So. My room smells of....

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Minecraft with a subtle hint of BF2. Well of course it doesn't really, I mean the smell of damp caves, gun powder and diesel fumes would be a cause of great concern. How ever it does smell slightly of new furniture and a bit like coffee (courtesy of the steaming beverage besides me)which brings back very fond memories of the afore mentioned games.

So in the interest of curiosity what game(s) does your room smell of?

Hm. "Just showered, with faint man-smell" doesn't really ring any bells for me.

Smells like rain.

Reminds me of Metal Gear Solid.

Smells of oranges. I ate some yesterday. I still have to get rid of the remains.

It smells clean.

No really, I'm extremely fastidious about my room, everything is neatly arranged. I also dust it every wednesday, so there's no real dustiness about my room, and laundry is typically done before it has anytime to really stink.

My parents typically comment that my room is probably the cleanest in the house, and I'm pretty sure I have a mild case of OCD.

Smells like popcorn.

Makes me think movies.

Makes me think Metal Gear or Heavy Rain.

Smells like Salt and Vinegar crisps...

I really need to air out my room...

My room smells like clean sheets. Just did the laundry.

My room smells like clean sheets. Just did the laundry.

I'm jelly. Clean laundry is one of my favorite things. Sadly, it costs $4 per load at my apartment... I can only afford to do it when everything's dirty.

Umm... Mouse excrement? I have a mouse and I can't seem to get rid of that smell, no matter what I do. I clean its cage every 2 or 3 weeks and use scented substrate, but yet the stench lingers on.

I can't really think of a game to relate to that smell, but I've been playing a lot of Fallout: NV as of late. I might have started associating the smell and the game?

My room smells like rabbit and everything that entails. I suppose the game that would smell like that would be Raving Rabbids.

Blood and semen with a hint of lavender. Don't ask.........

I don't know, my room is shared with two other guys (college roommates).

I keep my area clean. The majority of the odor in there comes from their laundry, I suppose.

Smells like... I have a stuffy nose -__-

Usually nothing in particular though.

Damp, so, Morrowind I guess? That was more just straight out wet though. I can't really think of a game symbolising damp.

smells like cheesecake.

i made some today and i am enjoying some with tea.

Smells like cat piss and dead crickets.

... Thanks for reminding me.

Forgot to add a game. Hm... What game smells like that... No More Heroes?

Well. My apartment's heater was kinda wonky, giving the whole place a faint gas smell that I have yet to get rid of. And I got a new strawberries-and-cream shampoo that, while it doesn't do good things to my hair, smells really good, so I'm keeping it in my room.

So... natural gas and strawberries-and-cream. I feel like this would be Katamari Damacy.

Not much. I find it cleaner to sleep and work/play in different rooms.

Rain / thunderstorm probably. And cats, but I stopped noticing that years ago.

Really can't think of any games boring enough to be associated with this.

Blood and semen with a hint of lavender. Don't ask.........

Is that some warhammer i smell?

OT: my room smells like sex . Guess what game i'm playing!

smells like smoke

Regret and despair. So, anytime somebody buys Call of Duty.

Captcha was "you are here". That's surprisingly deep for a piece of software

I'll be honest. It smells a little like farts right now. By the way. I love chimichangas.

Smells kind of sweaty. I literally just walked through the door from a gig and my clothes were completely soaked through. My light blue jeans are now two shades darker.

Normally it smells like whatever the outside smells like, because I generally don't use air freshener, I just open the window and door and let the cross breeze do its thing.

EDIT: Sorry, missed the game part. Uhm, probably smells like Guitar Hero, guitar strings and sweat smell mixed with cigarette smoke and Jack Daniels.

Slightly damp, with a bit of wet dog. It rained while I was walking my dog. A bit of Minecraft, I'd say.

Sweat, snuff and damp.
Which games smell like sweat and dampness? Metal Gear Solid 3?

I would open a window once in a while, but my room is right next to the apartment buildings door. Lots of running around outside.

Smells like cheap perfume, chocolate, dirty clothes & convention stench. Also smells like Dante. He slept with me a few nights go (JK on the last one :P)

EDIT; oh yeah the games. Probably smells like my Saints Row The Third character's sleeping quarters

It smells clean since i really like to clean my room and keep it organized.

I also like the smell when I get clean sheets and such.

Well my room smells like Sex and Candy...<.<

and we can't forget the Teen Spirit...<.<

My house smells like an Indian takeaway at the moment, I had curry for dinner. Cant really link it to a game though. Usually though it smells of Tobacco, aftershave and spirits. I would say that would remind me of Deus Ex: HR.

Smells like civilizations.

Chicken, for everything smells of chicken.

I can't smell it but I'm guessing smoke.

Blood and semen with a hint of lavender. Don't ask.........

You say don't ask, and yet, I am compelled to inquire! Can I guess before you tell me?

OT - My room smells like leather. I have a pair of yet-to-be-worn-in leather boots in the corner, as well as a new leather jacket, a new leather sheathe for one of my knives, and... not sure what else. People keep buying me leather goods.

I guess that's Red Dead: Redemption?

Vanilla hazlenut. What can I say, I like candles, and the smell is pleasant.

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