Worst vehicles in gaming

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Recently had a wee bit of frustration with the X-0 Heavy Tank in Starhawk. It works fine in multiplayer, where the maps are more wide open, but in the tighter single player maps, it gets stuck on EVERYTHING! It didn't take very long to jostle it free, but it really doesn't ease the frustration while there's artillery raining down on you. But again, this has really only been a problem in single player so far, and even that was just once.

As for the absolute worst, I'd say the tank in Sly Cooper 2. I absolutely hated that thing.

Not a vehicle, but the horses in Skyrim are just AWFUL.


This fucking thing in IL-2 Sturmovik. It won't do anything except, maybe, fly straight ahead and eventualy crash/explode/burn/shatter into a million pieces when the aura of an enemy plane gets anywhere near you.

The tank from Halo: CE.
You controlled the turret AND the movement with one stick, and yet the other stick controlled the turret when you were static...?
The machine gun turret was absolutely useless, and the main cannon was inaccurate as fuck.
Compared to the beauty that is the Halo 3 tank, that thing was a piece of shit.

him over there:

The Slick Star in Kirby Airide... I just don't get why it was built. It cannot make turns sharper than around the end of a football field, it has so much trouble stopping, it's just so... useless!

Don't knock the slick star, you just probably haven't gotten over the learning curve. Though I agree that's irrelevant because it offers no benefits another star wouldn't, thus no reason to use it at all. The bulk star is far worse though.

The slick star was amusing if you had a lot of turn and acceleration, but I still get tears of nostalgia about my dark star with 12 glide and 8 attack... You know you made your star right when you can 2-shot a fucking Hydra and out-glide the Dragoon.
I love that game so much. I must have spent days in the City mode.

Zack Alklazaris:
I loved the Mako, as long as you drove it right everything was fine.

The Dodo on the other hand.

That thing could have a mind of its own.

"Oh hey, I finally figured out how to fly this piece of shit! Sweet!"
*suddenly something happens despite you doing nothing*


Pretty much every vehicle in "Shadow the Hedgehog".

God,that game was awful!

^ I'm gonna have to go with this. Everything in that game was fucking atrocious though. Sonic 06 was worse though...oh so much worse.

They still controled better than shadow himself.

The MAKO was awesome compared to this pure excuse of a tank:
I swear that thing was made out of plastic and cardboard.

I HATED that damn thing!! If there was an award for worst vechile in game, this would surely win.

Girl With One Eye:

The MAKO was awesome compared to this pure excuse of a tank:
I swear that thing was made out of plastic and cardboard.

I HATED that damn thing!! If there was an award for worst vechile in game, this would surely win.

Sounds like you need to play more games with vehicles in them, then, because your perspective must be VERY narrow if the Mako's the "Worst"


Sounds like you need to play more games with vehicles in them, then, because your perspective must be VERY narrow if the Mako's the "Worst"

Well to be fair you are probably right, but I just hate that thing with a passion !!

I actually loved the Mako too. Sure it bounced like the world was made of rubber at times, if you were going over sharp peaks, and things occasionally ran into...interesting physics situations...and if you wanted to get full XP you got out and did your final shots outside it... but it let you get all kinds of interesting places, and set up nice sniping shots on poor, not so innocent Geth outposts and Slavers and Bandits and the like. I enjoyed the exploring, and even just the driving, despite all its problems.

Now for something that I occasionally hated with a passion, and which will age me a bit... the Airco D.H.2 in Red Baron. Yes, the original Red Baron. Actually had solid handling...just one minor problem...if you took advantage of its maneuverability it was rather likely to literally fall apart in the sky from the strain you'd put on the thing...not from enemy fire...but from the g-force you'd just put your own aircraft through. Not to mention its...stalling problem.

Gravbike in Tribes: Ascend.

Easy to wield, but a stray spinfusor will kill you and the guy that's riding 2nd. Not to mention that the guns are stupid inaccurate.

Also the Shrike- that thing is just a useless box in the sky unless someone who actually knows how to drive it is in the thing.

Quite a few of the vehicles in Just Cause 2 were pretty crap. I swear the tuk tuk on any incline was slower than walking up the hill.

Some of the other cars had an odd 'tap the brake to do a slow turn...instant crazy skidding 90 degrees turn' which made any form of high-speed escape more an unpredictable adventure through whatever terrain you were near in which you'll probably explode.

F35 in BF3 is rubbish. You can't even fly it without it acting stoned.

I don't know if this counts but nothing made me more frustrated at first than the planes from GTA San Andreas.

Choppers in BFBC2 come to mind, on the PC. They handled like absolute arse and had awful maneuverability, hated piloting those things.

Cars in Saints Row 2. Cruise control was wonderful, the way cars handled... I'd rather be driving a drunk rhino on roller skates. I don't even wanna think of the bikes, though in all honesty I haven't seen bikes done right (or at least made fun) since the older GTA games (VC/SA).

F35 in BF3 is rubbish. You can't even fly it without it acting stoned.

Oh fuck yeah. F35 is goddamn awful, I only use that thing if no one's piloting them and I need a quick flight to the mainland. Don't get why they couldn't just give them:
a) A normal fucking crosshair. Seriously, a little white dot? That thing's impossible to track most of the time, I have to start firing just to see where the bloody hell it is.
b) Decent banking (largely, but not completely the fault of c, as it's hard to not end up stopping in the air and turning into a sitting duck for the next 10+ seconds)
c) A button to switch between hover and normal flight modes. I mean, really, how hard is that to implement?
d) A way to control the plane in hover mode (can hardly be implemented without doing c first). The whole idea of hover mode is to make it behave like a helicopter afaik, yet all the F35 can do is sit there impotently.

The mako was a fun ride i christened mine `Missile Jumper`

...the helicopter pooped into my head first.



P.S. Have you tried the Mech in insect Armageddon? The controls for it have been fixed, but it travels as quickly as a cruise liner would on land.

I still haven't played Insect Armageddon yet. When it came out, I figured I wouldn't have to wait too long for it to appear in a Steam sale. Of course, then it never appeared in any sales. And I'm at the point now where I've waited so long, that I just know if I give up and buy it, it'll be in the next midweek/weekend sale. I told myself that the Summer Vacation sale would be my cut-off point. If it doesn't appear in that big sale, then I'll just buy it. And maybe "forget" to check the midweek/weekend sales for a while.

Sure the Mako was a bit of a nightmare to control at times. But if offered a choice between the Mako's crazy bouncy wonder trips in ME1 and the god awful brain dead planet scanning for one single piece of 'war asset' in ME3, well, I'd choose the Mako any day!

OP: The buggy in Half-Life 2! THE HORROR

RC Heli in Vice City.

I went to do a playthrough last year I think, and stopped at that level where you have to pilot the RC Heli through the construction site with the dynamite and guards shooting you etc. I gave up after a while.

I remember it took me ages when I was younger, and I just don't have the patience for it anymore. It sucked as well because you couldn't progress without completing it.

The Ghost in every Halo game bar the first one. Jesus that thing must have been made from cardboard and duct tape for all the protection it gave you.

The only thing that really springs to my mind is the buggies from borderlands. They were just unbearably bad. Every other vehicle has been at least passable that I've tried.

Everything from Seek and Destroy for the PS2.
Unless you had maxed out your tank, you were unbearably slow, it took a thousand and 1 shots to kill anything and night missions were fucking impossible.

The Mako was awesome! A little bit of practice and it was one of the best vehicles to ever grace gaming. well, maybe not that far, but it was still pretty good.

Now the Tank in Halo (Scorpion?), that handled like arse. Driving it was a bloody nightmare!

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