Scariest game music

What are the scariest music in games?

This isn't as scary as some others, but it seems to be really atmospheric, that sound in the background, and the clanking of chains.. Pyramid Head's gonna get yo!

This fucking temple, had my confused for hours, and the music really got to me

It still puts me on edge even now... The music makes that boss seem ten times scarier

And, in UMVC3, god help you if this music kicks in as your opponent's final character is incoming...

Complete. Global. Oversaturation

One of the few video game levels to genuinely frighten me, and at least half of that reason is due to the music.

This one for me:

Playing that game alone in the dark at 2am with that music... it gave me a nightmare that night.

Oh Bioshock, you and your Arcadia level.

This and the statues were the only things that genuinely frightened me in the game.

Since when was it possible for music to be scary?

Pokemon Lavender town

freaking creepy

Song shakes me to my bones

Those cries *shudders*

Since when was it possible for music to be scary?

anything can be scary some people are scared of bananas or peas.

I cant think of any video game music that has had me scared though guess im too manly yes that must be it.

Since when was it possible for music to be scary?

Since the war drum started communicating orders, at least. Probably earlier, if you count primate percussion, used by a few species largely for the purposes of intimidation.

Thread title should really be Scariest Sound Design, as that'd include music and, y'know, stuff that's actually scary.

Doom 3 would be my sound design+music pick. With honourable shout outs to Metro 2033, the original F.E.A.R., S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC, and Fatal Frame 2.

The PS1 version of Doom had an appropriately hellish ambient soundtrack. Creeped me the fuck out when I was younger.


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