Persona 4 Portable announced for NA release!

The preorder website:

The Destructoid article with more info:

So, what do you think Escapists? Excited for a(nother) killer app for your vita? Actually considering getting one now? just excited for more persona?

Discuss away

not really that excited as much as I love Persona 4 I have it on my PS2 and im not going to buy a new system just so I can play it again even if it is an updated version.

Its all down to circumstance though if I was away from home a lot like last year and without access to a main games console I would be a lot more hyped for this as it is a great RPG but as it stands im much more excited for Persona 4 ultimate in Mayonaka arena atm.

Don't leace us Brits hanging! This game is the only reason I would buy this overpriced nonsensical device.


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