Best Game You Gave a Second Chance

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This is a thread dedicated to games you picked up, didn't like, put down, then tried again later and ended up loving.

My personal pick for this is, for better or for worse, Pokemon. I played up to Gen III's start (Ruby and Sapphire), then didn't pick up a single Pokemon game until Black and White came out. I'm glad I did though, as Gen V really is turning out well so far.

So what about all of you? Any favorites that didn't quite rub you the right way the first time?

I dunno. Halo 3, I guess? Hated it at first, tried it again and it was pretty enjoyable.
Not to say it's a fantastic game, I just don't give many games a second try.

Best one I can think of is X3

I played Reunion and my PC couldn't handle it, that and thinking "what the actual fuck am I doing". I bought the X pack later, had a blast with X1 then got about 30 or so hours out of X3, great game. Just a bit slow so I play it for about 10 hours ever few months.

Second would be STALKER SOC

Played it and couldn't get past quest #1. It was too damn hard. Bought it on steam months later and got STALKER Complete and the realistic weapon mod to make enemies stop being meatshields. That made the game much more fun and now I have finished all of the STALKER games.

Baldur's Gate 1/2. I couldn't get into either one the first time I tried. After trying them again years later, they became my favorite games of all time.

Mine would also have to be pokemon. I went up to Pearl and I didn't pick up one until black and white 2.

Half-Life 2

I first played it when I borrowed the Xbox 360 version off a friend but I just found it kind of unimpressive and boring, probably because the Xbox controls for Valve games suck.
For some reason I decided to purchase the Half-Life complete pack on Steam since I got a gaming PC and I love it. I now know why so many people fanboy over the series.

Dead Space. Played it, thought "eh it's alright, takes itself a bit too seriously though" then I really got into it. It's got that Resident Evil style B-movie charm and as soon as the plot starts getting completely batshit insane you can't exactly say it's taking itself seriously.

The Wykydtron:

Currently farming enough IP to buy Ahri, all the cool champions would be 6300 wouldn't they? Just hope Nidalee isn't all the way up there as well. You're next gurl! XD

Don't forget Viktor, everyone forgets Viktor and he's awesome :)

Dark Souls, kinda. I gave it a while 5 month break so I could forget exactly how hard it was. I've actually (almost) completed it now! Fuck you Gwyn!

DS is still shockingly unfair at times, every death is fair my ass. Mimic no.1, Anor Londo Snipers, O&S without co-op etc etc.

Best would be League of Legends, I hated it when I tried ages ago but about a month ago I picked it back up for some reason and wooo new addiction activate!

I still handicap myself for only going for the interesting looking champions rather than the accessable champions.

Darius OP as fuck? Don't matter learn Orianna! Naturally the hardest to learn champion in the entire game is the most interesting so I have to play her.

Darius isn't overpowered anymore but shut up i'm making a point!

Currently farming enough IP to buy Ahri, all the cool champions would be 6300 wouldn't they? Just hope Nidalee isn't all the way up there as well. You're next gurl! XD

It might be Pokemon White after I hack the hell out of it so that I can only catch and train the original 150 Pokemon on a Gen 5 title.

The Wykydtron:
Currently farming enough IP to buy Ahri, all the cool champions would be 6300 wouldn't they? Just hope Nidalee isn't all the way up there as well. You're next gurl! XD

If you're looking for interesting champs, karma and twisted fate both have some unique mechanics as well.


The Wykydtron:
Currently farming enough IP to buy Ahri, all the cool champions would be 6300 wouldn't they? Just hope Nidalee isn't all the way up there as well. You're next gurl! XD

If you're looking for interesting champs, karma and twisted fate both have some unique mechanics as well.

I know TF has a badass teleport that reveals everyone a friendly TF once teleported in front of 3 enemies when we were running the hell away. He just stood there like a total badass!

Y'know in an anime or a film where the main character takes on 50 guys at once while being a total badass? He looked like that for a split second until he got swiftly dogpiled and instakilled. Coolest TF i'll ever know...

It's not just mechanics i'm after, it's the Champion's actual feel and personality that I look for. Like how Sona is the simplest Champion in the game yet she's so awesome cuz she kills people with music

Plus she seems almost above the rest of the cast, like the amount of poise and elegance she has sort of elevates her above the usual "DEMACIA!" screaming Chapions XD

Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I hated it at first, I was crap. Kept going, and WAHEY it's awesome

Also, Metro 2033. I kept dying due to lack of ammo, then turned out I had about 700 bullets I never knew I had.

Dragon Age: Origins. I'm replaying it right now and I was fairly bleh about it the first time, enough so that I didn't bother even finishing it. But I'm having an absolute blast as is and thoroughly enjoying it. I think time had tainted my opinion and made me remember the poorer elements (which there are a few of) rather than the overall effect.

Monster Hunter Tri,
bought it, got sick of the grinding, put it down, just recently let my friend barrow it, and for some reason I started to REALLY want to play it again, now that it was temporarily out of my possession.

Sean Hollyman:
Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I hated it at first, I was crap. Kept going, and WAHEY it's awesome

Also, Metro 2033. I kept dying due to lack of ammo, then turned out I had about 700 bullets I never knew I had.

Fallout 3 would be my answer too. Just felt nothing for several months. I don't even remember why I gave the game a 2nd chance but I did on PS3 and it was one of the best games of this generation (in my top 5). I do recommend the GOTY edition. All the extra chapters and that when the main campain was over the game was not made it a 150 hour game that 2nd time around.

Not the best game of this gen, but easily the best that took a 2nd try.

mass effect

up until you become a spectre, i had no idea what was going on..put it down. came back probably 5 months later, played the beginning again, this time paying attention to all the details, and ended up loving it to death (still my favorite mass effect game)


i bought it in a sale and got bored 30 mins in. Came back a year later and now im loving it.

Shadow of the Colossus

It wasn't right for me when I first played it. I needed to get a bug for loud, button-mashy action out of my system first. So after killing time for a few months with God of War 1 and 2 as well as a few other noisy, shiny, unsubtle bits of fun, I went back to SotC and loved every minute of it--even the final boss who made me want to rage quit while trying to figure out how to get from its arm to its head. Grrrrr.

Vice City.
I got it for like $7 used and only really played it a little occasionally; not really doing missions, just messing around in the open world.

Then I played through half of LCStories on a business trip. After finishing LCS, I had to play through LC. After finishing that, I had to get San Andreas which ended up being one of my all time favorite games.

Lord of the Rings Online

It doesn't start particularly well and the first time around it struck me as a rather bland clone of WoW, only less polished. I went back to it a few months later and played longer. Once I'd walked through Bree, got lost in the Old Forest, and spent a uniquely pleasant afternoon wandering around the Shire it became one of my favourite MMOs.

Either Fallout 3 or the Assassin's Creed Series.

I got Fallout 3 for Christmas two and a half years ago on the 360 and I hated it which was a disappointment since I loved Oblivion so much and it seemed pretty similar. Then about a year later I got it again, this time for a new gaming PC, and it just seemed vastly improved. It was prettier, brighter and was complemented quite nicely by the use of keyboard and mouse.

I borrowed the first AC game from a friend of mine years ago, played it for a few hours and then when I couldn't figure out I had to sync at a viewpoint to get new objectives, I stopped. A few months ago I got it back out (this friend having forgotten I have it) since my friend had just finished Relevations and I thought I'd try again.

Found the first game average, but playable. Once I'd finished that my friend asked me if I wanted to borrow AC2, and kept telling me it was much better than the first, so I gave it a go. The Ezio trilogy was much better, so I'm glad I gave it another chance.

Morrowind and, the Halo series in general. (I enjoyed Reach and ODST)

For Morrowind, I was like half my current age. I played for about ten minutes. Cast some kind of birthpower (I think it was the Serpent), something that drained my life and killed.
I went "Pff", two weeks later I picked it up again.

...And never put the series down. Morrowind is, in fact, installed right now.

I rented Morrowind like 3 times back in the day before it finally clicked that I could do whatever I wanted and now ima TES addict..

Mirror's Edge. Really didn't like it when I first played it. Then I played it again with a friend who is into all that parkour nonsense, but his enthusiasm proved to be infectuous. I really liked playing it.

Resident Evil 4.
I was shit at the game at first and wasted lots of ammo. I completely ran out while fighting a boss (I think it was Mendez, not 100% sure though) and gave up. I mentioned to a friend that I was going to trade it in. He said "Don't do that! I'm coming over!". He showed me a few fighting tactics to save ammo and I restarted the game. God am I glad I did. This is one of the best games I've ever played.

Gobliiins. Played it when I was younger and found it too hard. Then I had another go a few years later and found it gaming bliss with just the right amount of challenge.

Napoleon total war? Still hated the ridiculous reload rates of infantry but it was so much smoother fighting and cannons were more mobile to un/limber. Even though I never played napoleon campaign (only the grand campaign) cause who wants to play stinky arrogant French!

Fallout 3, played an asshole and didn't like it, played a good guy and fucking loved it.

Devil Survivor, the difficulty put me off the game, but I went back and only after 3 playthroughs (unlocking 3 endings) did I get bored of it. I am loving the shit out of Devil Survivor 2 and hope it does well enough for a DS3!

Funny you should bring this up, I'm actually in the middle of giving a game a second try right now.

The game is Final Fantasy VII. I've tried playing it before, but I could never really get into it. I just recently downloaded it onto my PSP, to give it one final try to get through it. I'm... actually enjoying it quite a bit more this time.

Making it portable has actually helped tremendously. Since I can turn the system off whenever I choose, I'm no longer slave to the game's save system. The graphics also don't bother me NEARLY as much on a tiny PSP screen as they did on my big hi-def TV. And the lack of voice acting is easier to forgive on a handheld.

I just reached the point where I can train my first chocobo, and I'm starting to see why this game is so beloved... even if it hasn't aged quite as well as some might think.

Just curious, when's the best time to take out a life insurance policy on Aerith?

Lords of Magic, got a little intimidated when I first tried it (must have been younger than 10)
Then when I went back and tried it again, after I unified my home realm, I had a blast. Shame my mom lost the CD.

mass effect...the noveria mission was the first of those 3 that i chose and my shepard was so weak he got slaughtered seconds into the fight, so i put it down, then saw how awesome 2 looked and decided to replay it but left noveria off to the end....and now the series is my favorite series in gaming with everything about all 3 of them being perfect...yes...thats right....i like the 3rd ones ending!

Dead Space. When I first tried it, I really didn't like it. I don't know why, but it just didn't click with me. But a friend left his copy at my house once by accident, and I needed something new to play, so I gave it another shot.

Now, the series is easily one of my favorites. I'm begging for the third to live up.

Fallout 3: My friend gave it to me to borrow, I was very unimpressed. About a month after I gave it back, I got a huge desire to play it again, and that was how I became one of the biggest Bethesda fanboys out there.

Mass Effect 1: I played an enjoyed it untill I became a Spectre, then I spent like hours trying to figure out how to leave the citadel, giving up in frustration (yeah... I know... Pretty bad...) then I picked it up again like a week later and was blown away.

My favourite game of all time, Baldurs gate!

It's such a hard game to get in to, I put it down after a few failed attempts, then I read around and gave it another try, won the game and ended up adoring it, still do :)

Mass Effect. I really didn't engage with it at all first time round but, with a second playthrough, I was in love.
Also, Portal. I just didn't get it at first, somehow. Now I love it as much as everyone else on Earth does.

I've actually given Half-Life 2 about three chances and it has never impressed me. I do not get the hype. The characters and settings are good, not great. The storytelling is brilliant and I like the story but the gameplay and pacing just force out a giant 'uuuuuurrrgh!'.

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