What's the first class you usually play in RPGs.

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By that I mean when a new RPG comes out that allows for a large level of choice in play style, what is usually your go to choice for your first character. I usually go for the "paladin" archetype. Reason being that,

A. A lot of quests have no obvious benefit to the player so if I RP the role I need someone who is self sacrificing and will help people for no obvious reward. So I can do more of the quests my first play through.

B. Melee classes are usually the most simple, so it will be the easiest to learn the games mechanics.

So what kind of character do you make and why?

I will nearly always go for a warrior type character. I will use sword and shield with good strong armour, that kind of thing. Eventully I may put some magic on him to see what that is like.

I will then without fail in every single game I play delete that character and make a new one. I will usaully end up with 4 different characters before I am even halfway through the game. It's like a curse I tell you.

But yeah, usaully I start with warriorish and then try the Magical character. I will usaully be a fan of the warrior but it depends what the mage is like. I never like the rouge/stealthy characters. NEVER!

same here, i almost always go for a knight/paladin/warrior. usually the 'easiest' in terms of tactics, item management, mistake recovery, but often slow, and although able to beat the game through the first time, is usually too weak to do any of the cool stuff or survive NG+. will often have some magic, especially healing/protection/enchantment.

then i will make a mage, since then i have a rough idea of enemy types, resistances/weaknesses/attack patterns, frequency of mana recovery items. and blast the crap outta everything!

if i'm still interested, i'll go for a rogue type. i know the areas already and also know that it will be a slog keeping my inventory of arrows full, but it will be awesome taking everything out from so so far away.

Well in games that allow for mixed classes (i.e. Skyrim), I normally go as a Mage-Thief. Sneaky sneaky with backstabs and crap, but if I get detected and forced into a fight I switch over to magic.

But just in general games (i.e. something like Dragon Age) I normally always go Mage first. Why? Mages are always the most overpower and my first playthrough is just to experience the story, so I want to literally blaze right through it. :P

I like playing sword and shield warriors (if I can RP them as a paladin, all the better).

I like playing as a melee since It's my favorite class since the first RPG I first played. I just feel awesome slashing a sword around, and If I can dual wield sword that would be the best. That's why I loved Dragon Age Origins so much is because of the Dual Wielding warrior class.

If I can't go with any of them I usually go with the Rouge/Ranger class.

But still usually warrior all the way.

I mostly go for the paladin/warrior type (warrior with some minor healing spells). Its often the easiest to learn, and the high AC and healing allows me to be a little more carefree that playing mages or thieves.

Almost always the wizard or wizard-like class.

If it is a 1-player RPG, I usually play someone with sneaky skills. This is mainly due to the fact that I love ranged and sneaky classes, meaning I can take out my enemies without them ever knowing what hit them. Satisfaction level awesome.

If it is a multi-player RPG, I always play a reliable healer. Because of my real life personality, I am a supportive type, and therefore someone who would rather see the team succeed, rather than getting all the credit myself.

Rogues, usually. I like something that can access the most amount of loot in games. A locked chest I can't access drives me nuts :P

Something that involves ranged weapons, knives and assorted sneakery.

So yeah, usually a rogue.

RJ 17:
Well in games that allow for mixed classes (i.e. Skyrim), I normally go as a Mage-Thief. Sneaky sneaky with backstabs and crap, but if I get detected and forced into a fight I switch over to magic.

But just in general games (i.e. something like Dragon Age) I normally always go Mage first. Why? Mages are always the most overpower and my first playthrough is just to experience the story, so I want to literally blaze right through it. :P

...You missed. You almost described me but ultimately failed. When I play a Mage-Thief, it's to sneak undetected and practice my magic in the shadows, so I'll try my best to avoid head on confrontation, including using spells. And then I just want to sneak next to my targets and incinerate them or something. Alternatively, poison/cripple/drain/debuff them (whatever appropriate) while they are still unaware and then take my time killing them, while they are effectively out of the game (in Morrowind, I had a spell or enchantment capable of damaging all of the enemy's Strength. Cast that, wait and they'll be paralysed forever).

But you nailed the spellcasters, though - they are the gods of pretty much any game.

CAPTCHA: heated debate.

Mage-Warrior, like my first Skyrim run (on an outdated card :(). Wherein I played with one-handed sword and the other a restoration or destruction spell.

Some of my first playthroughs, which mostly all represent my favorite ways to play as well:

Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, and other fantasy RPGs: I'm an archer
Mass Effect: Vanguard
Alpha Protocol: Stealth/Pistol/Tech specialist
Deus Ex: I focus on stealth and skills that help create alternate pathways
New Vegas: Guns, Repair, Survival
Demon's Souls: Heavy armor and meat cleaver-wielding juggernaut. I don't know why I played it this way, as it's the opposite of how I usually play. I would have had a lot more fun as something faster and lighter.

Mage . I find magic more fun than melee . Plus i like being squishy , makes things more fun and challenging .

I usually go with archer next , because melee is boring .

I would like to note that I also meant moral choice kinda stuff as well. Do you play a helpful self sacrificing type, someone only out for themselves, or some one who actively inflicts pain upon others.

I usually find myself shying away from the "pure warrior" or a sword/shield combo in favor of styles geared more towards ranged combat, spells, abilities and such. I have no real issues with smashing stuff in, but basically any game can have a melee system, but I like to look into what the game offers for alternative means of combat.

Depends on the combat system. If it's tab-targetting/hotkeys or turn based I'll go sword and shield.

If it's first person or third person and I actually have to aim I'll go ranged/stealthy, because I usually dislike melee under those control systems.

I almost never 'optimise' my moral choices in a game that offers them - I'll be good or bad depending on the situation, though I suppose I lean towards good more often than not.

I usually play whichever looks the most interesting to me, if it's a multiplayer game I almost always pick a support role (tank or healer with a preference for healer but I'll do either) Seriously I love healing.

if it's a single player game I almost never go for the 'warrior' type and tend to be more of an assassin or mage.

I like being the in your face action character first. then later on once I have explored and seen what can be done in the game I'll go back and pick another class. Usually someone who is proficient in throat cutting.

Ranger the kind that can shoot bow and arrows, wields dual daggers and has basic magic knowledge.

E.g Skyrim.

I see a small force of bandits along the road coming my way. I put a floor rune on the ground and run into the bush. When they trigger the rune I ambush them with arrows. When there's like 2 left I take out my dual wielding daggers and finish them off. Sneaky is best because most of the time they are dead before they know I'm there.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator Tactical cloak and sniper all the way!

Dragon Age: Rogue TBH a bow hitting 150 damage per shoot is too overpowered in Dragon Age.

Some kind of magic user who can stand at a distance to do their thing. If it's multiplayer I heal not because I want to genuinely help people, but because I want to stand back and let some-one else take a beating all the while thinking to myself 'wouldn't it be a shame if that annoying tank/dps who won't shut up/keeps failing/persistently irritates didn't get healed when he needs it. So yeah I like playing a healer with an ego and looser morals based upon their own interpretations of people/situations (hence I don't like religious based healing classes in the slightest)

In a single player game I just play a glass cannon style mage, because I like being able to absolutely blitz something with huge burst damage before the enemy can even touch me

My natural first reaction whenever I pick up an RPG is one of two things:

1. "I want to deal as much damage as possible without worrying about dying." -With this I usually found myself playing the warrior/barbarian/soldier class but not main-tanking so that if the group all died, it wasn't my fault. I enjoy playing larger than life characters but I really dig not worrying about being the center of attention. The best experience I've ever had with this was playing a RAcast in PSO.

2. "Let's be as fast and as agile as possible." -Being able to jump around and deal crazy amounts of damage to whoever I like just feels good. For a long time I played a Half-Orc Monk in 4th edition where I literally jumped around and dealt crazy amounts of damage. My character didn't have a lot of health but because he was able to jump around so much, monsters and npcs never could target him. Not really an ideal choice for a boss battle but hey, still fun.

For some reason, I find myself really turned off by magic using classes. I think it has to do with the fact that a mana bar and typically light armor makes me feel limited as a player. One feature I really enjoy when it comes to playing an RPG is character creation/customization. I like my character to look like a badass so I feel like a badass even though I can't cast super fire balls from every orifice. There's something about being able to equip every armor and weapon available that having 10-20 different spells can't fulfill. There's probably some truth in there about why I was never good at PvP hah.

I usually go for either the long-range or stealth class first.

Warriors. Nothing teaches you more about what your victims can do than being a warrior class does.

Though i may invert that with Dragons Dogma, where i plan to play as a mage initially.

I normally go for the minion based class which relies on summons to do it's killing, I just love it when I can essentially sit back and watch my minions do all the work for me. Failing that a squishy wizard.

The closer I can get with a bigger sword/equivalent the better.

Any caster class with summons/minions.


I like being all sneaky and stabby in the shadows while I hunt for loot.

If I can use a ranged weapon like a bow like I could in Skyrim then I'm all good to go.

Three options:

1. In difficult games: whatever is the easiest to play so I can get a handle on how the game works, usually a warrior or something.
2. In games with boring/tedious combat: something stealthy so I can avoid encounters I don't want to get involved in.
3. In all other games: whatever looks the most fabulous, usually a pirate, dancer, or bard. I have to be the flamboyant center of attention, since I'm so shy in real life.

Then, if I like the game enough, I'll try to play one of everything after that.

The Healer (Yes i know i could have said cleric, but i prefer to be more general as this is just a rpg not dnd) usually, why because (depending on the rpg of course) most npc healers are either trash, screw off at a very inopportune time, or just turn up about half way through the game.

Besides you always ALWAYS need someone who can heal at any time.

Whatever class has Summons/Minions so I can bury the enemy beneath waves of dudes. Failing this I prefer to go with a build that's good at survival.

Ranger in the fantasy-RPG setting cos there's a good balance of comabt skill set with other non-combat skills such as basic sneaking (not as advanced as rouges but better than a warrior's) and usually some healing (but not as good as a mage/healer class either).

In a more organic RPG such as Skyrim, however, I play with a bit of everything as there are more or less no predetermined class structre. This does lend to some indecision as to what to specialize in but in the end I went with "The most well-prepared adventurer" as my class. Knows how to use archery, how to sneak but still is able to tank out certain battles with sword and shield. Knows healing and other defensive spells and if that fails, a good knowledge of alchemy keeps my supply of potions up. Also carrying fully upgraded dragonscale armor that's personally enchanted.

So... I can be everything?

I like to play sneaky and ranged characters.

My Skyrim character was a Bow Thief.
My Commander Shepard was an Infiltrator (although this was only really fitting in ME2 when they made Sniper Rifles not completely suck as they did in ME1)

The spell slinger. Mage, wizard, sorcerer, whatever you want to call it. Because I enjoy making the laws of physics whimper in the corner.

Of course if the magic system is crappy, or it's one of those games where playing wizard means you are going to spend 90 hours dying until you level up enough... then rogue type character, preferably one focused on ranged weapons.

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