Preferred method of assasination

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So in some games, you can assasinate people either stealthily, or not-so stealthily. Be it a stabbing, silently slit throat, well placed sniper shot, or maybe even a bow.

But what's your preferred method? I love stabbing and slitting throats. Dishonored looks perfect :D

I love me some sick close quarter moves. The Krav Maga in Splinter Cell Conviction is especially brutal.

One that stands out for me though is in AC when you dig the short blade into someone's skull and has that distinctive 'crack'.

I would like to say that I love stealth moves, sneaking up behind someone and slitting their throat, however I suck at it, so it usually turns out, I sneak behind them, they hear me coming a mile away and I have to hack them to pieces with a sword.

Stealth moves are great, especially when the target doesn't see it coming, but my favourite one would have to be from Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Waiting underneath the ice until a gaurd walks over to where you are and then jumping up through the ice, grabbing him completely unaware and killing him. Sure it's noisy and lacks finesse, but it's awesome anyway.

well, I've just recently been playing Gears of War I & II, and what I find most pleasant is picking up the sniper and noscoping them in the head. That sound they make when it explodes has the same effect as a stress ball.

The ones in Arkham Asylum where you drop down from the gargoyles and let the bad guys hang there. Sure, Batman knocks em out instead of assassinating, but it's the best

Last month I might have said a nice close quarter throat slice. But just recently with 2 players in Battlefield 3 and with 4 in Ghost Recon I've had a ton of fun with simultaneously silenced rifle kills.

The ones in Arkham Asylum where you drop down from the gargoyles and let the bad guys hang there. Sure, Batman knocks em out instead of assassinating, but it's the best

The only thing better is if you prep the area with the explosive gel. So when everyone runs over to watch the guy flailing on the line, BOOM!

In a way that looks like an accident: Dropping chandeliers on people, locking people in saunas etc.

It's just more elegant somehow.

Drowning somebody in boiling water.

It seems like a great way to add extra injury to injury :P

Plus I'm curious which would kill them first...

Oh wait, you said in video

I guess...swords?

One of the takedowns in Deus Ex HR, the one where you tap on someones shoulder and then punch them in the face when they turn around.

You could argue that it's non-lethal, but if Jensen can punch through walls, he can surely beat your brainpan into bonepowder.

a sniper rifle
call me cheap/ a coward but the best way to assassinate somebody is without your target knowing it.

Poetic Justice:
My vigilante alter ego.

But in video games, either sniper rifle or use my imagination.

Silenced Sniper Rifle if it's in public and outside, PSG-1 or Dragunov with a well placed shot to the head or heart.

If they're inside or asleep somewhere I think a fast-acting poison would be good, doesn't make much noise such as gagging or coughing or screams of pain and seems natural at first.

Either way stealth just seems really professional.

Well, I like to blow 'em sky fucking high. Stylish (as in, when you walk away with your back to a huge 'splosion), yet merciful (you don't exactly suffer a lot when you get blasted to smithereens). Not very discreet, sure, but who gives a fuck. All assassins got a death wish anyway.

captcha: klatu barada nikto
Hey, isn't that from that one movie with the robot?

Getting up close and personal can be fun, especially when it all goes down silently and unknowningly like Hitman.

Course, hitting them from afar can be rather pleasing too but nothing is quite as enjoyable as stalking your kill for a while and then ambushing him when he least expects it.

I've always been a fan of guile. Why kill them yourself when you can bribe / threaten / force pursuade / seduce / trick their best henchman into killing them for you?

In Skyrim I prefer backstab, it gives me X30 damage and I have full pickpocket so I can steal their armour before and just in case, plus it's more impressive to get up close and still manage to kill unseen

I preffer the "quiet before the kill" approach, where you sneak up very silently up on your target before taking them out in the most extravagant and unsubtle way the situation allows.

like a battle-axe or something, gotta be sure it's dead.

In the gravelly words of J.C. Denton

"I like to pick 'em off at a distance. I'll take the rifle."

If you're going to kill someone. Kill 'em right. There is no kill like overkill.

Airstrike. Preferably MOAB.

Throwing knives and axes and also getting in close and stabby. I love the melee kills and throwing knives in Hitman: Blood Money. Also the Batman gargoyle thing. And the stealth kills in Tenchu:Wrath of Heaven.

Thinking of Skyrim my favourite method was dual daggers normally, I was a very sneaky guy and I'd use the bow to pick off a straggler or an enemy that could see me or to make a distraction while I slipped through. Then I'd use the daggers, slitting throats and slipping through the net.

Dagger probably, bow was good fun though. Silenced sniper rifle on Fallout NV was fun.

Poison is the way to go - either a poisoned dart or dropping a nice little sweet apple into the pockets of a guard that is bleeding from his knee for some odd reason. Damn archers.

One or two well placed shots at a distance. Moving in close only complicates things without any sort of increase in efficacy. This is assuming the only objective is to kill a single target and there is nothing that must be recovered, stolen or obtained. Alternatively, sometimes it's just good to blow everything up. Overkill is highly underrated.

"They never saw it coming". Maybe close and personal - a knife in the back while dressed as the victim's bodyguard, but preferrabl even cleaner than that - poison, accident, a remote detonated bomb - anything that would let me escape without much hassle once I have a head start and no clues leading to myself.

Make it look accidental. Join in with the shocked crowd where possible. "Oh no, this poor fellow seems to have fallen over a 6ft high wall and 50ft down off of a bridge to his death. What are the odds?"

I would be a little less... stylistic, and eliminate my targets in a melee fight to the death. The act of silently killing an unaware person is extremely unlikable for me. It just makes me feel weak and cowardly.

I've always been a fan of sniping. The appeal of being a mile away and still having the power to make somebody's head asplode at will is endless to me.

Other than that, you can't go wrong with explosions. :D

I like games that let you set up traps; poisoned wine, car bomb, etc. Not a lot of games have those options, which is why I love Hitman.

Whenever I'm given the opportunity, I go for the stealthy kills. There's really nothing that's as satisfying as clearing a room full of baddies and walking out without having any of them noticed that they were being picked off one by one.

I'm hoping Dishonored will scratch that itch come October.

Take them down, non-lethaly and silently, drag them to somewhere safe, and put them out of their misery.
I loved that about Human Revolution.

Poison. It allows you to be far away from the target when he dies, making sure that know one will notice you. Especially involving high profile targets.

One thing I really like to do in DE:HR is nock a guy out, put him somewhere where others won't see him and then cap him in the head with a silenced pistol. In Skyrim there is this move where you're holding your dagger like your about to stab someone, and then stab your enemy in the neck, It's pretty sweet.

The end of this year looks just fantastic for assassin game fans (like myself). We have the latest Assassins Creed, which I think looks amazing. A new Hitman game (about fucking time), and Dishonored is also shaping up to be something special.

O/T I recently did a playthrough of Blood Money where I could kill as many people as necessary between me and the target, and there was no limit to the number of bodies discovered. The only rule I did impose was that I could only kill with a pistol shot to the back of the head, or a sniper round. There's just something so cold about an execution style round to the back of the head. Looking forward to trying the same in the new game. [/psychopath]

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