IF you could forget about any game....

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Dragon Age Origins.
I must have about 9 play throughs on that game looking for different situations to get into such as a foursome with a bard, elf , and a pirate.

Capitano Segnaposto:

Planescape: Torment. To experience that game for the first time again would be wonderful, with all the revelations, plot twists and especially seeing Ravel for the first time, as well as the satisfying ending.

Does it still stand up today as a good gaming experience? I have never played it.

For me? I would love to forget Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow. God I miss those games, but I know where EVERY PKMN spawn is, also where all items are, all secrets, blah blah.

It's definitely still worth playing. It's one of the best stories, if not the best, in video game history, along with having a bunch of very interesting companions.

It has aged, sure, since it's from 1999, but the hand drawn backgrounds are still beautiful and the low resolution available in the game can be mitigated by downloading the widescreen mod(totally worth it, btw). The downsides, depending on what you prefer in games, is that the combat is somewhat meh and there's a lot of reading, since only a few of the lines in the game are voiced. I didn't mind, but I know some people are turned off by it.

All in all though, I say don't cheat yourself from this magnificent gaming experience. You can get it on GoG for pretty cheap or there's a 4-box available on Amazon, as far as I know with both PS:T, BG1+2 and Icewind Dale.

Fallout Las Vegas for me. I've had more fun with that game than fallout 3

I would probably forget about Planescape: Torment so that I could give it another whirl.

I'm going with the crowd and saying Fallout 3. The first time you pop your head outta the vault and seeing the wasteland before your eyes set of many moments of joy as I knew I would meet lots of interesting knew characters and I was free to explore the land as I saw fit. Although hopefully I'd remember the mechanics of the game as I didn't know how to heal and was immediately killed by a bloat fly, yeah it was embarrassing.

Capturing the atmosphere for Red Dead would be perfect, those last few missions were some of the finest in gaming. So I'd forget that to experience it again....

And I want to forget about Kane and Lynch 2, it should not exist

Fallout Las Vegas for me. I've had more fun with that game than fallout 3

Funny enough i prefer new vegas to fallout 3 but fallout 3 was my first xbox game ever and just stepping out of the vault and seeing the wasteland stretched out in front of me is probably my most memorable moment in gaming

Knights of the Old Republic

To walk around exploring Taris all over again. To experience the amazing twist all over again. To see all the amazing planets for the first time and to get to know Bastila again.

Snatcher, would love to play the game with all the tension and excitement I had first playing it.
Bastion as well.

Metro 2033, loved every second of it. Would love to love it again in such a manner.

Either Fallout 3 or the first Mass Effect. Both because I want to re-live the adventure it was to play them through the first time.

Minecraft, on account of having sunk the most hours in it of all my games. As a result I now find replaying it more boring than any game I've played. I'd love to forget all about it so it can be exciting again.

Definitely Katawa Shoujo for me. I would love to experience those feels for the first time again.

Yeah ill go with that I can (well do) still play and enjoy games like FFVII and Okami now but due to the nature of katawa shoujo its not so easy to replay when I know exactly what is going to happen still hopefully in a few years I will have forgotten the details sufficiently to play it again same with portal.

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