Preferred method of assasination

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Something about coldly, skillfully gunning down the target just appeals to me.

One of the takedowns in Deus Ex HR, the one where you tap on someones shoulder and then punch them in the face when they turn around.

You could argue that it's non-lethal, but if Jensen can punch through walls, he can surely beat your brainpan into bonepowder.

I agree. On a related note, how do people still think that Superman doesn't kill people. Punching someone hard enough to lift them into the air and a few feet into a wall would mean their chest cavity would be flat as a pancake...

In Skyrim I prefer backstab, it gives me X30 damage and I have full pickpocket so I can steal their armour before and just in case, plus it's more impressive to get up close and still manage to kill unseen

Also this.

I just went throughout the entirety of Wolfskull Cave when

and wasn't seen once. Even when picking off the ones in the circle at the top of the little tower. Fun fun!

In a way that looks like an accident: Dropping chandeliers on people, locking people in saunas etc.

It's just more elegant somehow.

Indeed. I was going to say swapping a stage pistol with a working model.

Accidental Massacre. For example, rigging the house to go up in flames killing everyone with the target.

I like those kinds of eliminations.

Combine Rustler:
Well, I like to blow 'em sky fucking high. Stylish (as in, when you walk away with your back to a huge 'splosion), yet merciful (you don't exactly suffer a lot when you get blasted to smithereens). Not very discreet, sure, but who gives a fuck. All assassins got a death wish anyway.

captcha: klatu barada nikto
Hey, isn't that from that one movie with the robot?

Not satisfying unless you pull out a detonator and push the button though...

OT: I love me some melee kills. Multi kills also make me feel warm inside. Now, double melee assassination.... such a high.

Oh! I just remembered another one, but it's not from a video game.

Playing the Shadowrun Tabletop RPG, I had an explosives expert, and setting up for assassinations (among other things) and then seeing a well planned out chain of events play out to perfection was just so damned satisfying. :D

Hitman: Contracts... the Seafood Massacre... double headshot from across the alley through the chinese restaurant window...

I really hope absolution kicks ass

Well, my favorite method in Splinter Cell is to send Pikmin at my enemies. Never see it coming.

Honestly, knife. Whether it be in Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, or Metal Gear (minus the knife outside of MGS3), I don't like wasting resources. I need to get up close and make it personal. Very, very personal.

Accidents, or surprises like Jensen bursting out of the wall behind you and dragging you back, or Batman hanging you from a gargoyle. Also sniper rifles are nice for when you don't want to stealth through a skyscraper.

Amazing thread. I myself prefer messing with my target before killing or knocking them out. Like I will make sounds to freak out my target so he walks over to where I made the sound, then just keep on doing it to scare/annoy him, then when he shrugs it off I finish him.
Love the gun mags in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Edit: At a longer range I prefer a shot to the leg to wound him (games that don't have systems like that disappoint me) then get up close and enjoy a nice cinematic finisher.

Nuking them from orbit. After all, its the only way to be sure.

Just get behind 'em and slit their throat.

Either silenced sniper rifle shot in unison with far off explosion or stealth neck snap. It really depends on the situation.

bow and arrow, but not in the open field. like in a town/city enclosed in stone walls.

Anything that ends up with a jump into a haystack.

I've always been a fan of guile. Why kill them yourself when you can bribe / threaten / force pursuade / seduce / trick their best henchman into killing them for you?

But Guile doesn't do any of those things. He mostly just punches people in the face.

Pre-Industrial? The only reliable method is getting close and opening up the jugular and trachea,in my experience. Post-industrial,we have options. Anything remote,but easily controlled is preffered,with remote explosiives (I turned the Gammorah into a fiery pit with a hundred pounds of smuggled C4),an extreme range weapon,such as a sniper rifle,preffereably with a supressor,or,failing all that,get closer with a quiet weapon,from knives to supressed firearms. Quick,silent,and,most importantly,something I can quickly get out with if things turn sideways. Getting in close renders that last point an issue,however,so...Don't screw up.

My most successful characters in games tend to be assassins. Or mages,in a fantasy setting. I just know how to hide from the AI (Artificial Idiots). Now,how would that work if I wore tap shoes...?

I could go anywhere from poison, hidden explosives, to stealth cqc takedowns, to reaching out and touching someone with a sniper rifle. That last one is probably my favourite though.

For me, it's got to be pushing them off a high ledge. I usually imagine the resulting splat and listen for the screaming witnesses.

Failing that, poison plus money seems to be highly entertaining

I assassinated someone in Skyrim by shouting them off a ledge. Does that count?

Also, in Assassin's Creed, I killed a target atop a tower with the poisoned blade. Which means I tapped him, then watched as he stumbled for a bit before finally falling off of the tower. It was marvelous.

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