What 3 games have you played the longest?

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I've put quite a lot of game time in since playing my grandfather's Atari 2600 back in the early 80s, but these top 3 really consumed my free time like nothing else.

1. World of Warcraft - I quit over a year ago, but have a few hundred days played and 7 toons above level 80

2. Mass Effect series - I'm lumping these three together. I beat the first one 4 times, the second one 5 or 6, and the third twice so far. That adds up.

3. Dark Souls - I played this game like 8 hours a day for the first month it was out, and I've been thinking about running through it again.

Honorable mentions:

1. Descent - The first truly 3D game I ever played. They had so many user created levels out there, and I've probably put a few hundred hours into the first two games.

2. Street Fighter 2 - Between Turbo, Hyper Fighting, Special Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter 2, and any other incarnation I've played over the years... I've thrown a lot of fireballs.

3. Minecraft. I've played a ton of Minecraft, but the game didn't really CONSUME me like the ones up at the top of my list. It was more a bit here and there whenever new content came along (I got it in late alpha or early beta stages).

-Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
-Burnout 3: Takedown (In my younger days)
-Civ 4/5 (So...many...hours...lost)

1) Pokemon (doesn't matter which one, still feels like a gelatinous mass of wasted time).

2) Final Fantasy X-2 (Got to 100% completion, only took 12 play troughs and 350 hours).

3) Skyrim or some other random RPG (Kingdom Hearts, FF12, etc).

RPG's really are big massive pools where I look back and think 'what was I doing? I could have been doing something productive instead of grinding my knuckles off'

1) World of Warcraft
2) Mass Effect Series
3) Starcraft 2

1. Oblivion
2. Fallout 3
3. System Shock 2

I know I've got at least 1200+ hours in all those games combined.

Halo: Reach
Final Fantasy X
which of those two has more hours, i have no clue. its close enough that i dont know for sure.

and then probably
mass effect 2 as a 3rd

1) Pokemon, around 2000 hours over all the generations
2) The Binding of Isaac at 218 hours
3) Probably Fallout 3 at around 95 hours

I don't know what order it's in, but
Fallout 3
Halo Combat Evolved (PC)

hmmmmm picking three is hard but I'd have to say:

Persona 3 (with persona 4 being a close runner up)

FFXI (the evil time sink online game)

Kingdom hearts two (still go back and replay it heck just started a new replay about a week ago)

1) Counter-Strike: Source
2) Morrowind
3) SMT: Devil Survivor

Considering the first two games, Devil survivor seems like a strange third.

1. World of Warcraft, by far.
2. Fallout 3/New Vegas tie.
3. Civilization series.

Fallout 3
GTA San Andreas
Unreal Tournament
It's hard to remember back that far but the original Phantasy star games (1, 2, & 4 at least) may top them.

1) WoW
2) Star Wars Galaxies
3) Diablo 2

I'm not sure about number 3, though. There are several MMOs that might take that spot as well, mainly Ultima Online, but I remember playing D2 soooo much. Pretty much everyday from the time it came out until Warcraft 3 released.

if I remember right it's
1. Pokemon blue (gameboy color)
2. Mechwarrior 4: vengeance (played it for 3 months straight)
3.Halo 3


so many hours

Dragon Age: Origins
Crash Team Racing
Timesplitters: Future Perfect

I no-life'd the first one and grew up on local multiplayer with the second two.

Fallout: New Vegas, Borderlands and the original Deus Ex should get honourable mentions though. And the Dynasty Warriors series, and Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9. And Elder Scrolls: Oblivion......And the Smackdown, Worms and GTA series.

And I'm wasting my life.

1. Gran Turismo 5
2. Counter Strike: Condition Zero
3. Crash Bandicoot 2

And yes, those all beat Skyrim, which I played for ~40 hours (give or take 2).

Crash Bandicoot I know I played a lot, but the hours would probably be about 60-70 (and achieved 100% mind you, and was 10 or something)

Condition Zero is up to 98ish, according to Steam anyway, I played it heaps before then.

Gran Turismo 5 measures itself as 'in game days' and I've never bothered to look at it, suffice to say, I've driven it 9/10 days for about a year and have travelled 30,000kms going at about 2-3 hours a session 2.5*(.9*365)= 821.25 hours sounds a bit off, probably only 350-400 hours.

I don't have any hours to supply, but I reckon my top 3 would be the following:

- World of Warcraft
- Neverwinter Nights
- Baldur's Gate series

WoW probably wins in terms of raw hours, but NWN is a strong contender. It's one of the few games I've systematically installed on every computer I've owned since 2002. Baldur's Gate is one of the oldest games I still play once in a while, along with Warcraft II. If you factor in the fact that I didn't have my own computer back when Warcraft II came out (and thus wasn't able to play as much as I would have liked), it would probably make the list as well.

1. Runescape (Anyone who shouts me down is getting my fist up their ass)
2. Team Fortress 2
3. The Mass Effect Trilogy

1)Fallout 3
2)Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
3)Legend of Grimrock

1) World of Warcraft. (~2500 hours)
2) Starcraft: Brood War. (~1000 hours)
3) League of Legends. (~400 hours)

1) Baldur's Gate 2 (~300 hours)
2) Civilization 4 (~250 hours)
3) Heroes of Might & Magic 3 (~150 hours)

1) Morrowind. The lack of fast traveling goes a loooong way toward making the game world feel larger than that of Skyrim or Obi, even though it really isn't.
2) Unreal. The single-player campaign is so damn long that it can last a good week on its own if you want it to, and I'm still finding secret areas. Shit's fun.
3) And I don't think I'll ever tire of playing Prototype. Sprinting up skyscrapers? Yes preez.

Oh, and I think I've racked up a total of 11 or 12 playthroughs of Dead Space 2, but I've gotten tired of that one.

Haven't kept track of it, but I know almost for certain that Animal Crossing holds the number one spot for me. If my parents hadn't made me stop playing that game and do something else I wouldn't have.

1. Samurai Warriors 2
2. Pokemon Heartgold
3. Civilization V

Runner up being Dark Souls, but only because the others have been around a lot longer.

I put about 90 hours into fallout New vegas

and Ive played Mass effect 1 and 2 (and now 3) many times

1)world of warcraft
2) starcraft 1/brood war
3)call of duty black ops (zombie mode sucked away hundreds of hours of my time)

1. Final Fantasy XII (4 games, 130+ hours each)
2. Skyrim (Steam seems to think I've put somewhere between 300 and 800 hours...)
3. Pokemon. Individual games eat about 60-100 hours each, and I start a new game every 2 months. I also own all the cartridges. I've also been playing pokemon since I was 4...

So odds are I've put at least 30% of my current life into the Pokemon games alone. At least.

1. Minecraft, because the mods and multiplayer (and vanilla updates) make the game awesome.

2. TES Oblivion

3. A few NIS games will have to share this spot, namely Makai Kingdom, Phantom Brave, and Disgaea.

1) Pokemon series(I'm combining them into one or else they would be 1 2 and 3 most likely)
2) Dragon Age Origins
3) Star Wars the Old Republic

In order, mine would be:

1.) Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. I played this one online continuously from 2002 until the community up and died in 2008.
2.) Final Fantasy VII. It took me years to get to the final dungeon as a kid. I never finished it, though, because my sister saved over my only save file.
3.) TF2. I logged a few hundred hours in this in a couple years time. Considering how many hours I put into this in such a short time, I'm afraid to think of how much I must have had on Shogo in all those years. Probably literally months of my life went into that game.

World of Warcraft
Pokemon Crystal
Final Fantasy IX

Currently, it's probably:

1) Super Smash Bros. The original. Over 1500 hours. Over 400 as kirby alone.
2) TF2 (over 450 hours and counting)
3) MGS4 (same as above)

Since I don't have as much time for gaming these days as I did when I was a kid, all the games that I've spent obscene amounts of time on are fairly old.

In terms of time spent on multiplayer, the breakdown would probably be something like this:

1) Everquest
2) Goldeneye
3) Super Smash Bros.

For single player:

1) Fallout 2
2) Final Fantasy Tactics
3) Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

1. Medieval 2 Total War
2. WoW
3. TES IV Oblivion

Yes, I've played so much M2TW that it beats my 3 years of WoW (stopped playing over a year ago now).

Ugh... Unfortunately my answer is a little restricted by an NDA. I've been a tester on the same game for the last 2 summers. That means I've accumulated approximately 1,620 hours on this game. For those keeping score at home, that's approximately a total of 45 hours a week for 9 months. I hope to god I never have to play any game as much as I've tested that game.

Testing aside, it's probably Final Fantasy Tactics, which I beat semi-annually.

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