Games you hate that everybody else likes

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Braid. I really don't get what everyone sees in it -- it's Mario with a shoehorned in reversal mechanic. All flash and no substance.

I like puzzles, for one thing, and it was all worth it for that ending.

OT: I played "FATE" YEARS before Torchlight came out, and when I bought it on recommendation, I was surprised and dismayed to see that Torchlight is literally steampunk FATE with guns.

Still fun, worth the fifteen bucks. It just underwhelmed me, considering how everyone else seems to think its the best thing since Diablo 2 (FATE and Titan Quest were better, methinks).

I.. don't even know where to begin..

I mean I actually find it surprising people are able to answer this question with just one or two games. Really, there's just a few games "everyone" (notice the quotation marks please) loves but you hate? You're lucky.

I'm not trying to be indie or something, but there's way too many for me to even list. I must be so jaded these days. Maybe I get caught up on little things and "hate" too quickly. But those little things tend to matter to me more than others, I suppose. I'm like a much less cynical Yahtzee.




ninja me will you....

you know what my problem with the few bethedesa games Ive played it?...its like they just don't get it

like they think its enough to just stick you in a big world and say "here you go, your playing an RPG now" and for some it is, but for me it really isnt

to try and explain...I recently dusted off Fallout 3 and while I like that game and think its a million times better than oblivion (*hurk!*) I noticed some of those old bethedesa things creeping in

like the minute I step out of the vault and enter megaton...everyones more than willing to get me to do jobs/run their errands when it makes no logical sense other than "well...your the PC arnt you? and this is an RPG?" for crying out loud I'm fresh out of a vault and already discussing disarming megatons bomb....I mean its like they have the basic parts for an RPG but don't bother fitting them together

compared to Fallout NV on the otherhand...everything makes sense and gels together, the side quests are all conected to the grand scheme of things (not to mention the charachters are better) THAT is a shining example on how to make an RPG... and it makes sense for my charachter to do all thease things

You should try Morrowind. The quest lines make a lot of sense, they're given to you because of who you know, not because of who the character is controlled by. Guild membership, that sort of thing. Daggerfall had a lot of people offering random quests, but they really were random oddjobs, and you got the feeling that the world was crawling with adventurers who were willing to do things like kill tigers that had gotten into people's apartments or go into some old ruins to retrieve a specific item for money.

Problem is Morrowind has the worst combat mechanics in known history.

You've never played Elder Scrolls 2, have you? It's exactly the same, but with literal mouse-swings required.

For the record, that wasn't "the worst" battle system either. By level four, I'm usually landing three quarters of my swings.

I'd have to say Halo and gears of war for me. Not to say that I hate them,but I feel they're over-hyped, and not as good as most people rail on about.


Nearly all the zeldas (I love link to the past though)
Chronotrigger (Blasphemy!!)
Dead Rising (Racist against americans even though nobody wants to admit it)
Final Fantasy 8 (I'm not really alone in this one though...)
Any open world wrpg where you stomp through a bunch of empty open fields (Skyrim, Fallout etc)

Dead Rising racist? What the fuck?

I ignored that part because he said against Americans since American isnt a race I just chalked it up as a stupid post.

The question is in the Title. What games do you hate that everybody else likes?
I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I absolutely HATE the Zelda games. I've tried playing multiple ones, and they just got boring very quickly. Also the new Pokemon games. Gens 1-3 were fun but I didn't find gen 4 to be very good, and quit around the time of the fourth gym battle.

Whilst I don't hate Zelda or Pokemon games themselves, people who obsess over them irate me as they can't justify a reason why they're so great, and I can't fathom how people at the age of 25+ are still buying new installments every time, or why they're getting such high reviews.

Ok, Ocarina of Time was amazing in its day, and really took 3D action adventures to a new level, but since then it's been basically the same thing. I liked Wind Waker to a point, but it's eventually just felt a bit disjointed and outstayed its welcome.

Also, I'm sick of the 'themed caves' in every installment. Can we please have something different?

Similarly, again, I just DON'T understand why people love Pokemon. Again, yes, the first one was addictive as a child, but why, oh why would you go through the same game again and again and again?

I revisited with Pokemon Silver, and then I think it was Ruby or whatever on the DS, and found the games just didn't go in any new direction. So much time wasting on training up and collection alterations of previous monsters. Turning a 10 hour game into a 50 hour one.

Finally, a reason I guess to dislike the games, are that they don't tackle any form of deep story from what I've seen. It would be great to have more motivation than 'win a tournament' or 'save the princess'. And, no, the fact that they're supposedly aimed at kids (which totally explains why older people are still obsessed over them) doesn't justify that. Studio Ghibli's films are engaging for their darker storytelling with greater levels of depth. Why don't Nintendo do the same?

Ironically, many people whom love these games will be the first to criticize the next Call of Duty or Battlefield for their supposed oversaturated, stagnant and mediocre gameplay.

Sorry, double post!

OMG triple post! My internet went haywire for a moment. Pls delete posts if need be.



Braid. I really don't get what everyone sees in it -- it's Mario with a shoehorned in reversal mechanic. All flash and no substance.

I thought the ending was pretty brilliant. Nothing Mario could've pulled off.

I think the problem is that you need to get to the ending. It's like selling a book by saying "it's fantastic if you just slog through to the last few pages".

Personally, I quite like Braid as a gimmicky puzzle-platformer. But I've already given up reading the story bits because the writing made me want to harm small animals. Not my thing, I guess.

Out of interest, is the ending good because of story-stuff or gameplay-stuff?

If you AT LEAST know that Tim is looking for the girl (as you should), you're all set. Gameplay-stuff.

EDIT: I agree on the story bit. That was waaay too pretentious for me to get through.

WoW, competitive multiplayer regardless of what badge and skin they've put on it, DOTA games, turn-based anything, stuff like that.

I have never truly hated a game. I can't! I love each and every one of them so much. Whether its Sneak King and Shadow The Hedgehog, or Mass Effect and Half Life, I can be entertained it.



Also *raises flame shield* Team Fortress Two. As I said above, I'm not a big shooter guy, but I found it mind-numbingly dull. I played about six hours of it, and every game just seemed to be a war of attrition, with each team throwing themselves at the other in an attempt to gain ground and never really getting anywhere.

*puts on glasses and pulls out walker*
back in my day Tf2 was a great team based game that was fun to play, well ballanced and didnt have many douchy players or noobs. Then they introduced HATS ad it all started going downhill.
first came Mountains of hats, then they added an ingame store so you could by hats (and otehr things) then they made the game free to play, allowing any hat obcessed noobs cloging up our once proud servers.

drifts of into further rants about "the good old days" then falls asleep

I'm so sorry, my friend. This sounds truly horrifying.

EDIT: Just realised that in an earlier post you said that you don't like Starcraft 2. All sympathy is redacted, I have nothing more to say.

Good day to you sir.

World Of Warcraft - I disliked it before it was cool to dislike it.
Diablo 1 & 2 - Its not difficult and you just click buttan lots. Boring gameplay boring story.
Starcraft 2 - Imbalanced, out of date graphics, went no where with the genre. it took 7 years to make? really?

Austin Howe:


Austin Howe:
Well it's kind of unfair to mention entire series which aren't even trying to placate me to begin with, so my big one is probably Final Fantasy X. I don't just hate it. As opposed to the way I feel about many games I hate, I honestly think it's a shit game. Namely because the story is awful, which is a shame because the soundtrack and gameplay are both really great.

i loved the story. you are, of course, entitled to you opinion but i got far more emotionally attached than i did with final fantasy 7. at the very least i found it much better than final fantasy 12

Damn near everything is better than FFXII. Of course, unlike most bad FF's, it's not a travesty of design and writing, a spectacle of bad decision making, it's just ridiculously boring. And it ends in the middle of the story.

in 12, the combat didnt work half the time (characters would get stuck in the healing animation but never actually cast the spell). the writing was almost as bad. there seemed to be no character development at all and i didnt care about anyone. cool one liners from balthier arent a replacement for character development. i remember him casually mentioning that he used to be a judge and then its never brought up again. really...? that doesnt seem like something youd want to go in to a little further?

Final Fantasy VII. While the game is ok, it is undoubtedly overrated. The story is not too great and the plot is pretty much predictable from disc 1. The main characters is either complete morons or cliché emos. At several points I just want to punch them in the face and tell them how dumd they are. The controls on the original was so stiff and it was sometimes painful to move at some areas. Also, several of the areas you visited was so boring, like mount Nibel.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. The dialogues is a prime example of one of several reasons why the game fails. They are so boring, always repeats themselves and are unsinkable. Having to do several puzzels over and over again, then die and having to do them all all over again was dreadfull (looking at you, water temple). The characters are not only dumb as barndoors, but so 2D it´s amazing. Ganondorf is the best example here. He is so cliché as a villian it is pretty much funny. The bosses where easy, too. It was obvious what you where supposed to do and what weapon you had to use and that pretty much destroys the whole point of making them epic looking. Also, the getting the master sword scene (both before, during and after) was amazingly boring.

My oppinions are still the same.

Any MMO. Any 5vs5 action-rpg competitive multiplayer. Starcraft/Warcraft. Red Orchestra 2.

Skyward Sword it felt like the world had no flow to it since none of the areas are connected which made traveling a chore. Also the motion controls were used way too much which wouldn't be a problem if they were just simple jestures like in twilight princess. Finally, Fi is possibly the most annoying side character ever devised.

Well, I have encountered a few people that liked the first Dead Rising. I just couldn't be bothered playing it after I found out about how it was timed and one big escort quest. Plus the shooting mechanics were crap, and of course they throw in the whole taking pictures aspect, which would be fine if they got rid of the time limit.

I know that there is an unlimited time mode, but of course that is stupidly locked behind the fact that I would have to beat the timed game first. I for one think that is "bass ackwards". The unlimited time should be what you are given and then once you beat the game and have fun with that, they give you the timed mode for the challenge "if" you are the type of person that wants to play it that way. I'm of the idea that fun and ease of play should always come first before challenge. Some might find the challenge fun, but people like me couldn't care less.

I really don't like time mechanics being a major part of games in the first place. It's why I also hated Zelda: Majora's Mask. The reason I like other Zelda games is that while having an interesting world to explore and interact with, they also give me the ability to do everything at my own pace. I can't very well do that if I'm having to rush through the game because I only have three days(which wasn't actually three real days), and having to do things over again if I'm not able to set things right and save the things I will need in the next cycle.

I also hated Zelda: Phantom Hourglass because of that horribly repetitive timed temple, though I feel I'm in the majority on hate for that game. It's hilarious and sad to know that if that temple wasn't in the game, I would have completed the game and most likely put in near the top of my list of favorite Zelda game. Wind Waker was the best, they would have to work pretty hard to recreate that awesome game, and also make it fresh.


On topic, I never understood the hype behind blizzard games.

The only Blizzard game I've really played is WoW. So I will explain that one, at least from my kind of perspective. As with most MMO games, for me, since I tend not to play them with anybody or team up, it is the little work that it takes to gather and collect things. For me, MMO tend to turn into almost instant gratification and collection simulator. I like to collect things I find interesting and sometimes they don't even have to be useful.

I also was big in just acquiring cool looking armor sets.

Heck, I never used milk, but for some reason I stockpiled glasses of milk in my bank. Now that I look back at it, I get a kick out of it because of the thought of storing hundreds of glasses of milk in a bank vault.

So that's how I was with Blizzard and WoW. It's right up there with my bank in Star Trek Online, in which I store Romulan Ale and other rare beverages. Though I don't collect armor, because all body armor and side equipment looks downright stupid in that game, because of the canon of the franchise. So while I still wear the armor and power kits, I turn off the visuals for those, so I can play the game looking as I should for the IP, in a traditional Starfleet uniform from the TNG movie era(because it's free, looks good and not stupid like the Starfleet uniform made for the time period of the game).

Call of duty
Diablo 3
Mario bros
Word of Warcraft
Mass effect 3 ( 1+2 were good because no origin)

the amount of butthurt in this thread...its wonderful

This thread is making my head hurt so much. Well, it's really just the people saying the game they didn't like must be shit because they didn't like it. Oh wells.

OT: I do concur that FF1 was extremely fucking impossible to play without the manual.

Jeffrey Crall:
This thread is making my head hurt so much. Well, it's really just the people saying the game they didn't like must be shit because they didn't like it. Oh wells.

its nice to be angrey and poke peopel with sticks at times

the amount of butthurt in this thread...its wonderful

butthut is like the oposite right? " dont like the game because you SUCK! NER!"

as for me...some of us just can't leave things alone :P

I do love nintedo bashing cathartic

It will always be Bioshock for me, played through it twice because I thought I must have just missed the genius the first time around. All those reveiwers can't be wrong right?

so your that mythical figure who is the one who sets all standards on good and bad?

weather or not eather of us like Bioshick..those reveiwers werent wrong

I wouldn't call it hate, but I pretty much suck at using guns in video games so I didn't have fun with Mass Effect or Fallout NV.

Thankfully they were on sale but still wasted money on my part.

Have to add WOW, Bioshock, Final Fantasy any.... and Mass Effect

Oh and any Halo, boring and have no feel to any of the weapons etc.

If you have to play a game to the end to get any kind of enjoyment That is like saying "Oh yay the game is over! I am happy cause I do not have to play this game anymore! WOOHOO!"

While I sort of agree and usually hate that excuse too, each level of Braid has different time travel mechanics and the original post implied he had only played the first level which is like 15 minutes. Thats not to say that the game is for everyone. I found it way too short and found some of the levels boring honestly.

I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I absolutely HATE the Zelda games.

Did you play both the 2D and 3D kinds? The basic gameplay concepts are the same (get Items from dungeons and use them to get to other dungeons) but the executions are entirely different. I mean its fine not to like either, but they actually handle very differently.

OT: KOTOR and Dragon Age. I suppose I cannot blame the games as they are in the same genre, so it may just be me not liking the genre. I always find myself getting very bored with them.

Hate is a strong word and it doesn't really apply in this case. I enjoyed The Witcher 2 too much to hate it, but I found it played inadequately and had its moments of sheer frustration and the story left me wanting up until the end. Certainly not worthy of the praise I've seen heaped upon it.

Also, hate doesn't apply at all in this case but The Elder Scrolls has been lost on me. Perhaps I find this one overrated more than anything...

There are few games I explicitly hate, and those are ones that are pretty much considered pure solid shit by most everyone anyway...

I just can't take the people who said "Half Life 2's story was bad" seriously.

I don't "hate", just generally disagree with every single final fantasy game I've played (which I believe is up to 3-present) apart from dissidia, but that was a completely different game.

Morrowind. I found it to be a boring chore, But that's just me.

This thread again, eh?

God of War. It's an insult to mythology, and it's a boring hack and slash. But it's still probably on the better end of shitty boring hack and slash games. It looks nice too.

Braid. Shit puzzler for hipster 'Games are Art' figurines. Boring music for a non-story about someones sibling trapped in another castle.

Any FPS on the Playstation, sorry, but the controller isn't made for shooters.

Left 4 Dead series/Portal.... seriously, fuck Valve for not making a full real single player game in over 10 years... 2004 = 8 years... my bad.

I wouldn't say hate, but any big FPS (With the exception of Halo games, if only for the couch multiplayer) bores me really quikly. Just not my type of game, I guess.

This thread again? REALLY? I guess you knew that you could look up other threads about it but you just HAD to have your spin on it. You aren't a special snowflake OP, this thread will drift off into Eternalnothingness (a PUN :D)and nobody will remember it until someone makes another one, and so goes the cycle.

I don't see the point of hating a game. Hate requires too much effort, and a game that I don't like to play doesn't deserve my energy. Why not.....ignore it? I think Catherine is a pretentious and stupid game, but I don't hate it. Its just a game I don't want to play that I can understand some people liking. Unless its clearly offensive then I don't see the need to warrant hate.

3 reasons for people "hating" a game I see on here

1. They're bad at them
2. They cannot grasp that other people might like other genres
3. Its fun to jump on board the hipster train and circle jerk insults to make yourself feel better

So enough "durrr, I hate Bioshock and I don't see what the hype was about. I'm cool and hip like you guys right?" because its been ground into our faces so hard at this point that you just look silly.

There really should be a filter for this kind of repeated threads.

OT:I couldn't get into KoTOR much.That is about it

The question is in the Title. What games do you hate that everybody else likes?
I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I absolutely HATE the Zelda games. I've tried playing multiple ones, and they just got boring very quickly. Also the new Pokemon games. Gens 1-3 were fun but I didn't find gen 4 to be very good, and quit around the time of the fourth gym battle.

Thank God I'm not the only one! I've really tried with Zelda, but I just can't seem to get into any of them. I guess it would've helped if I'd played them as a child, maybe? I don't care about the characters much, the stories never quite grip me, the music and graphics aren't very good... Nope, sorry ^^;

Another one is Assassin's Creed. I WANT to like them, and I've started playing the 1st and 2nd from the beginning many times, but they do nothing for me and I just lose interest. The graphics are amazing, though!

Final Fantasy VII

Just feels like a generic JRPG with typical anime story/characters and only okay gameplay. I feel like people only like it at this point due to nostalgia but whatever maybe everyone else sees something in it that I don't.

Also Skyrim, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, and the original Mass Effect.

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