Escapist Testing Initiative (Portal 2 Custom Map Archive & Challenge Circuit)

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Thx everyone for all your participation.

I am working kind've frantically lately to tidy up my plans for the Challenge Circuit and finalize my own maps. Since my last map is complete, I am going to finish judging your maps and post them to the archive on the OP.

Of the maps already submitted, those I've deemed worthy of being part of the challenge circuit will be added to their respective tiers and if I am short of maps, I will contact each tier's mapmakers and ask for one more.

Thank you for all your patience regarding my lack of attention here since my RP started up I've been busy.

Decided to get in on this myself. Created 2 maps so far:

Simple Gel Test - Most likely going to be graded as very easy. Since I'm a little unsure of what you class of as a 'step', this might fall short of that requirement, however, chances are, it should be enough.

Look before you leap - I'm unsure what this is likely to receive. Probably a medium difficulty tag. Hard to judge though when I'm the one that created.

I created a small series of maps - probably Hard tag, you never need to do any ninja moves its all about thinking.

Is it too late to submit my own maps? I made four maps.

This one is called Aperture Science Gravity-Defiant Prismic Platforms.
It involves moving across multiple floating prisms to reach the goal.

This second one is called Safety Cube Stream.
A neverending cascade of Edgeless Safety Cubes must be guided to the bottom of the course.

This third one is called the Aperture Science Confidence-Building Pre-Test Procedure.
I don't want to spoil anything about it, though.

I also made a fourth map, but since it is devoid of any challenge, I shall not link to it here.

Made a map. My children like it, but then they are very small. Here it is:

I don't know if this is still relevant, but a friend of mine and I are creating a collection of test chambers and I've already added 10 maps. Most of these use puzzle elements in new (but logical) ways.

They're designed to be simple brain teasers and don't require you to use glitches or frustratingly difficult maneuvers. I've also put some effort into them to make them look a little bit more interesting than just boxes with buttons.

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