What do you want to see in Grand Theft Auto V?

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My 1000th post here at the escapist! Just would like to say I have had a lot of fun on these forums with a lot of great people here and hope to stay for a long time!

I really would like to see more weapons introduced, I felt the amount of weapons in the last few games were too limited, I love the BoGT weapons and the explosive shotgun rounds and the P90! Perhaps weapon modes would be good? I hate how at the end of GTA4, I had so much money and fuck all to spend it on, I feel weapon mods and player housing could remedy that. Also, add a more varied clothing system, San Andreas was perfect, GTA4 was disappointing in that respect.

How about you all?

Less grey. More colour. Also less BAWLING WIFF MAI COUZIN.
I guess some better shooting would be nice as well.

Edit; Congrats on the 1K. Let's hope you stay around for another thousand, eh?

I would like to see a tighter main storyline with more player choices in addition to more interesting and varied subplots. In GTAIV, the world was so vast it felt absurd that I had so few real choices. No where to give the story my own unique imprint. No other characters to interact with in any meaningful way. I feel like, over time, they've made the worlds large enough physically (SA and LC are both huge) and now they should focus on giving the player that deep, glorious feeling of immersion that would make a game like GTA5 impossible to stop playing.

Of course, coming up with a truly interesting and relatable main character is essential, as well. All of the main characters since GTAIII have failed to evoke enough empathy to truly care about, in my opinion.

More crashing through windscreens and other crazy physics related insanity. What else could I possibly ask for?

better radio stations

be able to customize my character like in Saints Row. More clothes, haircuts, shoes, jewelry, voice choices, ect.

Congrats dude, you're one tenth of the way to becoming a true immortal like yours truly :D

OT: More customisation in terms of clothing, more like San Andreas, as well as cutting down on the serious tone.

The series needs to lighten up a little bit more.

A better engine so it doesn't feel so clunky to walk around, better character customisation, be a bit more light-hearted (if they want a serious game that's fine but maybe temper it with a bit more humour, like BOGT) and just for nostalgia's sake a cameo appearance by CJ :D

Clubs with hot chicks, so I can get my virtual freak on.

And more clothing options.

Maybe a Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar cameo appearance.

More buildings to go in
More bloody shit, if I run over someone I want them to splat or cut in half
Bigger map
Get in the back of vans, and shoot out of it

Male prostitutes.

Tough to say.. before Saints Row 2 and 3, I would have said a return to actually fun gameplay but that's already been covered now. In that light, I'd actually almost like to see GTA5 go even further into the realism direction.

If I listed everything I'd want I'd just be describing Saints Row 2-3, but you should check those out.

Daystar Clarion:
Congrats dude, you're one tenth of the way to becoming a true immortal like yours truly :D

We'll see about that. Someday I shall find your WEAKNESS!!! BWAHAHAHA!

OT: I would like a list of things.

Lots and lots of vehicles.
^ Same about weapons.
^ Same about customisation options.
A good story.
Same multiplayer as GTA4 but with Co-op too.
Customisable Radio Stations.

And a lot more others, but I'll se about that when I see more details about it.

Keep the same shift towards realism in the physics and storytelling, but give us more weapons and customizations options. Lots of money sinks, like buying/investing in businesses, safe houses, fancy vehicles, maybe even let us start up our own criminal empire, hire muscle to help us, that sort of thing.

Tough to say.. before Saints Row 2 and 3, I would have said a return to actually fun gameplay but that's already been covered now. In that light, I'd actually almost like to see GTA5 go even further into the realism direction.

It can be realistic and still be fun. I thought GTAIV was insanely fun when you were just dicking around, even with the realistic physics and story. I must have spent hours just wrecking cars and messing with pedestrians.

A smaller city, but one with more life to it: more buildings you can enter, more stores and attractions, more people to talk to (even if they aren't that important in the long run). That sort of thing. I still think Bully has the perfect size for a sandbox game.

The charm vice city had vice city was so awesome to play the right amount of serious stuff and silly stuff the saints row series was getting close to that magic charm untill sr3 jumped into the silly pit also colour gta4 was to grey

A main character that isn't so damn bland and boring. Even the silent protagonist of GTA3 was better than Niko.

Controls that don't suck would be a good start...

Eh, I'd like a return to the African-American gang culture ala San Andreas. I don't know why, but I could listen to those guys talk to each other all day. Never failed to make me smile.

Everything that was in GTA: San Andreas..... at least.

More goofy action and cheat codes, less serious drama and bowling.

Destructable. Environments.

Destructable. Environments.

customize character more, less annoying friends and relatives, updated firearms list, co-op, massive multiplayer option (im talking near mmo style, i want a damn warzone 600 guys vs the whole city....awesome), and to continue to have the awesome stories they have been making.

Fuck, Frank West is already the main character, everything else doesn't really matter anymore.

Some decent controls would be nice.

More San Andreas and less of whatever the fuck GTA 4 was suppose to do.

A decent PC port and Michael K Williams.

Well, being a long time member of GTAforums and an even longer player of the games themselves, I'd say the charm and attitude of vice city, the activity and vehicle range of san andreas, and the realistic physics and environment of GTA IV. Oh, and an amusement park.

I'd like to see...

a gun that shoots blow-up dolls. Giant exploding blow-up dolls.

They gotta one-up Saints Row somehow.

A game focused on making a smaller number of areas excel rather than introducing twenty different mechanics in the hope that the player would find a couple of them compelling.

A plot where the player actually has some vestige of agency and control over his own life rather than agreeing to whatever the mission-giver demands he do when the player blindly triggers the four-minute-long cinematic.

A main character who doesn't seem about as ready to gulp a fistful of Valium and put a bag over his head as engage the game world.

Friends who aren't going to decide not to back me up in a gun fight because I didn't want to go bowling with them.

A cell phone interface that isn't hideously interruptive and inconvenient. (Just pause the game like Saints Row, okay? Or failing that, ditch the mechanic.)

A few more auxillary characters who aren't either time bombs waiting to go off or millstones around my neck.

An actual story with an actual ending. I know it defeats the point of sandboxing, but a goal would be nice to have.

I would like to see more character customization. Perhaps we get to choose what our character looks like or more clothing options. More story choices would be nice too. I want to see the game have a reaction around the players choice's.

The question is not what I want to see in Grand Theft Auto V...


...but who.

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