Your Finest Gaming Hour(s)

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Vanquish: Beating all tactical challenges (yes, even number 6), as well as Godhard mode, makes me better than you. Yes, you.

Vanquish: Beating all tactical challenges (yes, even number 6), as well as Godhard mode, makes me better than you. Yes, you.

What if I've done it as well?

Medieval 2: Total War. I've been playing a recent campaign as England, and after annihilating France, Scotland and Portugal, I've ended up in the position where the Papal States hate me (and every time a Pope dies I end up being excommunicated, though I'm barely hanging onto reconciliation with the current one), and pretty much every single Catholic nation is at war with me. It probably didn't help that I managed to assassinate the first Pope after he complained about me attacking France, even though they attacked me first. My finances are a mess, and Dijon is in a perpetual state of rebellion, with me constantly having to take it back from rebels. And yet...

The last Pope decided to announce a Crusade against Rome. Yes, I hold Rome, and the Pope is currently sitting with 800 men outside Florence, while I control all of modern-day France, parts of Belgium and western Germany, and most of northern Italy (save Milan, Turin and Venice). I ended up with a meagre force of maybe 400, almost all archers and cavalry, against about four different allied armies each consisting of over 600 troops. All sitting just outside Rome, not besieging it, but just sitting there, and that was their fatal error. Using troop placement to my advantage, and getting more cavalry and spearmen to back me up after a long march from Marseille, I managed to systematically attack each enemy army in turn without them being able to use the other armies as backup, retreating back into Rome's walls whenever I finished a battle. Wave after wave of attack, and yet Rome still stood as a bastion of England's pride. I kept this up for maybe a dozen in-game years, before the Pope finally died and his successor (reluctantly) reconciled me and called off the Crusade. My finances are still meagre and I'm still at war with every Catholic nation save the Papal States, but right now my empire spans most of Western Europe, with half of Spain under my command, and is beaten in size and might only by the Mongol Hordes...

Captcha: learn the ropes. Well, it seems I've certainly done more than that... ;D

League Of Legends: Defending top tower as Garen against a Leona and a Chogath. Had under 300 HP, and the enemy was full, Chogath dived me as i used my spin attack, turret helped and I silenced him at the end of the spin, and finished him off with <100 HP. Leona then dives me and I silence her as she goes for an attack, after silencing, i spin attack and she tries to run but turret finishes her off. Epic duking and laughing.

Star Wars Tie Fighter: In an Assault Gunboat, after fighting off a full wave of Rebel X-Wing, Y-wing and A-Wing flights, A Mon-Calamari Cruiser jumps into the area. Already Critical damage, and only 2 torpedoes left I single-handedly destroyed it.

Pulling out a win when all my teammates dropped in halo 3. A four on one match.

Beating Red in Pokemon Silver.

Fighting and successfully killing a lesser demon in Runescape for the first time.

Getting gold on the All Cup Tour in Mario Kart Double Dash

Beating Primal Dialga in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. DAMN was he hard.


Vanquish: Beating all tactical challenges (yes, even number 6), as well as Godhard mode, makes me better than you. Yes, you.

What if I've done it as well?

Well, then we are better than them. All of them. Obviously.

*high five, platonic pat on the buttocks*

While using a Warrior style character (heavy emphasis on heavy armor and two handed weapons)build on Skyrim I beat a dragon to death with my bare hands.

Battering the crap out of a god with a hammer. Got to love guild wars nightfall.

Probably some insane multiplayer experiences that I don't remember. Another time is in skyrim when I was an orc barbarian character, I was low on health and there were a ton of dudes around me. I took a potion of berserker then used the berserk power and killed every bad guy, the final kill cam being a punch to the throat with my axe and then a swift decapitation.

My moments of glory were back when I played FPSs online from when I was twelve to fourteen. First it was Red Faction (the first one, and the best one too).

Those were the days. We didn't use headsets to yell at each other, so if you took the time to type anything longer than "noob" over the chat system, you'd get blasted by that guy who was inexplicably good with the rail gun. Me, I favored the assault rifle and SMG. Top three almost every free-for-all. Ahh. Nostalgic sigh.

I then played the Halo demo online for a bit. It was a thing of beauty when I went into a match named "No Shees" because if someone decided to be a smart-ass and use one of the Banshees, someone else would broadcast it, and we'd all stop shooting each other to take down the troll. Glorious. It gave me the slightest bit of hope for the internet. Especially since everyone was polite enough to type "gg" at the end of each match.

And then Xbox Live and Call of Duty came along, and it's been downhill ever since.

Getting my jedi character on star wars galaxies (before they implemented that hidden village crap). 23 professions folks. God I hated doing artisan. Oh well.

Got it all the way up to jedi. Then they revamped the system which pretty much made me feel like a chump for trying to get it. Then they did the combat upgrade and... well lets just say that's some time of my life they effectively negated in a day.

All night long Capture The Island match in the original Operation Flashpoint, with about 30 players.

Took me almost 2 hours to spot my first enemy, but damn that match was amazing.

My friend and I totally destroying this raid in WoW about to hit Undercity all 300 style. We were in eastern plaguelands and there is this one spot of the map that is a very narrow passage with two mountains on eachside.

As the raid bottlenecked in we took them all out, just the two of us. Paladin and rogue combo. Best moment in that game for me by far. That and taking out Yogg Saron before he got nerfed.

Also the occasional epic Halo moments but the slaughter in WoW was the best.

I don't recall many specific incidents, but I there's one which sticks out.

Defeating the third colossus, Gaius, in Shadow of the Colossus for the first time. While normally this wouldn't be too impressive a feat, how I beat it what made it stand out.

I discovered the sword launch trick, by accident.

Needless to say, it was one of those "I can't believe I just did that!" moments. It wasn't a scripted event either, completely done within the game's mechanics; even if was more luck than skill. Heck, to this day I still can't quite replicate it. That experience is part of what solidified SotC as one of the finest games ever made, and the adventure was still just beginning.

As for exactly what that is, the video in the spoiler below shows it off quite well:


In retrospect, I've had several more of those "I can't believe I just did that!" moments over the years in many more games; however, very rarely can I recall exactly what happens during them. The sword launch trick is both visually impressive and quite distinct, but other games usually only obtain the same effect if you understand the game's mechanics; in other words, an outside viewer wouldn't be able to understand how impressive what you did is. That and quite often I'm not even sure what happened, either due to "getting into the zone" or things being too chaotic to make any sense.

For an inverted example, I could also say I designed a through-arch bridge in S-Frame (and learned how to use that program) as part of my capstone project for my undergraduate degree... and going further into detail would only go over (almost) everyone's heads, not to mention I'd need drawing implements (and maybe hand gestures) to explain some of the more technical aspects.

As for gaming, there are many cases where people show off supposedly impressive feats in videos posted on YouTube (usually FPS montages, a genre I have only a passing interest in)... and quite often I have a hard time understanding what the heck they're talking about. If I understood more about the game mechanics (not that I care to do so), I'd see what they were seeing. Kill videos from MMORPGs (as is the case with many "World Firsts") are another good example (and a genre I understand better, even if I'm no longer interested in it), and to tell the truth they're usually very repetitive and boring to watch; playing them can be a different story, but the fact of the matter is that only the player has a clue about what he's doing (and for that matter, may be unaware of what other players he's playing with are doing).

Saint's Row 2.

Doing a random mission, chasing down some dude. I crashed my wheels a few times and I was losing the target. I will now describe the scene before me. I am approaching a T-crossing. There is a sidewalk wall directly in front of me, beyond which there is a slithering walking path going down a long-ass hill. Beyong that, an upturned T-crossing, with my target heading off in the distance. I pretty much give up, figured I'd launch myself at the wall, maybe ragdoll a little and reload the mission.

The following happens. I race towards the sidewalk wall with maximum speed. My car hits the side of the goddamn sidewalk and catapults high into the air at amazing speed, doing what must've been ten to twenty forward flips, while flying past the path on the hill. I land on all fours on the road and don't lose a lick of speed. I race down the street and gun my target down. To this day, it has been remembered as the single most awesome thing I've ever (accidentally) pulled off in a videogame.

And not a soul to witness it. Goddammit.

My finest hours were a while back,

Beating the Luca Blight boss fight in Suikoden 2 was a huge thing for me. Probably also one of the hardest boss fights of the game... if not ever. The guy takes 3 separate party's to kill.

Don't kill me - it was a long time ago OK?
But my first hat in tf2, made me feel damn good. Not exactly anything special but it was back in the time when it meant a lot, and finding one randomly made me very happy.

My first (proper) skyscraper in Sim City 2000 I think it was. Was a simple achievement but it took me a while considering this was back when I was young and activating the disasters amused me non-stop.

They probably meant more to me than anyone else.

otherwise being outnumbered nine to one in world of tanks and killing the lot of them

Hehe, happened to me once. I managed to bag 5 of them before dying. :D.

Also, playing Football Manager 2012 for the first time and winning the treble(Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, Champions League) with Bayern :D

I had a good one just this morning. I was playing a couple multiplayer matches in Shogun 2 and some guy who has a lack of etiquette instantly hit the ready button on army selection then readied up as quickly as possible when the battle started. So I wiped the floor with him and his ashigaru(crap units) army. My cav murdered the hell out of his. My bows murdered the hell out of his. My infantry murdered the hell out of his. Him with his specifically crafted army, me with my hastily thrown together amalgam of units.

However, nothing matches a 1 in 1000 sniper shot in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Defending on Rush on Isla Inocentes, I'm sniping, as I like to do and the enemy transport helicopter is flying low and directly at me. Just because I can, I take a shot at the drivers side windscreen and all of a sudden it stops and starts dropping out of the sky. Then the score starts adding up. I sniped the driver out of a fully loaded transport helicopter going full speed. I felt awesome and still rank it as my best shot ever, even nailing drivers in humvees doesn't come close.

Then there's the entirety of Dark Souls. I'm good enough to go entire levels without dying once now, and I don't even normally use a spear.

I remember that day fondly. It was my greatest moment of gaming. I was so young and fickle back then, so ready to throw the controller against the ground...

I completed Halo: Combat Evolved on heroic on my own.

Probably more impressive if it's known that I was about 11 at the time and had only played split screen co-operative with my dad on Normal up until point

And 0 fucks were given about my avatar question...*sniff*.. thanks Escapist you are all wonderful people.

Beating mario and luigi superstar sage.
Holy shit those bosses got hard i replayed that game from final boss to finish because i had such a hard time completing it.
I had to repla it like once for every fucking boss or zone.

Halo 3
Double Team

Slice 'n' Dice and a Perfection

beating FF4 on the SNES with out leveling up far enough to make Zeromus easy (low to mid 50s)

beating Devil May Cry 3 (the original, hard as nails release), felt like such a bad ass

finishing the Bloody Palace in the SE. (something i've not been able to do again since with out super mode)

beating Lucifer in SMT Nocturne

first time i beat both of Sigma's forms in Mega Man X

Out of the top of my head, finishing the new AvP game in Nightmare mode (hardest difficulty, no checkpoints) with both the Alien and the Predator, and getting the trophy in Space Marine's multiplayer for 10 times more kills than deaths in a multiplayer match.

Without a doubt my best moment in gaming was this:

I was playing Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox 360 and playing as the Demoman. Not to brag or anything, but I was pretty much carrying my team against a team of notorious, doucheriffic glitchers. I don't know how I did it, but somehow, I managed to rack up 34 kills in one life while charging head on into their team.

I suck at describing stuff like this... I guess you just had to be there.

Getting my 10 ranked wins in a row on Street Fighter 4 was nice.

Beating Super Mario Bros the lost levels after 18 years (stupid last level).

Coming first at a casual SC3 tournament during a convention in Australia I felt so badass especially as I hadnt played for so long, shame their wasnt any money (but I suppose if there was there would have been better players and I would have almost certainly lost).

I have around 5,600 hours on Runescape unfortunately.

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