Would you lower the difficulty on a game?
yes, but only if I was having a hard time
42.1% (143)
42.1% (143)
yeah, sure
18.2% (62)
18.2% (62)
I don't mind others doing it, but I don't
32.1% (109)
32.1% (109)
it's for people who can't play videogames
7.1% (24)
7.1% (24)
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Poll: would you lower the difficulty?

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Chester Rabbit:
I've only done it once, and quite recently too in Oblivion.
I just want to finally beat this ocean of bland and not have to grind my way through this uninteresting world.

Interesting...I just walked away...strange that you felt a need to "beat" this game, I felt nothing.

I'm not averse to turning down the difficulty, I just can't temember an occasion I've needed to do it. I have walked away from games with absurd difficulty spikes though. I guess I'm more liable to just walk away unless the game is particularly compelling.

Depends entirely on the game. For games which I think will be more about the story for me than the combat and challenge (I'd class Mass Effect in this category) then I'll have the difficulty allll the way down because I'd rather experience the story fully than get frustrated and rage quit halfway through a mission.
With games where I'm playing a character in an open world, however (Kingdoms Of Amalur, Skyrim and Morrowind at the moment), I will have the difficulty higher than average to give myself more of a challenge.

I'll lower the difficulty of a game if I'm having a hard time or if I just feel like it. Most of the time, I'm playing games just as a way to relax and escape from the world for a bit and to work off my frustrations. Doesn't help if the game constantly mops the floor with me. That would just make me even more frustrated.
Recently, I've been lowering the difficulty of games when I'm new to them and I'm trying to understand the mechanics. When I feel I've gotten a better handle on things, I'll up the difficulty.

Only for the Brood Mother! that fight is just.....ugh!

I usually put my games on hard mode if I'm given the option; there's just something satisfying about beating something after dying 100 times.

Well what i'd choose isn't on the poll, which is really, if i were constantly failing but improving each time, i would not put the difficulty down, if i were failing but were only just short of winning, i would not turn it down, if i were killed close to instantly before being able to do any noticable damage, i would probably turn it down a notch, and then turn it back up after finishing.

Very, VERY rarely. I try my hardest not to, in fact I can only think of one time I've done so, and that was Devil May Cry 3. I later found out that easy mode was normal mode in Japan, so... I'm not sure how much that counts.

Captcha: Thank you. Ur, you're welcome Captcha...

I play my games on easy anyways, if I lowered it, I may destroy the universe.

roughly this, i don't enjoy getting pissed off at games and i don't enjoy wasting time taking off a buffed enemy (most times they either add more enemies or just buff the ones there, the only difficulty they are adding is cheaper hits and more HP, which in turn takes more time) so i tend to play it on easy or normal, which ever one doesn't cause me to die multiple times in fights. I tend to play games for the enjoyment of playing them, not for beating some challenge or goal i made in my head (which is fine, i've done that before, not down talking anyone who does that.)

anyone can have whatever difficulty they want to imo, as long as it doesn't hinder me playing the game in my own enjoyable way (which thanks to command consoles in rpg's, i tend to get that one way or another)

Yeah, I've done that a few times, including in Dragon Age :P If I'm just not getting how to do something after a few attempts and I'm not in the mood to come back to it later, then I have no problem doing it. Games are something I do in my free time, sometimes I like a challenge, other times not so much. I like that I get to pick and choose :)

i got sick of dying on normal mode for the witcher 2. Going from normal to easy is the biggest difficulty gap i've ever seen. I went from dying in 2-3 hits on bosses to not even having my life bar drop. I'm all for difficult game play, but death in a few hits and no in-combat potions to use just sucks the fun out of it.

If I'm repeating a section for the seventh time, then yeah I'll turn the difficulty down, but it's going back up when I get past that part. I recently started a replay of Mass Effect 1 on normal difficulty, but after a few hours I realized how terrible the combat was before the second game. So I kicked the difficulty down to casual simply so that I could spend as little time as possible in each fight. I've already beaten it on higher difficulties anyway, and I'm not really missing out on anything by doing this. I'll do veteran when I get to 2 and 3.

I am a gaming masochist. Games are to be played on infuriatingly hard difficulty settings. If you are not pressing the quick save key every 45 seconds, you are not gaming!

I jest. I know the way I game aint for everyone. I just need challenege. Lots of challenge. Start the game on insane difficulty levels and you learn to live much faster.

Currently playing through NV with hardcore on, on very hard, with blancing mods which up teh difficulty, warzones, increased wasteland spawns... Yeah. Main reason I have not beaten Torchlight is that even on Very Hard, which is depicted as for "Masochists Only" I am finding the game incredibly easy. My Alchemist just beams everything instantly, my... Destroyer? whatever the melee class is, clears out rooms in under 10 seconds.

I learnt to play WC3 on insane. Eventually you learn to survive for more than 30 minutes. The first time I managed to beat a computer I was genuinely proud.

Although I think I must say I do not enjoy Nintendohard. Never got into the old classics and I never intend to.

Once I set the difficulty at the start I usually follow it all the way. Turning it down isn't an option for me. When I started playing games changing the difficulty really wasn't an option so I suppose it came from there.

Only for Fallout 3 and the Albino Radscorpions, took too long to kill, burned your ammunition and did a fair bit of damage. Fuck those guys, and the constant mountains of SM Overlords.

I'll go for a walkthrough first in case there is something I'm not doing right. If that still doesn't help I'll lower the difficulty.

Mass Effect 1. Matriarch Benezia.

Depends on how much fun I'm having. Some days, I want a challenge. Some days, I just want to play the story, or slice fifteen people in half and feel like a badass. It all depends, but I don't always equate challenge with how much fun I have.

Playing Shogun 2 at the moment... My thoughts:

Stew Coard:
My thinking is that if it become's too hard, it is no longer fun and therefore nullifies the point of a game so yeah it's ok to do that. But what are your thoughts?

That right there. Well said.

I usually play games where I'm unfamiliar with the gameplay on Easy, and ones where I'm mostly familiar on Medium. Only if I've played a game through multiple times and am very comfortable with the play do I go up to hard.

Or Rock Band. I'm working on mastering Expert on Rock Band with guitar or vocals. Drums I play on easy, because I suck at drums.

No, I never do anything like that. In fact, I'd prefer to abandon a game entirely when it's too difficult than lowering the difficulty, or if I like the game too much for that I start again entirely and redo it all on a lower setting. Logically speaking I realise this makes no real sense, but there's no god-damn way I'm admitting defeat to a game like that. No, the shame would be too great. I'd have to commit seppuku or something.

I've only done it properly for SFIV when I started to play it and I move the slider around in TES games on my non serious playthroughs. That is because I am basically immune to physical damage thus when I am fighting melee/ranged I need it on highest. Magic damage however, just does way too much damage to my health even with my shield perk on highest setting so it goes a notch or 2 depending on my supply of potions and what is there.

It is kinda funny going for indestructible to dead in literally 5 secs against a Dwarven Centurion or Mage.

If I'm dying on normal I usually trudge along unless I get really peeved off. That fucking Kraken in Witcher 2...

Otherwise I usually jump from normal to the hardest. Usually for the achievement.

I am a gaming masochist. Games are to be played on infuriatingly hard difficulty settings. If you are not pressing the quick save key every 45 seconds, you are not gaming!

Bah! Real gamers don't quicksave. They delete their savefile if they die. :P

I generally try not to, but I have done it before and I don't feel any particular shame for having done so.

Chester Rabbit:
I've only done it once, and quite recently too in Oblivion.
I just want to finally beat this ocean of bland and not have to grind my way through this uninteresting world.

Oblivion has a difficulty setting?? o_0

I tend to start on normal and drop down if I'm getting my butt kicked. Especially if it's early in the game. Some games I go straight to easy if it's a genre I'm not particularly good at like FPS or Fighting. I like them but I don't pretend to be that good at them. lol

If it's on normal, then no. I suck it up and figure out what I'm doing wrong. I enjoy the challenge of the game, I'd rather die a few times than breeze through it in a matter of hours. If it' on hard mode and I'm slamming my head against a brick wall... then I'll usually go back to normal and work through it like that.

Last time I did that was when I was recently replaying Devil May Cry 3 and was about to put y controller through the TV screen... Beowulf on Dante Must Die. For some reason, it's *always* that boss I have trouble on.

I play games on normal. that's it. The only game that I know I've turned down the difficulty on is Deus Ex: HR. However I merely turned it down on the boss fights.. and to be honest, I don't consider those boss fights a legitimate part of the game.

I play a decent amount of games on easy, it's not that I can't play them on normal, I can even play most games on hard if I feel up to it but with some games I just want to shut my brain off and mindlessly play, not having to worry about playing the same section eight times.

I have fun beating a game, so lowering the difficulty to accomplish this task is all to common for me.

If a game is worthy of revisiting then I start to care about the challenge and the difficulty moves up accordingly.

Point is, I'd rather play a game, than put it down due to frustration.

I have never turned the difficulty down, I will play through the game once on Normal. If the game is fun enough I will play through on a higher difficulty, the satisfaction of defeating a challenging fight is a unique one.

Except for one game, StarCraft 2 on Insane. You need to cheese, winning a FFA had me massing Battle Cruiser's on a remote island. The AI just mines too fast, builds too fast etc.

I play the games as much for the challenge as for fun, so no. I persist.

I'll do it with RPGs.

other then that, I'm gonna freaking pull through it dammit. Unless you know, I've died/failed for the 100th time, and by that point, it's probably the game's fault.

yes, if im having an incredibly hard time. i actually kind of had to do this yesterday during one of the final moments of Max Payne 3. i didnt change the difficulty, but i did change the controls from free-aim to soft-aim, which made it a lot easier.

Not really, I play on either easy or normal anyway, I don't ever play on hard.

If I'm dying on normal I usually trudge along unless I get really peeved off. That fucking Kraken in Witcher 2...

Otherwise I usually jump from normal to the hardest. Usually for the achievement.

I had to retry it a few times(was playing it on Hard on my first playthrough, but I never found it overly difficult, once I knew what I was doing I could kill it without getting hit. Why do you think it's hard?

Considering I generally play games on easy/casual anyway, I chose 'sure' by default. I'll play some things on normal and if I'm really familiar with the game then I may up the difficulty but I generally prefer the easier experience to the harder, potentially frustrating one.

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