Need games that can be played one-handed

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I picked up defense grid: the awakening on sale a little while back (it was in the potato sack) and its pretty good. I mean, sure its a tower defense game but I like it better just because it focuses more on strategic placement than spamming a bunch of towers out quickly.

hmm, what else is in my steam catalogue...

Well, there's frozen synapse which is fricken awesome. It's a turn based strategy game where you control a squad of counterstrike players (not really) but instead of actually taking turns both players line up actions for all their units over the next five seconds which are then performed real time. Very good game.

Spacechem is a fun little pseudochemistry puzzle game. Good learning curve.

And X-COM which is about 17(?) years old and is a downright brutal turn based strategy game where you shoot aliens. It's also really good and has a very dedicated fan base almost all of which are freaking out for one reason or another over the new one being made by firaxis.

Something turn-based, obviously. Civ's a good idea (as has been pointed out). I was gonan say Freedom Force might be a decent choice as well, but I realised you need to use the Space (for pausing) quite extensively to give complex group commands. A shame.
Edit: Just realised, you can bind Pause to middle mouse. There, you can play the whole game with one hand.

Incase you have a mouse with multiple buttons, you could problaby rebind one to the forward key maybe. Then you'd might be able to play a simple FPS incase you get a bit bored out of Point and click games and strategy games. Otherwise, you could try Frozen Synapse. It's a great game which only requires one hand to play, and by the way, it is on Steam, quite cheap.

I thought you wanted games you could jack off too >.>
I would go for a turn based such as Civ, I am currently playing Warlock: Master of the Arcane and I would recommend it as a way to waste many hours making some turns, I am on turn 150 I think and have put in 16hrs. I am pretty sure you could play a tower defense like Defense Grid one handed.

DARK SOULS. He'll have a wail of a time!

Just joking.

Beach Life on pc. Very fun and relaxing game.

XCOM comes to mind.No hotkeys as far as I am aware of(they may exist but I don't use them)and its younger brother jagged alliance 2 if you are looking for something turnbased and also a little bit different.

FYI jagged alliance 2 is going on sale on gog in about 2 hour's so you could pick it up then if you don't already have it.

No mention of any adventure games? Disappointing.

Give Katawa Shoujo a try. I heard it's pretty good (and also free)

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