Videogame characters you share your name with.

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no idea, i am not even sure if people know about the name Felix outside of Sweden, my last name is even more fucked up.

No-one in the history of entertainment has there been a character called Oliver (apart from Oliver Twist) far as I'm aware.....

The only major one I can think of right now would be Nathan Drake, besides him some random survivors in Dead Rising 1 and 2 and Dead Island are also named Nathan but that is all I can think of.

Sup, Kyle Katarn

Kyle is not very prevalent but hey, I am a powerful super jedi!


I don't know of any other Joe's in video games and I'm kind of pissed that this is the only other Joe (that I can think of).

Blasphemy, you forgot
Viewtiful Joe

The funny thing (or sad thing) is that I've played a couple of games with Viewtiful Joe (Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Viewtiful Joe). I don't even know if the Joe I mentioned is Joe Musashi or, Joe Higashi.

I really can't think of any game characters named Justin.

There's Julia from the Tekken games... and that's all I can think of...



I always choose him in Left 4 Dead 2 matches.

Uhh...why am I having trouble with this?
My name's common but the closest one I can think of in games are characters named John.

There is only one character in all of gaming I can think of that has my name, Youngster trainer Tristan from Pokemon. Although he has a lot of names, so....

Vanitas likes Bubbles:
No.... none that I can think of. Apparently Caleb isn't a popular name either but I know 5 Caleb's at the school I go to.

i think Caleb was a character in Stargate SG1 as well.

I dont think there are any Troy's in video games. Besides a certain city and gets burned to the ground and its inhabits slaughtered ruthlessly that is.

Sebastian Vael (add on character in Dragon Age 2)

Probably more but I can't think of any.

Isn't the guy in GTA IV called Niko/Nico Bel-something?
Well my name is Niko, so I guess him?

None I can think of, but I share my birthday with Alta´r.


There are a fair few movies, comics and TV-series with characters that has that name, but now that I think of it, I cant recall a video game that has a character with that name.

My name is Dennis... can't think of any characters with that. I know hardly any celebrities with that name other than the now deceased Dennis Hopper and Beach Boy Dennis Wilson. Do you know any characters?

Da Orky Man:

The Wykydtron:
Daniel, as in Daniel from Amnesia... That made it a bit more scary when you've got Alexander cursing your name by mid to late game.

Alexander does like to throw the word "Daniel" around now thinking about it... If he talks to Daniel he'll always address him by name 99% of the time even when a simple "you" will do.

"are you alright?" becomes "are you alright Daniel?" if you see what I mean.

What what about when your name is Alexander? Then it gets creepy...

Then you must confide in the fact that he's not actually that evil, but is simply misunderstood and only wants to go back to his weird little alien homeworld and love interest... Even if many puny humans must die for it.

Like a mad scientist version of ET ^.^

Uhh...why am I having trouble with this?
My name's common but the closest one I can think of in games are characters named John.

Big Boss form the Metal Gear Sold games name is John. You could also say all the unidentified corpse of the guys you kill in any game. If you don't know they call the unidentified corpses at morgues John Doe mostly in The U.S and Canada. So yeah fun fact.


There are a fair few movies, comics and TV-series with characters that has that name, but now that I think of it, I cant recall a video game that has a character with that name.

They have a South Park game so there is Eric Cartman. If that helps.

Apparently with a character from Breath of Fire. This topic got me curious and I googled a bit. Never played the game, so I never knew!

At the moment, I can't think of any video game characters that have the name Charlie. :(

Well, Commander Shepard shares my name. Also, the protagonist known as Vault 101. Also, the Hero of Kvatch. Not to mention mr. Dragonborn. And that dude from M&B.

I share my name with these two awesome bastards...

I'm sure there's more, my name is pretty popular in fiction but no one else comes to mind at the moment.

I might encounter my name in a FIFA game, other than that it's virtually impossible.

I dont know. Benjamin isnt a common name in video games.

Shaun Hastings of AC trilogy.

Granted, not the exact spelling, but only one letter off.

Nope, can't think of anyone but Dracula.

One of my four names is the same as every galactic bounty hunter's favourite dragon. Another one is the same as a recurring Holy-elemental summon in the Final Fantasy series.

I share my name with Alex Mercer is suppose, I can't think of any other Alex's off the top of my head.

I can however think of Alex Rogan from 'The last starfighter', a film about a teenager who spends all his time playing a space combat arcade game until he finally clears the whole game, where he discovers the machine is actually a candid test for spaceship pilots, where he is recruited into starleague to defend the fleet from aliens.
Pretty cool movie, I kinda want to watch it again now.

I share my first name with Hugh Darrow from Deus Ex: Human Revolution
I also encountered an enemy in pokemon Sapphire called bird keeper Hugh.

Nope, can't think of anyone but Dracula.

I got to image there is a Vlad the impaler in like Civilization or something.

Well, I'm going to cheat here and use the English version of my name, since there most likely isn't a single video game character named Valtteri. So, Walter. Well, there was one minor character in Dragon Age 2. I think he was the son of an insane mage. There's a Walter in Megaton in Fallout 3 and a couple Walters in New Vegas. No major characters spring to mind. Okay, except for most player characters, but I don't think those count.

I couldn't actually think of any video-game characters that have my first name. Even when I broadened my search to all my names I had little luck. I did however think of some historical figures, some of who appear in certain 4x-games, so I guess it counts. :)

um....i can't think of one actually....there's not alot of Mikes' in games so...

Igor.... from Persona 2? Dunno, I just googled my name and came up with that guy

None that I know of. All I got's Superman's arch-nemesis and a spaceship shaped like a dragonfly.

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