Poll: How would you react to the Call Of Duty fanchise being cancelled suddenly?

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There would probably be riots in the streets but I wouldn't be taking part in them.

I wouldn't. I don't play the games (I played 3 and Black Ops, neither were all that impressive to me), and unlike all the irrational idiots across the internet, I don't hate it simply due to its popularity either. So, no reaction here.

Now, if they killed Rock Band and all the other rhythm games finally, that would make me happy just so that new DLC release sections of online marketplaces would stop being spammed by stupid song packs. I just want to find new DLC for a game I like, so the new DLC section should be the quickest way to get it, right? NOPE, all that you can find in that mess is Rock Band, Dance Central, Just Dance, Singalong Shitface, and whatever else all those stupid fucking games are all over the place. They're basically the "FIRST!" dipshits from YouTube and news article comments in video game form, and I would be a very happy guy if those franchises all got canned and the spamming stopped.

The franchise stopped holding any meaning too me after CoD2, so good riddance.

Am I the only one that finds it ironic that this thread, soon to be the most commented/viewed of the week, is filled with people eager to announce that they couldn't care less?

Something about this just doesn't add up.
Obviously, a whole lot of people do care. A lot.

Double post.



That would be fucking awesome.

>>Halo avatar
>>Hates CoD

Oh you. :3c

...Halo and CoD are about as similar as Battlefield and Half-Life.

They're both first person shooters that became known for their multiplayer more than their single player, have fanbases that are infamous/stereotyped for exactly the same things, were/are pretty much the definition of mainstream, and have been running a lot longer than they needed to.

In my case, I would not be bothered by such an announcement. Well, that's not entirely true, the early CoD's have provided me many hours of enjoyment. But I haven't liked the direction the franchise has taken since number 4 and I haven't heard of it getting better. So I haven't been paying much attention to the games since. I would say my response would be more of the 'oh well' variety, seeing what was a good series diminish to the point where it gets canceled.

A resounding and thunderous 'MEH'. I used to enjoy it (I liked World at War...dropping people at range with an iron sighted bolt-action was satisfying), but now I lose interest after 1 or 2 matches...


...wow, here I was picking a response I thought very few people would pick, and it's the second highest vote...

Question: why do people hate Call of Duty? I ask because I seriously don't know. For me, it's a bit more personal. I absolutely SUCK at FPS'and therefore, I get less than zero enjoyment out of them. But the big reason is that I work at Gamestop. Anyone who works at Gamestop understands this. When every other person comes into the store wailing about CoD after the midnight launch made your life a living hell, you sort of want to punch the bastards. And they aren't even NICE about us being out of a pre-owned copy. The dicks...

Sort of ruins the franchise. Fireworks and happiness all around if that shit was canceled.

I'd call up one of my friends who thinks CoD is the greatest thing EVER and laugh at him. Then I'd never give it a single thought for as long as I lived.

I would expect to see the following headlines the next day:





The reason I dislike it is not so much that its a bad game: its not. (I personally don't like modern fps's that much but that is not the reason). The problem is that there are 8 of them and each one is simply not different enough to the previous ones, if COD was coming out more like once every two years and they tried to make each one a larger improvement on the last one I wouldn't care as much but as it is it seems a waste to keep making the same thing and not try something new.

Meh. It's not as bad a game as everyone makes it out to be, but at the same time, it's not ungodly good. It's just a game (franchise).

I'd would wonder why.

It makes no sense for Activision. They would be potentially losing millions of dollars.

I had no real emotional ties to the game. I liked it, but the loss of Call of Duty wouldn't really faze me.

Oh well.

Well, I'd be somewhat happy, and a little sad.

On the one hand, the new Call of Duty games are great to play when you have a headache, or just don't want to do a lot of thinking. (This isn't a stab at CoD gamers, I play the games too.) It's also a nice game you can pop in and play for 30 minutes and then get back to work.

On the other hand, canceling the series might put an end to all this "realistic" shooter crap that try to focus on "realistic" battles where you play as random soldier #423 watching the actual main characters do all the cool stuff.

Seriously; Medal of Honor, Halo Reach, Modern Warfare 3; You don't play as the main character, you WATCH THE MAIN CHARACTERS KICK ASS! It bores the hell out of me...

I would show a complete lack of emotion and total indifference and probably rub my nose or something.

be glad its gone and hope the void it leaves is filled with something I'd actually want to play

You know what I actually have defended COD but if it dies at least some fucking innovation might happen with shooters instead of everyone saying "We want the call of duty audience"

the newer once where to short anyway nothing of value was lost.

I like how just about half of the poll options are the same.

"Oh well" is the closest to what I would feel out of the available options. I continue to play COD games avidly but I wouldn't mind if it were cancelled at any point. In fact, I want it to be cancelled so I don't have to shell out $60 every year to buy the new game since everyone will be moving on to the next game, like most of my friends.

I'd be curious as to the reason, but I wouldn't lose a night of sleep over it. I mean, I don't care that it exists, why would I suddenly start caring when it no longer exists?

1) Say "Yay".

2) Observe internet for Rage.

3) Laugh at Rage.

4) Go on with with life.

Wonder what the fuck happened to Bobby Kotick, and go and try to find out who kidnapped him.

So I could end him myself Err uh... yeah.

I wouldn't really care. I've got Black Ops for domination, CoD4 for nostalgia, and if I'm feeling like playing Search and Destroy I've got Modern Warfare 2.

Battlefield became my main multiplayer game, so I'm pretty set.

You know what I actually have defended COD but if it dies at least some fucking innovation might happen with shooters instead of everyone saying "We want the call of duty audience"

I have the feeling that if it dies, some studios going to just clone the game and make a bundle off of it.

I also do not care, but I really feel like it needs to come out with a new game every once in a while (zing!)

Seriously though, if they took a break on the yearly release scheme I'd be appreciative. It seems like it would encourage more game releases balanced more evenly across the year rather than "Oh man we have to release between these times so we don't lose sales purely from CoD"

i actually think COD is kinda sexist, can anyone name a single female character in the entire franchise?

I wouldn't care, though i'd be slightly concerned about where the CoD fanboys'll go after.

As long as the CoD players stay away from CSGO I won't care.

i would think it would benefit the gaming industry because so many FPS'ers are trying to be CoD... we need some new innovative games that can take it further and past CoD

What have you done... You've just removed the most effective method of birth control in the first world... I hope you're going to be happy with all the millions of teens and young adults that will be pregnant the week after. Nothing will stop the onslaught of childbirths now... (Pretty much that)

I'd say about time
Since WAW they haven't made a good, nor a different game
It's about time they stopped, but they have no reason to, so they won't




I think almost every reviewer in the industry would like to say something about that.

Unless you want to rationalize it by saying they're biased/paid off/just stupid. That's cool too.

I don't really base my opinions on any solid evidence, nor do I follow things I don't care about. What I AM seeing is a lot of smaller / midsize developers giving up on copying the WW2/MMS shooters and actually making progress with the genre.
As for me calling them shit... it's a personal preference, I find the genre to be based on unappealing mechanics and, well, if there is a 'Music'critic, go check Justin Bieber, popularity is... just that.

There's a difference between "X is shit" and "I don't like X". Modern military shooters obviously (a/we)ren't shit if they (a/we)re universally praised.

So is Justin Bieber, but we still give him shit.

I picked "don't care" since I don't play the games, but that's not truly what my reaction would be. There would definitely be some intrigue, both for the fan reaction and why they'd cancel a money-maker like that.

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