Favorite and least favorite Pokemon type?

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What is your favorite and least favorite Pokemon type?

My least favorite is Bug, I mean I never use it and it just bothers me.

I think my favorite is Electric, you can do some devastaitng attacks with it

I like Psychic and Electric, incidentally, my favourite Pokemon are Espeon and Jolteon :D

Least favourite is Bug, mostly because other types can do their job better.

Except for Heracross. That pokemon is fucking awesome.

Okay seriously, WHAT is with all the Pokemon threads.
OT: I don't really have a favourite type (although Normal is pretty cool) but my least favourite is Dragon because every man and his dog uses that type to death.

Least favorite - Rock
Favorite - Fire

Favourite: Fire, Electric, Steel

Unfavourite: Bug and Rock - one bugs me, the other is just boring.

Favourite: Fire and Steel are my favourite types of Pokemon I would say.

Least favourite: Psychic and Poison types.

Favourite? Fire, psychic and fighting. All the badasses are those and the moves are awesome.

Least favourite? Ground and rock. They're useless against almost everything and if your pokemon is ground AND rock you're fucked.

Favourite is Electric, least favourite is Rock. Bug was my least favourite, but Galvantula has changed my mind on that, quite a fan of it, along with Scyther and Heracross

My favourite is fire and psychic. My least favourite is rock and poision types. I used to dislike Bug types, but once I trained them up I saw that they were pretty cool.

Favourite: I'd say Normal. Not for any particular reason, I just seem to end up training them the most.

Least Favourite: Dragon. Usually too end-game and too EXP-hungry to persuade me to use them.

Favourite: Water types with out a doubt. Most of them have a very wide ranged move pool and overall good stats.

Least Favourite: I don't really have one, but I guess I'll say Ghost since I rarely use them.

Also Bugs deserve more credit, sure they sucked during Gen 1 and didn't really show themseleves to gen 4 and 5 where they got access to stronger attacks and some really powerful combos.

Example a typical Volcarona combo (Holding Chesto Berry. Moves=Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Flamethrower and Rest.)

Spam Quiver Dance to you can spam no more, then use rest to heal any damage (Chesto Berry wakes it up) and sweep away.

Oh and I love using Shuckle.

Least favourite used to be Bug, until Gen IV. Heracross on my HeartGold team, and then Galvantula and Volcarona on my Black team changed my mind, they all kick some serious ass.
Least favourite now is probably Normal. It has a bunch of useful moves, but I don't find any Normal type Pokemon to be interesting.

Most favourites? Water and Dragon. I always choose the Water starter (except for Gen I and Gen III remakes, Bulbasaur all the way), and Dragon Pokemon always rock.

Favourite... Steel I think, just so damn tanky and generally useful.
Least favourite would probably be rock. I know there are awesome rock types out there and I'm gonna have a playthrough soon where I actually use them but I've just never been interested.

Favorite is electric, one weakness and several resistances, yes please! Two of my favorite pokemon are electric! Raichu and Galvantula!

Least favorite is Poison, almost useless really with the exception of a few.

Favourite: Electric and Fire.
Least favourite: Rock

Favorite: Ground
Least Favorite: Don't really have one, tbh. Is zubat a type?

Fighting would be my favorite type as its one of the best offensive types and punching stuff is fun.

Least favorite is normal. I mean seriously, its a type called normal. Can you think of anything more bland?

Most favourite- Psychic. I just love their huge stats toward special attack.

Least favourite- Grass. They just got too many weakeness.

Favourite is a three way tie between Fire, Dragon and Psychic
Least favourite is probably bug type.

I like Ghost the most (mostly because of this guy)


Favorite: Tie between Fire and Dark.

Least: Steel, almost never used well (exception being Metagross)

Lonely Packager:
Okay seriously, WHAT is with all the Pokemon threads.

I've noticed that too, there have been a lot of these threads recently. I'm not complaining, its just a little odd. I would'nt imagine you'd find many pokemon fans on the escapist. maybe I'm wrong.
OT: Well, I really don't like poision types. They have one strength and two weaknesses, and are pretty much useless. The only poison type in Uber is Arceus-Poison for a reason. I don't think poison pokemon should exist- the type can stay, but there shouldn't be exclusively poision type pokemon.
As for my favourite type, well, that's tricky. I really like Electric and Water types but I'd have to say Dark. Gen 5 introduced two awesome Dark types- Zoroark and Hydregion. Best bit is that Zoroark is UU, which people never expect, so you can disguise it as a fighting type to lure in a Psychic type, then get STAB super effective hits on it.

Favourite: Bugs look the coolest, but alot have terrible attacks and weaknesses (gotta love Scizor with X Scissors and Swords Dance though). I find that Fire are the most effective though. Steel is awesome as well.

Least Favourite: Normal or Ice, normal is just extremely bland and there isn't enough amazing Ice types.

My favorite would have to be fire. (I am NOT a pyromaniac ....that would be ridiculous)
I really don't have a least favorite, I like most of them all the same. :D

Best= Water
Worst= bug
No one thinks bug is the best if they do they are playing the whole thing WRONG.

Favorite type is Dark type, freaking Umbreon, Houndoom, all of the dark types are awesome really.

Least favorite would be Normal, everything other than Eevee is just dull.

Psychic Pokemon are awesome. Rock is pretty cool too.
Bug Pokemon tend to be pretty lame.

Sean Hollyman:
What is your favorite and least favorite Pokemon type?

My least favorite is Bug, I mean I never use it and it just bothers me.

I think my favorite is Electric, you can do some devastaitng attacks with it

This was the topic of my very first thread!

My favourites are bug and ground, because they tend to have my favourite pokemon such as Yanmega, Scolipede, pinsir and so on. Basically all the brutal bugs. Bugs are just fun for me. They have a cool image.

My least favourite is definetely dark. Uggggh. I don't like using them because they feel awfully plain, and I dislike their demeanor. I love more quirky dark types though, that don't particularly seem dark. Like scraggy or scrafty. They're just grumpy lil' thugs. Ironically, one of my favourite pokemon.

Double post

I tend to get the most mileage out of water types so I will go with that even though I use many different types so I will go with that as a favorite.

As for least favorite I would have to say poison because I almost never use them and the only poison type I really liked was Seviper.

I don't really have a least favorite per-say, in just about all the types I can find one that I like and enjoy. Also I like to think that any type can be handy in battle, just need to have the right strategy. But if I had to pick a type I like least... Ice. As much as I like some pokemon that come from there I still can't help but feel that the type's moves could easily be covered by water pokemon and while you do lose the STAB, you don't have to worry as much about weaknesses.

For my favorite it is(What else?) grass. While it certainly doesn't have as nice defensive capabilities as other types and it certainly isn't the best offensive... I still love it. I especially love using the status inducing effects available to it as well as it's good support abilities. It's kinda the... Cleric or White Mage so to speak.

favourite type definitely fire with honourable mentions going to electric

least favourite - grass. horribly weak pokemon type in my opinion

favorite is Electric becoz Luxray is ossum.

Least favorite probably Ground coz it nullifies my electric attacks.

Capcha: rooftop

what are you trying to say internet?... sinister.

I probably wouldn't be able to pick. I love Pokemon of all shapes and sizes. It's more dependent on how cute/cool they are.

Hands down, Fire is my favorite because it not a very common type and many Fire-types are awesome.

I have to say that Water is my least favorite solely because there are just way too many Water-types in the Pokedex and it makes up most of the roster for each Gen.

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