Naming Your MMO Character

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lately there have been a bunch of good, or at least intriguing mmos. tor for its story, tera for its combat, guild wars 2 for it...well i havent really been following that but theres been a lot of buzz around it. even wow, i guess, if you really like pandas. i dont play a lot of mmos but i do get into them from time to time but one thing ive never been good at is naming my character. ill spend like 45 minutes creating my appearance and sometimes more than an hour picking a name. i dont know, maybe i overthink the whole naming thing but i can never seem to come up with a name i like, and if i do its usually already taken.

when you play an mmo, or any sci-fi/fantasy game, how do you decide what to name your character? do you just pretty much slide your hand across the keyboard, do you just you the name generator? for whatever reason i just fail at picking a name and i feel like im probably the minority

I have a few names in different categories.
For example, my forum name I made up for my Nord character in Oblivion(It was Jyntor back then, but changed it into Jynthor when I got into Norse mythology, hehe) and have been using it for Norse style characters ever since.

However when all names are taken or I want something else, at first I'll look up lore behind the names of a race/tribe/species/whatever and try to make something up that I like. But that's a lot harder than it sounds.

I usually take the name of a character in another series, which is obscure enough that only a few people will recognize it. My orc shaman was named Necrid.
I just use my standard online name gek0,gehk0,geck0h, etc. if I don't feel like coming up with a name.

I generally use my Internet aliases. Mostly derivatives of a certain type of cordless phone, generally one that can fit in your pocket, that is in the observable spectrum that most would say is a color between orange and green.

If the game tells me to name a character something serious, then I freak out.

I'll stick with Jedoro for my main, then throw different sounds together until I find one that fits the game's theme.

Most of the time it has to do with what ever song I was lessening to at the time. I named one guy Dravot no one got that but it had to do with "The man who would be king" Another guy I named killerjoe after the song "Hay joe" people got that one though. So yeah stuff like that.

I'm usually pretty predictable, For fantasy I use the same convention I used in pen and paper RPGs, I just pick a fairly plain first name, maybe cribbed from mythology and then use a descriptive modifier. For example Brian (from Brian Boru) the Bloody (alliteration is fun) or Cassandra (the seer from the Odyssey) the Footpad (job titles are good descriptors, sometimes you are your work).

For sci-fi I'll generally go with either a tribute name like Peter Davison or Colin Baker, or for an alien race some thing that fits with the canon. For example my Saurian in STO is named Shashavaglava because Suarian names are usually sibilant, mind you Shashavaglava is Spiderbait's debut album and apparently means "crazyhead" in Serbo-Croatian.

Any type of online game my name will be Aennicus by default as a reference to my old WoW character.

Websites it's always Saviordd1

I use the same few names for pretty much every game I play online MMO or not, the only reason I generally think of another name is when either I've already used all my main names for characters and whatnot, or they're taken. In which case I use the name generator if there is one.

Nothin' fancy.

Depends on the character that I'm making.

What I will usually do is take something from mythology and then spell it differently so that it's pronounced the same.

For example, in the last MMO I played seriously I had two characters, male and female named Haurus and Madiah.

I have few good one to which do I usually stick so if you ever meet Sunslayer, Axley or Malwyn it's probably me.

Usually my character's names start with the same few letters so that my guildmates can easily determine that they're my characters. For example, my main WoW character is named Talavon, and some of my sides are Tattle, Tarlot, Tarvellon, etc. Obviously, you can see there is a "Ta" pattern going on there.

I try to test their cencors. My favorite is "Phill Atio".
In Star Wars TOR I named a character Robin, and ran around yelling things like "Holy Habadashery Batman!" and "The joker's robbing the bank of gotham!"

When all else fails I go for the old faithfulls like Mr.Brightside, and so on.

I have a few names I tend to use in any character-creation RPG (MMO or not). For others beyond that, I just make something up that sounds nice, and culturally-appropriate.

For some reason, I especially fond of "r" sounds in female names.

In MMOs, I always use "Creator002". In games that allow extended/non-Latin characters, I use "Creatör".
In single player games that allow you to name your character, I use "Elissa" for females and make up a random name for males on the spot.

Guffe/Gusmanio/Gusmano/Guf--- something. Basically different version of the 2 first ones.
I had this similar problem until I decided: fuck it! I'll just modify my last name so I won't have to overthink all the time.

I usually just come up with random words or sounds as names.

I currently have characters in TOR named Fwoosh, Palmtree, and Mulch, for example.

I use variations of Scorpianhead sometimes with the proper O instead of the A I use or I will use things like MrScorpianhead and things along that line of thought. That or I will look around my room and take the name of random things a chop them up and rearrange them until I got a good name.

i gotta short list of names i use. some i use more then others for various reasons

Well, since the only MMO I play is LOTRO, I create a name that is at least somewhat appropriate to my chosen race/nationality.

For other games, I usually just make summat up.

I either use Brognarock, something similar, or if they arn't taken, anything from my D&D manuals that sounds fantasy-ish.

For the many, many females I make, I use A names, which are my favourite. Andine, etc. That is really just about completing the process of making them pleasing to me.

For any PvP character and all males, I use a derivative of my internet handle. Candid, Candidus, So Candid, Candid Carnage, Can Do Can Did, CandiddidnaC. And more.

The same thing I put on my driving license, Prawo Jazdy.

I have a couple of default names, (Including the one I have here, though lately I've started disliking that name, I should change it, well maybe later when I come up with something that doesn't sound ridiculously lame), lately I've been baptizing my characters with names that are references to a band I like.

I usually go for the most immature names, like fagballs or vagina-muncher. Yeah, I'm so mature.

No matter if it's an MMO or any other game that gives you the choice of names/races, I always give my character a name that fits the race.

Examples, my main in WoW is an Undead named Aleksandr (was going for my own name Alexander but it was taken, so I slavicified it), I got a Tauren named Splithorn (which coincidently has one and a half horns), an Orc named Gragash and also a Goblin named Razzwink.

I usually use lastnames aswell if possible or if it fits the race, but that's mostly in games like Skyrim and such.

I name him Random Fella
'couse that's me yo.
Why be an actual roleplayer when I can be a random fella?

I have a few names I use, or I just make one up on the spot.

I had the idea once to name one of my wow characters Rynfear, after a character I was damn sure I heard of somewhere. I was sure it was taken too. Well... it wasn't, and Rynfear doesn't give many results on google either. For some reason I made up a decidedly elven-sounding name from nothing, that sounds pretty awesome to boot.

For Sci-Fi games I try to make up a name that sounds futuristic to me. However when it comes to fantasy games I either nick something from my favorite books (Lots of Dragonlance and WoT and Game of Thrones names) or I try translating words that are related to the kind of character I am playing into different languages and hopefully find something that sounds good to me. Other times I just pick a Japanese sounding name and run with it.

I have a couple of stock names, which I'll change the spelling of depending on the theme of the character or world.

But I like to use this if I can't think of anything myself.

MMOs, you say?

my name in EVE Online was/is(?) my reaction to going through all the character creation process resulting in a name along the lines of "Ohdeargod"

My character's name in Champions Online was "Mister" (or just Mr., can't remember) - guy wearing Jeans and plaid shirt. So that NPCs would say "Hey mister, we need your help" :)
Mr. was awesome.

I remember in SW:ToR I got the legacy name "Fandango" so I had to make a new character called Grimm just for the sake of continuity.

I usually just try and pick a name I find entertaining (Limecake was originally my priests name, I combined two things I figured most people enjoy Limes and Cake) you can also use the name Baconcake which also sounds like "Baking Cake" for that meta name.

It depends on the game.

WoW: single nouns or adjectives and the occassional obscure-ish movie or book reference - Stage, Closer, Cynicism.

City of Heroes: more movie/book references, bad puns (Snow Wight), and normal first names with unusual surnames. Sometimes in City I'll think of a name I want to use and make a quick placeholder character to reserve it on a server for weeks or months before I actually think up a character concept to go with that name.

Lord of the Rings Online is the only game where I usually try to pick something fitting to the setting. You see far less leetspeak type names than in most MMOs and even though I don't play on a roleplay server I can't shake the feeling it'd be disrespectful to use overtly out of place names.

When ever I play an mmo game or rpg I tend to plan it out as in writing a list of names. I also say out the name so I know what it sound like.
Anyway as for the name I tend to make it up (which sometime I'm abit suprise that my original name is not so original at all). I think of a few phrases or bits of words that sound like it could suit to the character I'm creating and going according to that game universe (so no random silly names well maybe one or two).

I just you usually use an old biblical name if I'm not feeling silly... If I am feeling silly I'll call the Squeegee...

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