Name a game (or two) you never completed

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Half Life 2. I tried to go on foot where you're supposed to ride the boat and I eventually got to that wide open area where you fight the attack chopper. I tried to go back, but the game had auto-saved and the boat was unreachable. I know I should've just done things Valve's way, but fuck man, I didn't think it would be that easy to break the game. I didn't have another save and I wasn't about to play the first few hours over again, so I quit.

Metroid Prime. I played this on hard and I got all the way to the final boss battle. The only reason I didn't finish it was I was playing it on my friends gamecube, and when the semester ended he took the games home with him :(

skyrim and about 50% of the games on my Steam library

Games I enjoyed but never finished:
Every TW game, though I've never had a bad game of it, I just don't like it once you become in dominant power and the struggle ends and hate short games of it because it cuts you off when they're still enjoyable (even though you can continue them).

FFIV but that was because my PSX died on my near the end and I've never gotten around to playing it on an emulator because of my glut of PC games.

The main game I never finished because it was so bloody boring and bad: FFVIII because the story was unengaging, I never liked the characters or the plot twists. I only got halfway through it on PSX but almost to the end on my PC byt by the time I found myself having to grind the hell out of it to be ready for the end and years of playing MMOs has turned me off of such things, especially when it's a game like this where I never liked it to begin with (thanks mainly to magic not being tied to magic points but to the quality of it you have and not only the furtherer grinding you must do during battles to get enough for the good stat builders.

That then means you then can't use those bloody spells because they weaken you and are usually the best ones around which reduces the game to a mass of summoning. That means you having to button mash to boost your summon which I've despised in every game that has it because a game feature should never leave you with carpel tunnel after every session.

Final Fantasy X-2: At about the second chapter, or whatever they 5 story parts are called, I finally realized "Hey! This is just fucking terrible." And I just stopped. Never went back, and to this day I have not regretted that decision.

Red Dead Redemption: Even though I think I'll be crucified for just saying this: I just lost interest. No idea why, the story just seemed to start dragging in the third act and I just stopped.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: This one I also don't have a really good reason for. Mostly because I think I fucked up my current run and I don't want to start over.

...and there are a few others but those I haven't even STARTED yet. So I'm not sure if I would never finish them if/when I get around to them.

I will say two and they are pretty much the same.

Demon Souls
Dark Souls

You wanna know why. Because I can't get past the first level, IT'S HORRIBLE!

I'll probably try Demon Souls once more.

Brutal Legend, the last stage battle is complete BS to me, so I haven't touched it in a few years.

Dark Souls, I really love that game, but every time I make some good progress I get my ass handed to me and I end up rage quitting. One day I will finish it, one day.

Yup Brutal Legend because of the last stage battle (got just past the bridge and then i'd get ass raped) ummm and majoras mask (in all fairness I've never played it, not sure if it's better or worse than OoT)

Assassins creed 2. I'm not saying I don't like the game, but it just got a tad repetitive and nearish the end it asked me to pull of 10 (i think) assassinations that were all pretty similar, and then the game glitched out on me and after that I just couldn't work up the desire to go back to it and kill the remaining 8 to move on.

1. Final Fantasy 13- 2 hours in and i just stopped. hope and vanille, please die!
2. Vanquish- the story and characters were just horrible.

GTA San Andreas. I lost all motivation to play it and cannot get back into it as the game at that point expects you to know how to fly with the terrible controls and I cannot get the motivation to relearn. And I refuse to start over because that save has alot of things, like the respawning guns in two hide-outs

This! I loved SA but I still recall getting to the point where the only mission available was that stupid plane one and I had to put up with that guy phoning every 5 minutes and saying, "Learn to fly, Carl!".

That was playing on the PC though, tempted to try again someday with the 360 controller plugged in for analogue goodness and see if it helps.

Despite devoting an outsized portion of my time playing their multiplayers, I never finished the single player campaigns in Starcraft or Warcraft 1-3.

Metal Gear Solid got left behind for some reason - maybe because I made the unfortunate misstep of playing MGS2 first.

I don't think I've finished most of any of the Final Fantasies I've played. The most recent one I have finished is FFX and that was about ten years ago.

As with others, GTA:SA fell out of favor at some point. Not really sure why.

Skyrim was the first ES game that I actually did finish. I never started the first two Elder Scrolls, and both Morrowind and Oblivion became some combination of tedious, repetitive, or nigh unplayable because of poor choices in character development. Usually I went with some combination of birthsign/race/attributes/skills that roughly translated to a character I thought I would have fun playing, but it always somehow felt like I was behind the curve if I didn't devote an excess amount of time diligently planning my tree and committing to every last detail before I even started the game.

Okami somehow makes this list, too. I'm not where in the story I stopped (or why), but whenever I think its a good time to pick it back up, I open the case to discover the disc missing. Then I forget that the disc is missing, go to play it at some later date, and then remember that I forgot to remember that I lost the disc. This has been happening for at least five years.

Arkham City - Got too lost too many times

Skyrim - I bought the PC version...

Dead Island & Catherine are still waiting to even be played. Was ready to start Catherine just last thursday, but then i found out i'd get Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations instead >_>

EDIT: Oh yeah Final Fantasy 13 as well - It really just got too feckin' boring.

Fallout: New Vegas.
I've played through all the DLC, Max leveled about 10 or so characters and completed almost every side quest available on each character. Yet I have never completed any of the main quest passed new vegas.

Dark souls.
I am currently in Andor Londo with the archers and gargoyles. They just annoy the hell out of me, almost as much as the PvP. Im not done with it but I just haven't gone back to it yet, im able to find other games to occupy me for now so I haven't gone back to it yet.

Also ACR. I loved AC2 and I could tolerate Brotherhood but revelations was just so crap. I could not keep playing it.

Half life 2. Because I didn't know you could make vehicle sections THAT bad.

Uh...-looks over at his shelf-

This might be a shorter list to name games I HAVE completed...

I know the feeling exactly...let me see, let me see...

Final Fantasy III (VI: I have it on SNES) - various reasons including Dragon Warrior, Saint's Row 3, Zelda 2 and, many, many, more.

Okami - See above (include Final Fantasy III and, Mystic Quest).

Fallout 3.

Such a boring, soulless, brown grey dull annoying world.

Duke Nukem Forever (I TRIED SO HARD IT MADE MY HEAD HURT), though a game I liked a great deal but unfortunately got stuck on was Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. Damn the Peppermint Popper!

Metroid Prime 2 - Too difficult. I've revisited this game three times over the years and have gotten further each time. But I either get stuck wandering around or I simply can't beat a boss segment.

Red Steel 2 - Too difficult for me. I can't defeat the first actual boss in the game. It's not considered to be a tough game by anyone's standards but I've never been able to beat the guy. It's a shame to because I liked what little I played of the game up to that point.

Killzone 2 my god did I hate the characters and "Good guys" did I need to play the first one to know why the helgast where "evil" because it seemed like the ISA were invading a planet to kill its ruler what the fuck are they suprised their going to kill invading troops.
I did finish the third one before trying the second one but mainly because it was about 6 hours.

off the top of my head..

Bioshock (feel free to find one of my several rants on why I uninstalled it about 3/4ths in)
Oblivion (too.. much. Also: Ohcrap, not another gate, please!)
Dragon Age 2 (Basically "Yeah, it's fun listening to you guys, but I've really been here before too often")

Skyrim, probably (yes, timetravel here, but I'm certain it will share Oblivion's fate)

the Witchers (quit the 1st one after all that running around trying to find the right NPCs at the right time, back and forth, back and forth became sooo tedious. Never really started the 2nd. Think I'm a little behind the first tutorial bit)

Farcry 2 (but I don't remember the reason - might pick it up again)
Limbo (Nope, you die. Try again. Nah, idiot, try again. Meeeep! Try again, ...crap)

Oh, there's plenty of games that I haven't finished yet, such as:

3D Dot Game Heroes
Red Dead Redemption
Prince of Persia: Two Thrones (in the Prince of Persia HD collection)
Assassin's Creed: Revelations + the First Assassin's Creed
The Ico & Shadow of the Collossus Collection
Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty

And that's only the PS3 games I haven't finished!

Heck, I even have a bunch of games on Steam that I haven't even STARTED UP yet (gotta love Steam-sales). :]

Far Cry 2 and more recently BF3. After playing the multiplayer you realise how formulistic and boring the campaign actually is.

Stacking- a liked this charming piece but i`ve never finished it.

Demons souls- From time to time i think about a restart but i don`t seem to get into it.

Kingdom Under Fire:Circle of Doom as it bored me to tears and I still need to finish Condemned along with a few Steam entries.

Dead Rising and GRAW 1 & 2(I haven't even started the second one).

well, dead rising got really boring real quick for me. And GRAW,I don't know, I haven't played it for years, but I remember I got stuck when I was halfthrough the game and never got round to finishing it.

Brutal Legend (Don't remember why I stopped playing)
Infamous 2 (game freezes up during one of the main missions making me unable to beat it and too lazy to restart)
Skyrim (just got the game before finals week began so I will continue after my finals)
Catherine (Damn that 6th night boss, that is all)

Just a few :P

The Witcher. By partway through the third act, I realised that not only was I bored to tears, but I actively hated every single one of the characters - and Gerald the protagonist in particular. I stopped playing at that point and never started again.

Formula 1: 2010. Again, just got really bored halfway through my first season and never picked it back up again. Which is weird, because I'm a massive F1 fan and aside from RPGs driving games are my favourite genre... so you'd think this would be a perfect game for me. Apparently not.

Bioshock. The "aaawww, what pretty scenery" feeling didn't last long enough to distract me from the fact that I still don't particularly like FPS games.

Interestingly, the original Assassin's Creed was another game that I gave up on halfway through out of sheer boredom. I dunno why, but I eventually came back to it, finished it and became a huge fan of the sequels.

Hmmm...Risk. Always ends with the board being overturned.
What haven't I mentioned lately? Most of the N64 games, when the contacts went wonky and the system became unreliable to the point of distraction.

Papaer Mario
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon
Resident Evil 1 and 2

Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania. Both for the NES.

I just wasn't good enough to beat them.

Oh, and Legend of the Mystical Ninja for the SNES.

I just ran out of time.

Given my (comparatively) small collection, it's actually rather embarrassing...

Final Fantasy IV - The final boss is just ridiculous, and I really didn't feel like grinding AGAIN (the other time being for the final dungeon, with its enemies that just wipe your party even if you haven't run from any battles the whole game...)
Final Fantasy V - Every time I play it I want to beat Omega before finishing, but never can...
Grand Theft Auto IV - Was just too boring.
Record of Agarest War - Wasn't that impressed with it, so when I had to stop for exams (after thirty-odd hours of gameplay) I just never picked it up again.
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturn - Got too annoyed with how it seems every other enemy can cast an instant death spell, given that killing MC results in game over (like Persona) and reviving your party is prohibitively expensive.
SMT: Persona 4 - Got to Naoto's otherworld, but by that stage every battle had become a life-or-death struggle. There's only so many times one can handle losing nearly two hours of gameplay. Will probably pick up the Vita re-release and give it another go, though.


I was seriously underwhelmed with this game. For the first 10 or so hours it was great, but eventually it became a bit too repetitive for me and just became quite boring.

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. Not due to boredom or the game being bad, I just couldn't get past that freaking dragon Bhaalspawn. Then other, easier, games happened.

Skyrim: I got reasonably far into it, and then ME3 was coming out so I got back into replaying ME1 and ME2 and it got sidelined.

The Witcher: My hard drive died the death and took my save files with it.

Psychonauts: Fuck the fucking meat circus and it's absurd level of difficulty and fuck little Ollie for wandering into EVERYTHING THAT KILLS HIM AND RESETS THE LEVEL! I love that game to death but the meat circus is so frustrating that after playing it for a while I want throw my controller at the wall.

Crysis 2, because my computer crashed and the save was lost forever. Didn't feel like reinstaliing it.

Ocarina of Time. That god damn water temple...

A shitload of PS2 games, but recently:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, i just got bored by the second time you go to Hengsha. Luckily this was only a week after i got it so i traded it in for Skyrim monies.

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