What's the oldest game you can still enjoy today?

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I'll go with The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (1996) That, I played pretty recently-
That game is freakishly huge and pretty awesome at the same time. And I love those graphics!

Plus, you can make a goddammn ninja, that can be pretty badass (you could do that too in Obivion and Morrowind, but it wasn't so great)

Missile Command, 1980. Technically older than me. I played and enjoyed it pretty recently (this year, at least).

age of empires 2...so so awesome....first game I ever played on pc

This. I can always go back to my childhood and enjoy the stories over and over again.

Okay, well, to be completely honest, I lost some respect for your opinion when graphics came up. No, that's wrong. It was when you said it was less enjoyable because of the graphics is more accurate. There was a college professor that made his students play Ultima 4 and was disgusted at how few, if any, of his students were able to play it, much less enjoy it. If you don't like a game, fine, there's not a thing wrong with that. But not liking something because of the graphics, that just seems...stupid to me.

I grew up playing Mega Man X ('93) and I still love it today. I also have a soft spot in my hear for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ('91) and it's, in my opinion, the best Zelda game. Ah, how I miss the simpler days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System...

Halo CE (2001), yes its not super old like most of the games on this thread, but yeah.

Granted, I mostly play on Anniversary now, but its always nice to play on "Old-o" graphics every once and a while.

Earth 2150 the moon project which is 1999 I think and Startopia which is 2003ish I think.

Both of them run surprisingly well on a modern PC and OS as well.

Hmmm PC Wasteland

Console: No idea to many i love

Honorble mentions: Uncharted Waters New Horizons,SMRPG

Max Payne games, Contra on the NES, Mafia 1, Pong and Rainbow Six 3.

Oldest Game I Own That I Still Play And Enjoy: Final Fantasy Tactics

Oldest Game I Have On An Emulator That I Used To Own: Destiny of an Emperor for the NES

Not counting emulators.

Sacrifice, Though I still own and been tempted to play populous: the beginning and cnc: tib sun.

Sacrifice is still ranked amongst the most funnest games I've ever played across all the systems I've played in my life.

I <3 Sacrifice, the graphics haven't aged the best but the cartoonish figures makes you forgive it. Ironically it required a pretty up-to-date computer to run when it was released.

The first video game ever made was Pong.
Pong is still as addictive today as ever.

Even if you don't like that, Pac Man came out a mere 8 years later, Tetris 4 years after that, and those are still plenty fun.

There are no old games, just intolerant gamers.

EDIT: I just noticed that a bunch of people previously mentioned Pong on this thread. My point is still valid. Heck, probably more so.

I cna play the classics such as pong and tetris still.
I can play space invaders and pacman to a degree.

If not those then I'm still quite happy playing Super Mario World.
1990. Not bad, for a game older than myself.

I think tetris is the oldest. But by far my favorite Old game is Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
That game rocks

The first video game ever made was Pong.

It was not. Even if you only count commercial releases, Computer Space is a year older.
Other than commercial games, there's Spacewar! for example, and that's 10 years older than Pong. And Tennis for Two is even older than that.

Yes, it's an alright game even today, but it wasn't the first.

Some Amiga games. And we're talking about games that I'd actually play.

Rainbow Islands (Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2) certainly. That came out 1987.

Also: North & South, Rick Dangerous 1 & 2, and a few games I remember vividly, except their names.

I'd have no problem hooking up my Intellivision, or a C64 say, and enjoying certain games from the early 80's.

DOOM. It still holds up well today despite its graphics. Sucks that the only working version I have is on Xbox Arcade ever since my playstation copy stopped working.

I play the Bubble Bobble (1986) arcade at work almost every day in my lunch break. It will never get old and the music is the best ever.

I still have a lot of fun with Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and most of the arcade games from that era.

Although I can certainly play things like Pong, I'd say the oldest game I really consider to be fun is probably Rogue. According to Wikipedia it was made "around 1980". It's still a pretty fun rogue-like (does it count as a rogue-like if it actually is Rogue?) today, even if it doesn't quite have the depth of some of it's successors.

Ninja Gaiden (NES) - Damn that game is hard. The intro still gets me psyched to play it though.

Castlevania on the NES.

SuperMario Bros, it's so simple and palyable. Other games really confuse me back then

The NES is the earliest system that I could say that I still enjoy, though there are a couple of early computer games that I enjoy as well.

The earliest would probably be DOOM, but I can't say for certain.

Any NES or later console game, though, is fair game. Those don't get old for me, and still have nearly the same replay value as they do today.

Dude, I still compete with my friends in Pong, bro-op style...

Ninja Gaiden (NES) - Damn that game is hard. The intro still gets me psyched to play it though.

I can't believe I beat that as a kid. Probably 7 or 8 years old when I played it. So brutally difficult. I couldn't beat that game today if you paid me.

I can play all kinds of old shit though for sure. My first gaming console was an intellivision. There was another as well around the same time aside from the Atari. I want to say Colecovision. They all sucked but were so awesome! I think my grandpa still has an Odyssey. Thing only played pong if I remember. Oh! I had this weird console called a Vectrex too. That was some odd stuff. You slid in these plastic sleeves over the screen for different games. Odd as hell.

Master of Magic I think. Yup, that one's pretty old, but it could always be older. Like next year. :P

I've never been put off playing a game because of its age. I'll happily play old games as long as they're fun.

Probably Super Mario Bros, but since that one is fucking obvious, I'll go with Monkey Island 1. That shit is just too awesome.

my computer does not handle new games :/ So I only play retro games. Doom, The Lost Vikings, Jill of the jungle, Sid Meiers Alpha Centuri, Comander Keen, Sid Meiers pirates (2004 remake). Who can forget Tetris? Also I never liked chess that much. Ooooo I also love Nintendo! Zelda, Mario, Pokemon

For the record I have a 2009 iMac so I do play new games but not every one supports the hardware. TF2 does!

iPhone apps don't count do they.....

Super Mario?

I would still play Ultima 4, if I'd not already finished it. The game is fine I'm just not sure I want to invest that much time into it.

Tetris! Heck, i even hum it's theme to put my son to sleep. =D

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