"CUBE" a Movie That Would Translate Well Into a Game

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I think it would be interesting if it was an online co-op game, which featured some kind of system where there would be rewards for co-operating but also some opportunities to screw over the other players to your own advantage. The movie dealt with themes of morality, trust, and co-operation and how different people work together (or not) in a survival situation.

It would be hard to design something like that which didn't just end up in rampant griefing though.

I just saw someone talking about Cube and I had to get in on this. Amazing movie, not a bad idea for a game. It would probably be a Heavy Rain type of game. Not much action, but a lot of character driven exploration.


Friend made it.

New rule: mods don't count :P

I wanna see it built from the top down with the same aesthetics and underlying themes as the original in game format. A complex story/character driven... puzzle/sci-fi/horror game..? Technically? Hard to pin it to a particular genre...

Scarim Coral:
Yeah I can see that being a indie sort of game (I did watch film years ago). However something tell me that game will consit of many "reload" due to party members getting killed and reload to try again or pick another room.

Save scumming would definitely be an issue for some players... but I'm inclined to believe that the ones who would do it for this game would do it for any game that allows for saving at any time.

You do raise a good point, though.

I suppose a checkpoint system or something might work to alleviate that... but the cubes themselves all look more or less the same (beside the color of the lighting), so if you died and got sent back to a checkpoint, it'd be difficult to judge exactly how far back you've been sent.

The more thought I put into this hypothetical game though, the more I am inclined to agree that this would, in general, work much better as a quick little indie puzzle game than a big release.

All I thought when reading the title was: http://cubeengine.com/


the fallout cube experimental mod

RJ 17:
:P Problem is they've already made CUBE into a game. It's called Portal.

I'm a fucking jackass, I know. :3

Actually, they've already made "CUBE" into a game.

It's called "QUBE".

I can only imagen a game like Cube would be the most annoying and frustrating puzzle gamne ever conceived... so why isnt there a Indie game yet?

Okay, yeah, I guess that one FO3 mod, havent tried it though, so dont know quite what its like.

I'm just here to say Cube is in my top 3 movies ever, and I even like Cube Zero, the prequel, as it pulls off the masterstroke of letting you see a couple of the guys who work on keeping the Cube running, yet it doesn't answer all the questions you have.

Vague but I'm trying not to spoiler too much! (Unlike that list of comparisons, come on guys, and if you're thinking of trying the movie, try not to read most of this thread til you have!)

Just because it's worth seeing - Trailer:

The second one is pretty awful tho, and doesn't 'fit' like the prequel.

Prequel Trailer:

Should probably warn people there's a few scenes of gore in there, one particularly unpleasant part in Zero! Yet, it's not about horror, it's about the people placed in a tough situation.

I'm just here to say Cube is in my top 3 movies ever, and I even like Cube Zero, the prequel, as it pulls off the masterstroke of letting you see a couple of the guys who work on keeping the Cube running, yet it doesn't answer all the questions you have.

Well it was definitely a step up from Hypercube, but I dunno. A couple things about it kind of spoil the whole deal for me. Like the whole: "Do you believe in God?" scene? Felt really hammy & out of place. Or the soldier having an implanted mind control device? Eh...

Honestly it's my preference to pretend there's only 1 movie. Association with the sequels/prequels/whathaveyou just weaken the appeal of the initial concept in my mind...

But feel free to enjoy it if that's your preference lol

No. It would not make a good game.

Part of what makes Cube a great movie is the shock that all these "normal" people have in being suddenly pulled into this very "not normal" experience. Purchasing a game based on it instantly loses that, because everybody going in will be going in with expectations of what it might be like.

The other part of what makes Cube good is, as you've repeatedly said, the interaction between characters. Sorry, but AI just can't cut that kind of interaction, and other gamers certainly aren't going to give you the breadth of skills, and most importantly, weaknesses, which made the characters so interesting.

What does that leave? The surprise at how the different "trap rooms" can kill you and the puzzles in getting through them. Nothing really new for a video game, and given how the Cube tends not to give any clues until it's too late, not even a good design for a video game.

And it leaves the overarching questions of a conspiracy theory.. again not terribly new for a video game, and perhaps more important, damn hard to pull off well without being ham-handed about it.

On Timesplitters 3 I made a Cube inspired map, basically by throwing down multiple copies of the same room linked together with doors, some open, some perma-locked, some key-carded some switch operated. Some rooms had ramps to upper levels and there was the odd corridor leading your around circuitious routes. Every room was a different colour and some had strobe lighting effects making it hard to traverse them.

The entire thing was so damn confusing and dissorienting even I couldn't ever finish it, despite making sure it was possible to do. I still have the save on my memory card, I should really try and complete it again.

There is a Gmod version of it already I believe...

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