The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim :DAWNGUARD

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Interesting desktop.

Anywho, dawnguard may be related to the mythic dawn but thats just a theory.



How will Microsoft make more money from it?

PC Gamers who also have an Xbox and Skyrim aren't going to purchase the DLC and play on the inferior version of the game.

And PS3 gamers who also have an Xbox, would probably be playing Skyrim on the Xbox anyway.

Because most pc players dont have the "eliteism" to think that the 360 version is inferior and will gladly buy the 360 version and its DLC just to get it sooner.

Those words actually came out of your mouth. sigh. Where are most elitists in the pc vs console debate?

I own a ps3, and intentionally bought Skyrim for PC because I knew the console version would be far more buggy and the PC version would have fixes not long after release. I am not a PC elitist, and I think the PC copy is better if just for the fact that it wasn't broken.


While everyone is crying over the fact that xbox is getting this first, allow me to speculate...

I'm thinking that this DLC will be somewhat off a time travel one, if you look on UESP the history of the town Dawnstar "Dawn" is that it was attacked by snow elves and some valiant warriors fended them off "Guard", for all we know thats the last push that shoved the Falmer underground. Sooooo maybe Dovahkiin goes back in time to join the fight, or history repeats itself and Dawnstar is under attack once again.

Or maybe that dudes Mythic Dawn stuff possesses him or something. Who knows. The glowing eyes I can't figure out but we'll see soon.

Silus Vesuius is potentially already dead because of the Mehrunes Dagon quest, there is no way he will be involved in anything. Pretty sure you're joking but whatever.

Well the Silus part was a joke but the going back in time to defend was serious

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