Reccomend me a trade-in site

So I'm currently sitting on a rather large pile of games both old and new and I'm in the market for selling some online.

My question to you escapees is this? (If its not obvious already)

Anyone here know any good/reputable game trade in sites which are based in the UK?

I'm mainly looking for one in which I can just sell them all in bulk and I'm not exactly lucrative enough to sell them all individually on Ebay.

Not sure of a specific site, but if your looking to get the most for your money it might be worth selling them in lots on ebay. E.G. bundle all of 1 game type into a lot all rpgs in one all shooters in another. Work out if any individual titles are worth anything and sell them as a single copy.

In a similar situation as yourself finally move out and over the past 2 months realised i have alot of wank i no longer play and in the process of selling it all x)

Thats not a bad idea really.

I just figured I'd ask the escapist first to see if they did know anything specific before I attempted to use ebay.

I did saw an ad on tv about this site called music magpie which also does dvd and music aswell. You type in the said product barcode into their site to get the estimate cash for given it to them. It's pretty much like one of those mobilephone recycle site but for other products.


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