How would YOU end Mass Effect 3, if not the same way as BioWare? *SPOILERS*

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I would have just added a "Oh go fuck yourself you hologram brat" text option.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again, Gurren Lagann ending

Liara: Even when trapped by the Reapers cycle
Ashley: The technology we leave behind will open the door!
James: Even if an angry Krogan stands in our way!
Javik: Our hatred for the Reapers will determine what will be!

Shepard: We'll break through Mass Relays and Reapers!
Every squadmate: And destroy all those who would stop us, to put an end to the cycle!

Every Organic everywhere: JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!!?

~Later on~

Saren: SHEPARD! Leave this one to me!
*Takes Harbingers big ass beam to the face*
Everyone: SAREN!
Saren: Do not grieve for me, my soul once drowned in a sea of hate and despair, but has reawakened. If this body can preserve all organic life then I will gladly give it.

Traynor: Saren Arterius is undergoing Quantum breakdown
Saren: Just what I was waiting for!
*Turns into a giant lump of Eezo*

*Giant Robot Shepard that turned up offscreen eats the Eezo and becomes super powerful*





*Shepard jumps out of giant robot Shepard, and flies towards Harbinger, he punches him in the face, sending him spiraling into 24 other Reapers. After killing 25 of them Shepard unlocks his ability to call in a Tactical Nuke and all the Reapers ragequit*

My ending probably has less plot holes

I'd do a similar thing to ME1 and 2 by giving the player a choice of one of two endings:

1) Short term bad, long term good - Use crucible to destroy all Reapers and associated technology. The consequences of this choice being that the Citadel and the Mass Relays are also destroyed setting the galaxy back by many years. Races of the galaxy unite over a long period of time to rebuild the mass relays, knowing that they are entirely free of a Reaper threat.

2) Short term good, long term bad - The Illusive Man persuades Shepard to help him gain control of the Reapers, having told Shepard the above consequences of destroying them. The Illusive Man gains control of the Reapers and the Citadel and Mass Relays remain intact. The consequences of this choice being that the Illusive Man has control of the Reapers and humans become the dominant species in the galaxy, which eventually leads to hostilities and galactic war with the other Alien races.

War assets wouldn't affect the final ending but just the battle on Earth.

1. Remove star retard etc
2. Redo Priority: Earth well this time
3. Crucible turns off those advanced reaper shields
4. Epic space battle, changed by your war assets
5. 5 different cinematics ranging from everybody died to a nice victory, though the galaxy is always in ruins
6. Hackett gives a speech (And other elements from this)
6. Fallout style epilogue with m4 part 1 showing what happened to everyone
Only if they don't include: "He had 4 children and died peacefully" UGH. AND NO MOTHERFUCKING BLUE BABIES)
7. ???

Well, "my" endings to ME3 is determined by whether or not the Crucible is still in the game and if I have to keep the Catalyst/Reaper AI at the end.

That's pretty much how I'd have done it. :)

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease,
The T-Mack Daddy

At least a happy ending, where you, Garrus and the gang get to chill somewhere.

I wouldn't have minded a more "happy" ending, for lack of a better word to describe it. Doesn't mean it couldn't be tragic in any way. Having Shepard die fighting the Reapers while STILL having the galaxy saved would have been perfectly acceptable in my eyes. They said this was going to be the end of Shepard's story, so have it like that.

Daystar Clarion:
Got to the part with ponies then stopped.

You don't need to bring ponies into every topic you make.

Thank you Daystar, all mighty overlord.


I'm just going to answer your question without reading your post because trying to use Ponies to bring forth a discussion on a disucssion that has been made hundreds of times before.

We get to the citadel and theres the kid God dude giving out the options, at any point you can tell him to fuck right off and you can either watch the battle play out, but while in this you have complete control of shephard. So you can shoot him as many times as you like, making a boss battle. If you wait for about a minute then you will get a ending that makes no sense [the red, green or blue options] or a ending where your forces either kill-all-reapers and keep the warp gates up or one to where all are destroyed. Also, any time during the talking sessions you will have a renegade and paragon option appear at the same time, which either has Shepherd shoot the kid for Renegade and for Paragon is where Marauder Shields comes back and shoots the kid. Killing the kid in any scene except with Marauder Shields would end the game with the part the Kid was on exploding, not the entire thing, leaving plenty of warp-gates around.

Also, I know its a inter-space-being which is contained to a very large system used to essentially used to control the Reapers that just so happens to look like the child from the start of the game, but honestly, its a small little annoying little bitch brat that is also a space being that must be shot for having the most backward logic ever, thank you user jkinders.
Thats backward ass right there.

Honestly, more choice and coherence would have made these endings fine, but there is lacking of that.

...This is exactly what's giving all MLP fans a bad name, man - jamming ponies into everything.

My ideal ME3 ending would be a happy ending. I just feel that the game isn't tragic enough, or didn't do the tragedy well enough, to pull off a bittersweet or sad ending successfully.

I'm not going to read all of what was said here, so I'm just going to post this and excuse me for repeating what was said.

1) I would've added a space battle before said ending that the amount of troops on your side would be relevant to your war assets, to allow them to do something, anything. You could still win the battle with the "minimum" assets but it would be very hard.

2) The final ending where you go onto the crucible would be largely the same except for...
a) No synthesis option, just a destroy the reapers and allow the reapers to continue option.
b) Change the reason for the reapers existing to: Organic Civilization eventually destroys itself in its growth it alters and impedes life in other planets when it reaches galatic level and its inevitable destruction ravages entire systems preventing life from ever flourishing again. The melding of Races with a synthetic form of the Reapers is the only true way a culture can ever survive as synthetics aren't prone to the rash decisions of organics that ultimately lead to their destruction.

This would present Shepherd with a choice, either end the threat of the Reapers and allow peace to continue although temporary since eventually the Races of the Galaxy will war against each other and destroy themselves or Allow the reapers to continue the extermination of all advanced races, allowing life on other planets to eventually evolve to the point where they can experience a peak.

The choice between giving all life a chance to excel or allow the current civilization to continue on a downward trend to their own destruction albeit on a scale that may take several millennium to complete itself.

largely the same as it is, a few key differences.

firstly i would make the rush to the conduit a long mission filled with shooting, running, and ordering your squad around to different places, all while Harbinger shoots at you from above.

next i would replace the Catalyst star-child with the prothean VI vendetta, this is the most important thing, as the Catalysts and his motivations are the biggest reasons that the ending didn't make any fucking sense.

then i would remove the synthesis ending completly, it makes no sense, and is simply weird.

lastly i would add alot of epilogue content to show what happened to the crew of the Normandy and all that. galactic readiness would detirmine how much of the military force survived as well as how much of the Crucible science team survived, so galactic readiness detirmines if they were able to rebuild the relays.

another thing galactic readiness would detirmine is how efficiently the Crucible worked, how damaged it was. if you have low galactic readiness and choose destroy, then not all the reapers are destroyed,but EDI and the geth are, if you have high galactic readiness then EDI and the Geth survive, while EVERY reaper dies. the Control ending would be the fallback, Shepard sacrifices himself and everyone else survives, as long as the reapers hadn't killed them already.

things i WOULDN'T change are the destruction of the relays and the Death of Admiral Anderson. those two things alone are enough to make the ending just bittersweet enough, without being completly hopeless, as i mentioned before, with a good enough science team, the relays could be rebuilt.

There was a leaked original ending in which the real threat to the universe was revealed to be an acceleration of the rate of the universe's rate of entropy due to the spread and presence of dark energy, and the choice of Shepard to take the safe path that the Reapers offered of certain survival for humanity in the form of a Reaper, or to destroy them and take the chance to find a way to stop the crisis while retaining humanity (and the galaxy's) original form and diversity. That sounds pretty badass, so I'd take some variation of that please...

This is a quick dirty run:
Everything up too the end is normal, the change differs after the "ninja" fight at Illusive Man's main space station.

The Reapers still capture the Citadel, but more effort into explaining how it happened and what happened to the people in the station (A higher war assets score allows more people to be saved/escaped -- nothing else happens other then a "feel good" feeling towards the player.)

The Crucible is still used as a weapon, since most of the Reapers are in earth space thats where they decide to use it in hopes it does something.

Depending on war assets score depends on how damaged the Crucible is damaged before it charges up to fire. The more damage it does, the more damage it does then to just the reapers. Think.. that the Crucible is attuned to do damage just to the reapers; at as it gets damage, that tune slowly slips out of place, the lower the asset score, the more damage before it fires (or a critical low level that causes reapers to blow it up and win the War). So if they Crucible is very damaged, earth is lost - atmospheric is set on fire, burning everything -- kinda damaged, Earth takes a nasty blow but survives -- hardly damaged, earth see's a very awe inspiring aurora borealis.

After the Crucible fires, most reapers are stunned and are able to be taken out much easier with little retaliation. But depending on how damaged it is; the less effective it was.
Soon Citadel's back up program "starbrat/child" boots up and sends out a message that only Shepard can hear/see, the rest of his squad mates knows Shepard viewed something, continue to do what ever is asked. You fly to Citadel, depending on how damaged the Crucible was, the higher the chance you loose 1 or more squad members to still somewhat functional Reapers while avoiding debris (think Omega relay redux); a perfect Crucible causes nobody to be lost.

With what ever team is left, you take your two with you onto the Citadel and continue to fight "ground" reapers trying to reach the location Shepard was instructed to visit.

You meet the start child who gives a somewhat better details on the nature of the Reapers, somewhat like as written here: I am half on the fence of this, as having this conversation is almost finding that the Star Wars 'Force' is controlled by a higher midichlorian count. The Star child determines the Reaper program is no longer a valid solution and has decided that all Reapers and Mass Relays will self destruct; even at the cost of all current life.
Even with the Crucible allowing the rampant destruction of his Reapers fleet, he still decides to bring you on board to gloat that nothing you can do can stop him from ending all life. Should life survive and rise up again in a billion years, then may what ever future they lead, may they never have to fall down this path as they had too.

With your remaining war assets you -- you perform a final boss fight that uses allied ground troops and fleets to damage parts of the Citadel to prevent program from removing all the built in safeguards to activate the self destruct (its a silly concept by this point.. but should still be logical and fun). (time for me to make dinner.. so may finish this up later).

*points to the ending of Mass Effect 2 (best final mission/ending of all time)

Replace Loyalty/upgrades with War Assets.

Replace Collectors with Reapers.

Yeah, that.


Got it in one dude.

Hell, considering how good the ending to Mass Effect 2 was, that's what I was expecting to happen the whole time. All they needed to do was scale up that idea and apply to different situations in the final battle. But no. They threw that out the window and tried to go for some bullshit deep ending that just ended up screwing them over.

Huh....guess I'm still a little bit bitter about it after all.

Woah I had a bad case of TL:DR and for good reason! Seriosuly OP learn to branch out abit just a little! (I may be a brony but I know full well that the entire Escapist population are NOT Bronies either)!


You're one epic dude for coming up with that! I want to see an animated mash up of that quote!

This web comic has been a pretty good read so far. What started off as one fan's efforts is developing in to a pretty serious team endeavour.

If Bioware didn't want to take the time to craft an ending worthy of the rest of the series, at least I can take some solace in a fan driven effort that does.

Something like Mass effect 1 and 2!
Shepard did the impossible and lives happily ever after! Yeah, I'm cheesy, whatever.

Daystar Clarion:
You made a thread about ME3, so in your OP, stick to ME3 related stuff, that way, people who know nothing about MLP don't get lost while reading it.

I have to agree here. I like pony discussions. Have all the pony discussions you want. But don't make a thread and halfway through the OP start talking about something completely unrelated.

OT: I'd have liked the option for Shepard to say something like "I worked my ass off getting everyone here to fight the reapers and God dammit that's what we're going to do." You could keep the magic cupcakes options as an easy way out if you didn't have enough war assets or whatever, but at least make the whole point of a majority of the game matter in some way. Also add some post ending stuff that shows what happens based on your decision. More than 'Normandy flies away and crashes on New Earth or whatever and Earth soldiers celebrate.'

As I didnt read the OP (not because of length, but because... well, you know...), Im going to go with the question asked in the thread title.

This is from another thread on the subject:


(This is going to be my last Mass Effect 3 thread! I'm sick to the back teeth by it!)

We all know that Mass Effect 3's ending has made gaming history, for good or for bad, and we all know that Bioware are not going to change Mass Effect 3's ending. So I ask those fans who do not consider the current ME3 ending to be the best possible: How would you have ended Mass Effect 3?

I didnt have that serious of problem with the endings, save for the glaringly obvious plot holes that exist with each. So I would keep the two of the three original endings (Synthesis still doesnt make sense), but have them modified, and have the starchild actually be a fuax avatar of Harbringer, trying to convince shepard to make the choices that would benefit the reapers (like what they were doing with TIM.) I would also have a refuse option added.

The EMS rating would affect the three endings:


1. Worst: Reapers win, everyone dies, starting with Earth which is destroyed by having the Crucible crash into it when it fails because you didn't have enough war assets to keep the Reapers from blowing it out of orbit. Cue monologue by Harbinger how it was always a futile effort and that the cycle will never be broken.

2. Bad: Shepard and his entire crew die along with Anderson and Hackett and most of the ground forces, but humanity and the galaxy are saved, at the cost of the Citadel, which was still destroyed by the Reapers from lack of enopugh forces to defend it long enough after the initial Energy Pulse which destroyed the Reaper code. Earth is completely decimated and uninhabitable, leaving Humanity in the same predicament as the Quarians, now having to fly around looking for a place to go.

3. Neutral: Shepard dies along with Anderson and some members of his crew like the engineers and Joker after firing up the Crucible, having enough War Assets to be able to defend it just long enough from the Reapers to destroy them. Harbinger, however, in a last ditch effort to kill Shepard, kamikaze rushes the Citadel and is hit by the energy pulse. Harbinger's "dead" body smashes into the control room, blowing up the control room and causing an explosion equatable to the damage done by Sovereign's death at the end of ME1. Shepard and the rest will be remembered as true heroes. The galaxy is still in turmoil from all of the chaos and destruction caused by the Reapers, however.

4. Good: After the Illusive Man dies, Shepard tells Anderson to contact the Normandy to come pick them up. Anderson then heads for the docking bay, as Shepard begins the Crucible. As Anderson says the Normandy has arrived, Harbinger comes roaring toward the Crucible. Shepard glares down the giant machine as the energy pulse kills him, then turns around to try and clear out of the control room as Harbinger's body continues spiraling toward him.

Anderson and crew see Harbinger smash into the control room and begin frantically calling out to you on their comms. Shepard coughs a few times and tells them that he's not going to make it. The camera goes back to Shepard, who managed to get out of the now destroyed control room, but was hit with some debris and is now skewered through the chest by a piece of steel framework.
Shepard says his tearful goodbyes to the crew, including a special stock goodbye to any romantic interest, and dies with a small chuckle as he looks out the massive viewing window at all of the dead Reapers floating in orbit.

Cue ending scene of the cleanup, ships returning home, small clips of the crew members doing whatever they do, with underlying feeling of hope.

5. Best(RAINBOWS AND SUNSHINE): Everyone lives. Basically everything from above until the skewering part. Shepard grabs a stock N7 helmet off of one of the corpses from the previous room before doing a running dive into the space elevator. Cut to outside of Normandy, where they frantically try raising Shepard on the Comm after they see Harbinger crash. It seems like all hope is lost when suddenly the comm crackles and you hear Shepard make a smart remark like, "Hey, Joker, could you come down here and pick me up? I feel like I just got hit by a truck."

Everyone looks up in great relief. "Aye-aye, Commander."

Go down to Shepard standing near the now inoperable space elevator amongst a crowd of cheering soldiers. If Wrex is alive he comes over and gives you a rough slap on the back as his Krogan cheer with the humans. Anderson pages Hackett to tell him the good news, who then relays it to all of the other fleets; the war has been won.
Shepard's romantic interest if he has one runs over and gives him a hug, to which he stumbles a little from his injuries.

Then the crew all stand there on the surface and stare at a a dead Reaper as the camera pans away to reveal the destroyed city of London. However, before it cuts to black, a small part in the clouds shows a hint of blue sky and the sun; a sense of hope that all will turn out good in the end.



closure. plus showing me that all the effort i made to create alliances, end wars, etc. paid off in the end .. ya know, kinda like they did in ME2.

and lose casper entirely .. or let me tell him to shut the fuck up.

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