The last game you played + 3 lines worth of review

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Alone in the Dark (2008)
*Combat is a bit dodgy at times, but luckily avoidable when roaming Central Park, while driving is an exercise in skull-ripping frustration.
*I appreciate the attempt to continue the 1992 Carnby's story, but the generic explaination for the events at hand is fairly underwhelming, and I hate Sarah (the support character) with a passion.
*Not as bad as everyone says it is, but what could have been amazing just ended up as a disappointment.

(Still hope they make a sequel, though)

I'm pretty sure the last game I finished was Bastion.. damn, that was months ago. I need to finish my mountain of partially-completed games. But anyway, Bastion:

While I had my doubts about it the first time I tried the demo, this game absolutely blew me away once I gave it a chance. The story was great, the graphics were beautiful, the combat was smooth (and much deeper than I expected), and the soundtrack.. OH, the soundtrack. I'm listening to it right now, actually. I can't wait to replay it, I'd recommend it to everyone, even non-gamers as an introduction to gaming.

Captcha: make a bee-line

Apparently I should restart it right now. Here I go!

Diablo 3

My favorite point and click dungeon crawler with a rather surprising story twist here and there. It is basically D2 +1, but considering how many hours I lost in D2, that +1 is a HUGE deal. The addition of Inferno difficulty is also a really big deal, and it creates a very difficult endgame for players to work towards. Cannot wait for the inevitable expansion pack and Act V!

Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2.

Doesn't do anything new. However, it has a similar adventure mode mechanic to Budokai 3, which is a nice novelty. It was also good to see it use the first Tenkaichi's perpetual super forms without decreasing ki combined with the ability to actively transform. It has an even larger roster of characters, and provides that thrillingly destructive fun you no and love!

Guild Wars 2 Beta:
Interesting ideas and overall good execution.
Pretty fun PvP.
Definitely worth try.

How many times do I need to shoot these dickheads before- huh, 'Wingsticks'?
Wait, what? That was the end?

Dragon's Dogma.

The Combat is awesome.
I shouldn't have to go back to the main menu and log back in to Capcom's servers JUST to load my saved game
Just work on the environments, story, and some of the more "base" gameplay mechanics such as fast travel and you'll beat skyrim

Team Fortress 2

A really addicting class-based FREE multiplayer FPS, focused on the PC. Easy to get into, easy to learn the game, hard to master it. The fact that game's been out for near five years means that the people playing longer are able to crush the new players for a long time, combined with the possible hundreds of weapons. Some classes are difficult at first, some almost impossible to master without Spiderman reflexes, and lag still is a factor. But it gets better.

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

Smooth graphics and balanced gameplay, every battle a double battle allows for more strategy then normal pokemon games. Limited choice of pokemon however and the storyline doesn't feel as... dark as Pokemon Colosseum. Enemy team is larger threat then Team Rocket (not surprising.)

LoL (League of Legends)
A good team based game
Community drags it down
With friends you'll be fine

Bonus points for haiku?

Happy Wheels

OH MY GOD THAT WRECKING BALL ALMOST KILLED ME. Oh fuck! I just got killed by a minefield. Why? Why put that there? What kinda twisted person puts a harpoon next to a spike strip omg I'm dead there's blood and chunks of me everywhere. In other words, it's hilariously fun.

Devil Survivor 2
It has a great story with very enjoyable characters with several mysteries, the combat is fun and addictive and the demon creating is deep and strategic. The game is great and the writing is excellent.

Uncharted 3

This is a game that largely succeeds in about a million little ways, but fails in a few big ways. The gameplay is all very fun and perfectly functional, but the story takes a few odd beats that makes the whole game feel a bit off. For example, the section with the best action in the game has absolutely nothing to do with the story, and the story ends just before it has a chance to really go somewhere. Still, a very good game overall.

Battlefield 2 (yes 2)

Game (Shooter)

Pokemon Black Version (2011).

A new set of 150 Pokemon, some questionable, but some amazing, as all generations have.
The plot has some meat to it now, making it fresh and...well, actually a story this time.
Graphical upgrades, moving battle sprites, and more; all we're missing is fully rendered 3D.

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

Smooth graphics and balanced gameplay, every battle a double battle allows for more strategy then normal pokemon games. Limited choice of pokemon however and the storyline doesn't feel as... dark as Pokemon Colosseum. Enemy team is larger threat then Team Rocket (not surprising.)

Yeah, Pogeymans *Brofist* That's exactly how I felt about it.

Tales of Graces F, which I'm only a few hours into, but here are early impressions. I can't limit myself to three lines, but I can manage three main points.

* Changes to the typical combat system that remove MP and introduce more tactical decision making = win.
* Yet to see expected subversions of genre tropes, but the actual handling of characters is impressive. This Asbel kid is among the better JRPG protagonists I've seen this generation.
* Motoi Sakaruba is really getting lazy with this series, but at the same time, his music is still far too intense where it needn't be. Not to mention, the sound quality of these synths hasn't improved since the late-90's.


Good platforming, good puzzles, good aesthetics, and generally fun. However the game tries too hard to be deep and meaningful and it kind of fails at it. The one sentence of plot the game has isn't even explained in the game and if you don't read the synopsis then you're kind of left going "What the fuck?" at the end.

Dues Ex, Human Revolution.

Human Revolution throws into a world torn right down the middle, forcing you to ask deep philosophical questions about technology and where we should draw the line, and that's only the background. The combat is fluid, the characters are colorful, the argument sections will have you gripping your seat, desperately wondering which reply is correct, and all comes together to create one of the best games of 2011.

I can't remember the last time I finished a game... Um... Well, to my memory, the last game I played that I remember beating is Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 2 is a masterful expression of fear, perhaps the finest since the classic Nosferatu. I know this is a game, but the game doesn't matter. The game didn't scare me whatsoever. It was all in the brilliant, life-changing, intelligent, original, shocking story, which makes it the best piece of fiction ever, in my eyes.

Super Monday Night Combat

Imagine Dota (Or Dota 2). Now take the interesting mold of the game/genre (Turrets, "Ancients", escorting minions, multiple classes, leveling etc), and make the combat not-boring (TPS Action) and give the gameplay a MUCH faster pace. Now give it a well-realized hyper-consumerist setting that justifies all the silly hats and costumes, give it great color commentators (literally) and make it free-to-play. That's SMNC.

Paper Mario

A somewhat simplified turn based RPG that doesn't feel monotonous or boring with the inclusion of quicktime attacks. On the surface, it seems rather childish and innocent, but underneath it all is a game with a rather dark sense of humor (well, that mostly applies to The Thousand Year Door, but it still applies here... sorta). Over all, damn good game that you should play... NOW!


An interesting setting wasted by its adherence to the status quo, trial-and-error combat, and its own laziness. The alternate interpretation history lessons are amusing; part of the game is figuring out which legendary figure from history you're fighting, and it's also nice that you can choose between three different figures yourself, with their own stories, but the guesswork gameplay just doesn't hold it. Still finished it, though.

Luminous: Tower Defense. (Or Luminous TD)

This game is an iOS title (though I believe it is also on Android) that's an open-field Tower Defense with vivid colors and a good bit of personality. Luminous TD has easy to understand but varied mechanics, over a dozen types of weapons, (not counting upgrades) great visual and audio design as well as a bit of personality from the banter between the human defences and the boastful but silly alien overlord. I try to support developers of good games like this, so I bought a couple of the bonus packs even though the game is free and you don't need to buy anything once you get the hang of good long-term strategies. (levels can have over 35 waves)
There's no reason to not give it a go.

Aris Khandr:
Because this is how my brain does three line anythings:

Super Street Fighter IV

Feels like classic game
Joy through adversary
Victory eludes

So close to being a Haiku.

Battlefield 2 (yes 2)

Game (Shooter)

People still play bf2?

Frets On FireIx

So much better than Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

Saints Row the Third

Holy balls this game is fun.
It lacks the detail of the GTA games, but I've really had a blast playing it.
Name one other game when you can roll around in a giant ball of yarn blowing shit up.

Saints Row: the Third

I never was interested when it came out, but when it went on a steam sale recently, I thought, "people seem to like it, so it's probably worth $17"
I was blown away by how much fun this game was, and how surprisingly fun the characters are.
Even after finishing the missions, it is still a very fun game to just waste time messing around in.


The Vasari Kostura Cannon will always beat the TEC Railguns! All will become 'Valued Citizens' of the Vasari Empire!

But the TEC Rebel Titan is literally just a massive space cannon :'D

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Another great game that could have been if it weren't for shoddy level and quest design, deplorable combat, underutilized characters and a story that only had the makings of something that could have been much better. Opposite to the running trend, the ending was actually much better than the rest of it.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

This turn-based strategy RPG is quite fun. However, it's RIDICULOUSLY grindy; your characters can reach a max level of 9999, while the main game ends at about Lv. 100. The art style is great and there's a lot of variation in the different types of units. It can be pretty funny at times, too. However, the DLC can be a bit expensive, though it's all extras. If you don't mind the grind (lol rhyme), seriously consider picking it up.

Far Cry 3.

Africa. Fire. Expats, mercenaries and arms dealers - the whole lot. Shooting brown people. Rusty weapons breaking down in your hands. Diamonds. More fire. It's a pretty game with decent mechanics, non-linear and all, but driving around in the vehicles gets old fast and it's one of the worst parts. More brown people getting shot and fire.


Battlefield 2 (yes 2)

Game (Shooter)

People still play bf2?

On a regular basis. It has aged sort of well, it's still very fun compared to modern games.

ArmA 2, Specifically Day Z

One of the harder games out today with a steep learning curve. After you understand the mechanics of the game you quickly learn to survive longer than the 30 minute average. It is one of the more tense games I've played because in addition to the zombies, you have to worry about other players. I highly recommend picking it up as it is definitely worth the 30 dollar asking price.

The Old Republic

Gameplay works well, this is doubly so for melee classes.
MMOness gets in the way of this being a truly perfect game, you will pick up endless grind quests.
Story is normal Bioware fare of awesome and a lot of shades of grey (surprising in a Star Wars setting)

This is a very interesting forum thread concept. I hope to see more of these :D

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Addition

To be honest, I'd rather review something else. Not because Minecraft: Xbox 360 Addition is bad, far from it, but because everybody already knows about this game. I will say that the splitscreen is a simply perfect idea, as is the streamlined crafting system; there's nothing like playing with friends who don't have a clue, on a single copy of the game, and everyone enjoy it.

9/10 (Top scoring game)

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