Could you turn the subtitles on, please?

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I keep them on so i wouldn't miss anything, sometimes you can't hear the conversation because of background noise or in rare occasions where you have to be near a certain npc to hear what hes saying and i can't be bothered to stand still and listen.

Goddamned red button..

I always have them on. It makes it easier to understand what's going on, and games seem to care about the dialogue much less than other media because it's quite frequently hard to understand or hear.


Absolutely not, and it drives me insane if they're on by default.

The real crime is not including adequate audio sliders. Music must be halved, effects set at three-quarters, and voices? MAXIMISED! MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH.

I had to turn the music down to a quarter just to be able to understand Geralt in The Witcher 2. They seriously screwed up in equalizing the audio in that game.

Virtually everything I've ever played has had the issue to some degree.

Some games are obnoxious enough to solely include a master slider, which... uh. If there are only two crimes on this Earth that should be punishable by death, it's doing that, and not including FOV and mouse acceleration options.

I play with subtitles too. Sometimes I get distracted or dont catch something in the speech and then I can just read what was said. Then sometimes theres the issue of accents which I dont understand and I can just read the subtitle.

I ALWAYS turn off subtitles if I can.

In games like Fallout or Witcher, NPCs can talk and talk which means you tend to just look at the bottom of the screen, pick out the pertinent words and than click next instead of actually watching the person and involving yourself in the conversation.

I also think that missing some of the words in a game adds more than it takes away. Sure you miss things but missing a detail while bullets are whizzing by your head enriches the immersion of the game.

I do it all the time. It might be hard to hear what they're saying over the gunfire otherwise. Plus, Metro 2033 is great, but the accents can be a bit hard to understand at times...

"Thueeere et eez... H'ooor... K'hoool..."

I always leave them on, especially in games such as Dead Space or Bioshock, where you could easily wind up fighting while story details are coming in over the radio, leading to the dialogue being drowned out by enemy taunts and gunfire.

Some games where I want to be really immersed in it I'll turn the subtitles off but usually I turn them on. It's not that my hearing is bad it's just that some stuff can get drowned out by in game noise or sounds in real life.

I always have them on in games but never in anything else.

As some characters may say something important/funny in the background, it's hard to hear without the subtitles. Especially in GTA IV where they don't speak English and the subtitles translate it for you.

I off 'em. I enjoy the more cinematic experience that provides.

Plus, I often play games with a set up involving my noise dampening headphones, so I can very clearly hear most of the dialogue being spoken.

In games, yes. I often have Metallica or something similar blaring in the background and simply can't hear the dialogue over the awesome metal. So, I pop subtitles on.

In some games the subtitles often alert me to enemies too. HL2 is a common offender here, I'll often see "<Zombie groan>" or "<Combine radio chatter>" in the subtitles before I see or hear a damn thing.

Yeah, but that's because I tend to play games without the sound.

I play most games while also watching a show or listening to music.

So, I have been on a video game binge of sorts. While playing I noticed something. I turned on subtitles while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops for the fiftieth time. For anyone that doesn't see what is wrong here: I turned subtitles on while playing a game that is only played for military hardware and explosions. After sitting at the main screen, in which Alex Mason is strapped to an electric chair, for a few seconds I started looking back. I had an epiphany: I play every game with subtitles, and my hearing is good.

Does anyone else do this?
Thoughts on why I do this?

Yeah, I do it too. Movies as well.

I like to read more than I like to watch things, and people tend to talk slower than I can process text, so therefore... subtitles!

I have them on all the time due to sometimes not being able to have the sound on loud, or simply because some voice actors mumble and I miss something important.

Games that don't have them annoy the crap out of me. Especially God of War. No subtitles in that game yet they feel the need to make the actors talk quietly, and the music blast out loud.

However, I cannot stand subtitles during a movie, they distract me from the explosive goodness!

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