If GlaDos became unemployed...what would her new job be?

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My favorite one is tour guide for a robotics museum. I mean just imagine the possibilities.

Of course your welcome to present your own evil villain to be fired and rehired..ooh it rhymes :)

Motivational speaker.

Suicide numbers are up? You don't say!

Just keep her AI in storage for a few decades, and then get her to run a giant space station in the future. I'm sure she'll run the place well. Maybe give her a new name and voice, something cool, like SHODAN.

She would take over Siri's position as the voice command and AI.

Oh all the fun that can be had!

Sexline operator, purely for the amazing dialogue, and she could probably talk to multiple clients at the same time as she's a computer.

Also, isn't she technically unemployed already?

She'd be the order taking voice box at a Burger King in bum-fuck nowhere. :P

I'd like to see her operating a customer service call center. Perhaps for an ISP... that might yield fun results.


level designer

I went through the drive thru at Arby's once and the cashier was using a voice changer that made her sound almost exactly like GlaDos and she even adjusted her speech to try and talk like her.

It was awesome. I was amazed she could understand my order over how much I was laughing.

In marketing. ThinKING up FANcy names for munDAne OBJects.

how could you all miss the obvious.. in charge of a cake factory

RJ 17:
She'd be the order taking voice box at a Burger King in bum-fuck nowhere. :P

That would be sole Burger King I eat at.

OT: A telemarketer, be interesting to say the least. XD

The voice behind the iPhone 4S.

The voice behind the iPhone 4S.

haha thats awesome you win :D

Costumer service. has to be

Daystar Clarion:
Motivational speaker.

Suicide numbers are up? You don't say!

Damn, I was going to say that.

Uh, a vocalist for elevator music?

911 operator!

"They're not breathing? Don't worry, it is all part of the test."

Organizer for a supervillain support group.

She would become Google.

Baby sitter!

Sack of Cheese:
Baby sitter!

I mean...that's totally something GLaDOS would do, if I know her any.

She'd be a US senator inside of a month.

A vocalist for a band starring Gordon Freeman and the Rebels.

Suicide hotline attendant.

"Welcome to Pizza hut how may I take your order you bag of flesh?"

Oh she'd have to work at Centrelink. I think she'd get a real kick out of that.

She'd probably be happiest doing QA for Bethesda or something like that.
With games like TES and fallout it could occupy her forever, or at least until she got bored...

Automated phone system. "For cake, press one." [beep] "I lied. There is no cake. Have some nerve toxin instead."

I thought her current job involved reading forums and predicting what users will type, and generating relevant captcha challenges for them.

Director of development for deadly neurotoxin.

That was simple enough.

Isn't she technically always unemployed? She did kill her creators. Or hell, she's probably self-employed.

On the off-chance she does end up needing another job though, I'd imagine she would be an elementary school science teacher. The students will be scarred for life by her "tests".

Councillor for adopted fat children.

She would love that so much.

A cake Baker. DUH. And her assistant will be the Cake core from Portal 1.

Those will be some interesting cake flavors.

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