Whimsyshire - Diablo 3 version of the secret cow level

Ever wanted to murder unicorns, flowers and teddy bears in a land of happy clouds and rainbows? all you have to do is collect the following items in Diablo 3: http://d3db.com/news/id/228-whimsyshire---diablo-iii-secret-level-revealed/
and you can go to Whymsyshire, the place where dreams come true.

Restarting act 1 to get the items :)

great song choice.

Wait...that isn't the actual game?

this is glorious.

Glad to see that Blizzard does everything they can to make their games as inemmersive as possible.

i love this as a big fudge you to the people moaning about colour choice.

are these ponies and unicorns?

(for thise having problems watching the video because of gema and other idiots i'd recommend you to get ProxTube for your browser.)


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