnt ruin my life or anything

Meh. Would love to sit back and watch the war that will rampage across the internet. Other than that, couldn't care less.

I really wouldn't care. There are other games. I do play them, and they are fun with friends, but still. Zombie mode was the most fun thing about them, in my opinion, and messing with friends online, not actually trying to do well, trying to HAVE FUN. But other games are good for that too, so meh. Never mind.

I'd be quite upset. I don't care abut the multiplayer, but I do enjoy the campaigns.

Wouldn't care. I prefer Halo anyway. And Killzone. And Crysis.

Call of Duty is a shitty franchise, I detest everything it represents. If it's cancelled, perhaps the makers of it will (try to) make good games, instead of copying their last mistakes. it will never happen because this is activision: image
And THAT will never change. People will always do things that'll help them, whether it's Activision, Obama , My Grandfather, that one guy I met in the supermarket today, or Homer Simpson.

Unfortunately, my ideal world view will only be completed when everyone dumber than average seizes reproduction, everyone gets educated, people abandon religion, stop being dumb and try to be as smart as possible (no more tv-shows like Jersey Shore and such) and try to do their best.
Call of duty is in at least 3 of my points. It's dumb, It has become a religion and it's not their best, just the most profitable (because of the title).

But a man can dream..

That would be fucking awesome.

>>Halo avatar
>>Hates CoD

Oh you. :3c

I don't want a new COD game every single year but I certainly would miss it if it died completely. I think COD gets an unfair rap from the "hardcore" crowd just because it's popular.

My indifference would BLOT OUT THE SUN.

Though I'd probably have to avoid this site (and many others) for a week or so, lest I get any of the drama on me.

complete and utter indifference

well ok mabye Id be a little happy...

Damn, that was my answer practically verbatim.

I'd callously shrug and walk away.

eh well that sucks
*goes back to playing Battlefield 3*
sure i'd be a bit disappointed because despite being the same thing you gotta admit it's a pretty solid FPS especially if you want to fuck around with friends

Probably shrug, then wonder if the CoD4 servers will still work.

My jimmies will remain unrustled, thank you very much.

Cod4 was alright though I guess.

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