Describe the game of your dreams.

What would, in your opinion, be the ultimate game?

Mine would have the do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want gameplay of the The Elder Scrolls series, and it would take place in a universe that combines Star Wars with Mass Effect.
There would be about twenty planets for you to visit and each one is about as big and filled with quests as Skyrim.
You can join gangs, become a bounty hunter, or even a spectre/jedi.
Youd have to build/buy/steal your own spaceship.
The plot would be pretty awesome to, how about a war between the Jedi+Alliance and the Reapers+Sith?

I know its probably never going to happen, but we all have our dreams.

Mount and Blade + Total War + Space Travel

What can I say, I hate the Mount and Blade campaign interface and want to replace it with the Total War one. Also make it easier to command mass forces when you yourself are present on the battlefield via use of a mini map for commanding your forces.

The environment will be Space... yeah and I'd be lying if when I said space I didn't mean Mass Effect... but... you know... without the fucking Reapers :P Though lightsabers would be cool... screw the force, keep biotics but add lightsabers.

When in space I want the music and awesomeness of the X3 series.

It would be awesome. You could command Fleets and within the fleets are armies and you can command a battle for a city, within a campaign for a planet, and you play as the Spec Ops unit infiltrating to disrupt enemy communications so the enemy forces are in total disarray.

If you don't like fighting then you can build colonies. You could create a trading empire. A manufacturing empire, mining Empire getting rich. You can get involved in Government and get them to favor you're corporation... while of course you run a few Black Ops you personally oversee, to forward you're interests.

I mean hell... just look at Spore. Spore is one of those shit games I brough simply because I wanted it to be so so so so so much more than it was built to be.

Anyone makes that game I will pay 200. No really... 200, because it would be worth every penny.

And in this game... you may ask, what shall you name your character? Who shall this person be called?


I'll give you a clue. It's not Boromir, but is played by that actor...

Probably for me would be some sort of MMORPG steam punk style set in alternate london with demonic powers at play. With classes such as alchemists, steam engineers, bounty hunters etc. Combat would be fast paced hack and slash style.

I dunno i like mmorpgs, steam punk and the occult x).

-Captcha "stinking rich" if i was i would pay to have this game made :P

The Witcher 2. With the atmosphere of TW1, and a world the size of Baldur's Gate 1. And 100 hours long.

A Superhero game where you can completely customize everything.
-Apperance (both costume and body)
-Good or evil


A massive scale Star Wars game with HUGE Battles, and you can do everything.
-Drive capital ships
-Call in orbital strikes
-Go from land to space/vice versa
-Lead a squad as a Commander

A Gurren Lagann videogame. That isnt Super Robot Wars.

Deus Ex + Thief + Elder Scrolls + GTA + Portal.

Don't want much tbh.

I have no idea what the game of my dreams would be, I didn't expect RDR to be that good but it has to be one of my favourites.

I'll let the developers conjure up the game of my dreams


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