Xbox 360 Minecraft. Advice needed

I must say that I've been interested in minecraft for a long time and now that there is a 360 version for only $20 I must say that I'm considering buying it. However, I heard that it is not the up to date version of Minecraft but I also heard that there will be updates in the future for free. Can someone tell me if this is true? Also can someone who has played the 360 version give me a recomendation? Should I get this or not?

Yes, its outdated by a year, and yes, Mojang have promised to bring it up to date by means of free patches.

I also played it for about 10 minutes and crafting is WAY better than on PC. They solved the crafting + gamepad problem pretty well.

There will be future updates, yes (and quicker than many Xbox Live updates so far), but not as frequently as the PC version and they are free as well.

And I definitely recommend it, having lots of fun with it. Haven't played the PC version if it's relevant.

Get a couple of friends and have a good time. It's pretty fun.


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