Favorite game world?

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What's your favorite game world?

I'm torn between Fallout, Pokemon, and Mass Effect.

Not sure probably the one in the longest journey and dreamfall (yeah I know its two worlds but if Mass Effect can count as a world then this can to.)

Other than that I do really like the Ar Tonelico world and Arcana of steamworks and magick obscura is good as well.

OP Sort of:
I'm torn between Pokemon, and Mass Effect.

Well... Mass Effect minus the Reaper invasion. I dig the space traveling, planet exploring, and... umm... Asari admiring.

I personally am becoming enthralled with the world of Dark Souls...although the intentional vagueness can be annoying sometimes. And is it just me or do we know absolutely nothing about Gravelord Nito? I thought that he was supposed to lead a Covenant, but when I jumped down he started to fight me right away. Did I do something wrong?

EDIT: Ah crap double post.

I like this game's world.

I clicked this topic expecting to just come in here and say Final Fantasy 9 or Legend of Mana but...oh man, I heard Pokemon and...now I'm a bit torn.

The World of Darkness. He's a cool guy in my book. I also like Warhammer 40k

Mass Effect for being memorable and making me care about it.

Bioshock for its superb atmosphere.

Warcraft for making a fantastic fantasy world. Hear that, Dragon Age, Amalur, Skyrim?

Bastion for ... everything. Being familiar but mysterious at the same time, gorgeous, making me care, not overstaying its welcome.

are we talking about in terms of what world would we like to live in?

if that is so, then disgaea, preferably 3 or 4.

I've said it once on a similar thread before and I'll say it again. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is undoubtly my favorite game world. I mean the tropical island locals and the breathtaking art style visuals, plus fantastic soundtrack that acompanies each island just makes it one of the most enjoyable places that I've ever explored.

However if I had to say what my second favorite game local was it would probably have to be Brutal Legend because driving around in the Deuce, mowing down random creatures, and viewing the heavy metal styled world, while listening to Kickstart my Heart rocked so much.

Also, even though I'm not very far into the game yet, since I just bought it recently, exploring the Bionis in Xenoblade Chronicles is slowly starting to make me think that it is my third favorite game world. I just explored almost all of Guar Plain and it is undeniably stunning just how large of an area it is. Also, the amazing music that acompanies each location, expecially the Guar Plain, just makes you want to explore and see all the sights that there are to see.

Probably Fable: The Lost Chapter's.

No other game has come close to recreating that magical feel Fable had, not even the sequels. Its a real pity too...

Lord of the Rings Online and Fallen Earth

There's no single player game I can think of that comes close to the sheer size and scope of a good MMO world, and those two are my favourites - worlds where I'll often step off the questing/levelling treadmill and just enjoy my surroundings.

Termina from Majora's Mask. Mainly because wherever you are, regardless of how scenic, there's always the threat of the moon. Had an interesting variety of areas and still managed to maintain the best atmosphere of any LoZ game. Also Clock Town has amazing music.

Forgotten Realms. Neverwinter in particular.

I'm extremely fond of the Dragon Age universe, almost obsessively so, though there are times where it really... tests our relationship. No other game world comes close.

Azeroth. Just because of how damn beautiful and diverse the world is. I challenge you to find a more diverse game world. I dare you.
(By Azeroth I mean Outland too, of course.)

Little Big Adventure 2 - It has aliens dressed in cactus costumes, elephants in bikinis and cars that shoot bouncy balls. Seriously, who wouldn't want to live there? Similarly, Skies of Arcadia. Flying pirate ships? Hell Yes!

In all seriousness though, I would have to go with something ridiculous like this. As much as I love games like The elder scrolls and Bioware's current titles they contain way too much intolerance to be somewhere I'd want to live. I love spending time there as a gamer, but I'm not looking to move...

Id have to say the Elder Scrolls universe is the most interesting, such a rich history and diversity of cultures in the world. And it doesnt hurt that the gameplay is loads of fun. Also the Assassins Creed universe is pretty cool.

Hyrule, The Legend of Zelda. Specifically Ocarina of Time. So many surreal areas like the Forest Temple and the distant reaches of the Desert. Hyrule in Ocarina of time certainly had atmosphere. Second most favorite version of Hyrule is Twilight Princess, especially how it connects to OoT.

Termina as well.

Myst Island, from Myst and Riven from, well... Riven, and the underground city of D'ni in Cyan Worlds Myst adventure games. It's a bloody shame Myst Online URU Live kept getting shut down. There's just so much more to D'ni left to see. Cyan Worlds are master world builders with a phenomenal attention to detail. Riven is by far their greatest work. Their worlds are so surreal and alien. My favorite of the Myst ages is Channelwood. Tree houses and Redwoods FTW! Stoneship is cool also. It's two halves of a pirate ship fused to a cavernous rock! What kid wouldn't go completely bonkers on that?

The future of the Milky Way galaxy in Mass Effect. It's such an inventive and scientifically believable universe the likes of which set it a part from so many other sci fi realities.

Thedas, the world of Dragon Age. This ain't just your standard Middle Earth rehash, but as much as fantasy writers rip off Tolkein some people, including myself, still expect there to be the standard fantasy tropes, and the writers of Dragon Age turn just enough of the standard fantasy elements on their heads to feel fresh, compelling and exciting. Elves are a ruined, downtrodden race. Dwarves live by a caste system. Mages are imprisoned for their magic. There are even semblances to the real world, Orlias is France, Antiva is Spain, so that players can relate Thedas to our own world.

And I'll give honorable mention to Rapture from Bioshock. Art Deco... very nice.

My first choice is the Pokemon world, I would become the champion/dictator of the world in seconds what with nearly everyone in that world not doing any traveling to improve their teams, plus I could fly/surf with my eventual team of giant monsters... being a 2D sprite would be rather unfortunate though

My second choice would the world of Legend of Zelda: Windwaker

A colorful world where I could sail to my hearts content? Not a bad place to be in my opinion (Assuming I had similar tools to Link)

Probably Bioshock for me. The game itself isn't so scary, but the enviroment and the little noises that comes from it, the shrill shreak from splicers or the groan of metal work against the pressure from the ocean, really sold it for me.

The World of the Elder Scrolls

A series that not only acknowledges the 4th wall, and interacts with it, but has integrated it into its own lore and mythology, and has done so in a way that is both clever, un-obvious, to the point were most wont ever see it.

gods are other gods, people time travel, loading saves is something your character actually does,

Oh crud, this is one of those things I've thought a lot about. But now that I'm asked on the spot, I can't think of the first and foremost ones quickly and easily offhand.

First one that comes to mind is obviously Pokemon.

I would kind of love to live in the Tales of Symphonia world. It's not a very nice place, but I love the people in it. Flaws and all.

Disgaea would be pretty fun, too.

Most Nintendo worlds, really. Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, ect.

Gensokyo. I definitely want to be transported there.

Stalker. Fallout can try and be as apocalyptic as it likes, it just won't come close to the zone.

Ivalice (specifically the Tactics Advance, Grimoire of the Rift, and Final Fantasy XII timelines), Midgar (Final Fantasy VII) and the world of Fallout.

Homeworld does sci-fi exactly, EXACTLY, how I love it. And I love sci-fi. so I'm going with Homeworld. Also love post-apocalyptic stuff too, but I'm torn on that. Atmosphere and environment in Metro 2033 seemed so much more interesting than fallout, but Fallout has the really nice 50's vide through it too that's really cool in a different way.

Ivalice is my first choice. It is the most fleshed out world in the FF canon.

Beyond that, Fallout is a good one, but I like the 1950s aesthetic more than anything.

Pen and Paper, I'd go with Shadowrun first, then Deadlands.

Fallout, gotta love that retro Zeerust.

Honorable mentions: Bioshock, Dawn of War.

I have to say I am digging the Xenoblade universe. The whole game takes place on the bodies of 2 frozen titans! Don't fall off.


I like this game's world.

This is the best Skyrim song/review I ever heard.

As far as the OP's question, I'll go with the various d&d settings. I'm a big monster guy, and nothing comes close to d&d's crazy ass monsters and variety of them, when it comes to fantasy.

Morrowind... Morrowind so fucking much. I pretty much give Morrowind one good go-around every year and have since it came out. Love that fucking place.

Ivalice (especially the FFXII era, so pretty~), Gaia from FFIX, or the Elder Scrolls universe. Because I'm a sucker for high-fantasy settings.

Bioshock's rapture for the atmoshpere. Mass Effect for the depth. Can't forget Brutal Legend's badass metal universe.

Gaia from FFIX, especially the Mist Continent. It helps that FFIX is pretty much my go-to example of art direction done absolutely, perfectly right. The cities like Lindblum and Alexandria have the pefect mix of medieval, renaissance and steampunk aesthetics, and each city has its own individual flavour and identity. Lindblum is the big bustling metropolis, Treno the seedy city with the massive wealth divide, Alexandria the place of culture and learning... it all feels so consistently designed, and it's just beautiful to look at. Even the most out-of-the-way spots in the FFIX world are stunning to look at because of the sumptuous 2D backgrounds.

Seriously, if I could move anywhere, it would be to Gaia. Part of me is seriously considering saving up for a pimped out, steampunk-style dirigible, if only so I can live a little part of the dream...

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