JRPGs with too many characters?

There is quite a few JRPGs that I can name off the top of the head that feature a very large cast of characters.

Infinite Undiscovery
Chrono Cross
Suikoden series
Radiata Stories

I'm sure there are many others. I feel that too many characters leads to a generic cast. However, I do notice most of these games focus a lot more on a set few characters. The others due to their sheer magnitude don't really have the time to be developed.

How do you feel about this issue? Do you think having an over abundance of characters is detrimental to a game?

Kingdom Hearts has a lot of characters. See, it has its own IP characters but also includes multiple Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Did I win? Yes? No? Maybe? Applesauce?

OT: I don't think having an abundance of characters is a bad thing so long as they all seem unique and characterised.

I get annoyed with the amount of charecters that appear in games sometimes. I'd much prefer only one or two that I have to control and understand, with othter NPCs just around that add to the story. Lost Odyseey was the biggest killer for me, that or FF13.

I have no problem as long as I'm not forced to use them. I should be able to ignore all the others and just work on my party. Otherwise I welcome the choices.

Too many cooks spoils the broth, as the saying goes. Chrono Trigger had seven party members; which left plenty of party combinations without having to do too much micromanagement, and it also allowed each character to fill a niche without having to share with some other character.

Of course, with NPCs it doesn't matter so much. Having more villains means more boss encounters that are relevant to the story.


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