Meet the...Is the greatest ever! (Won't let me put Meet the engineer :( )
Meet the Pyro
19.1% (27)
19.1% (27)
Meet the medic
26.2% (37)
26.2% (37)
Meet the scout
4.3% (6)
4.3% (6)
Meet the heavy
0.7% (1)
0.7% (1)
Meet the spy
29.8% (42)
29.8% (42)
Meet the soldier
5% (7)
5% (7)
Meet the Demo
2.8% (4)
2.8% (4)
Meet the sniper
12.1% (17)
12.1% (17)
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Poll: Your favourite TF2: Meet the...

So, As you may or may not be aware, Every character in TF2 has now been covered in a "Meet the" video, and, well, just say your favourite, and the killer line from it.

Mine is meet the pyro.
I like when he says "Hmmmwmwmwmwmmwwmmmwwmhhmmhmm!"

If I have to rank them.
1) Meet the Pyro: I'm a Pyro main, and this video was fantastic.
2) Meet the Spy
3) Meet the Scout
4) Meet the Heavy
5) Meet the Medic
6) Meet the Soldier
7) Meet the Engineer
8) Meet the Demoman
9) Meet the Sniper

I love the Heavy's voice actor, so videos with him get a boost. I don't even play that class much (I think it's my #2 least-played after the Sniper). Shame about the Demoman's video being so lackluster, though. He's always up there with the Scout and Soldier as my #2 most-played.

It's a toss up between Soldier and Sniper for me, but Sniper has that fantastic version of one of the Magnum Force theme, so that wins it.

I loved Meet the Spy and Medic myself, but I voted for the Spy. As awesome as Medic was, Spy had more humor to it.

Soldier. He has the greatest speech in anything ever. It doesn't even need to make sense!

I voted sniper, but medic comes close.

As much as I love the Heavy as my favorite class, and the overall quality of all the "Meet the" videos, my favorite of them all will have to be the Medic. I feel that it provided some much-needed characterization to an otherwise blank slate of a character. Even the Pyro had a certain demeanor about him at the time, while the Medic was more of "the German one."

While I enjoyed all of the videos, Meet the Medic will have to be my favorite, followed by the Soldier and Pyro.

I love meet the spy. Pyro is second. Scout was my least favorite.

Definitely meet the spy. I mean the music was so dramatic and well played that I get goose-bumps every time I watch it. I also like meet the medic and meet the sniper they are quite funny to watch.

Probably a toss-up between Pyro and Heavy. Tough call but I had to go with that psycho Pyro.

I go with Meet the Medic. I thought it was quite funny and also showcase him in the best portrayal

Meet the spy comes first. Just simply a great mix of pace, humor and awesomeness thrown together.

Meet the medic is by far the funniest, but the class doesn't feel as awesome, for some reason.

Meet the pyro wasn't very good, it was better than scout, heavy and soldier, sure, but not good as the rest.

Meet the Medic was my favourite. I just think it's the funniest of the bunch. All of them are pretty entertaining, though.

You forgot one. The best one.

It's hard for me to choose..

Gonna have to go with Medic. Followed by Pyro.

Rooster Cogburn:
You forgot one. The best one.

Never mind. This one.

I would have to say Meet the Pyro was my favorite, with Meet the Spy being a VERY close second

Spy, followed closely by the Medic. Those are leagues ahead of the rest of them.

Meet the Medic. It just had more energy to it

We've been waiting around for a good while for the Pyro's video. Now that we have it, and we have some insight on the guy...I'm going to say that I put my support in fire. The Pyro's background is more disturbing than I ever imagined. He's insane! ...and I love it. So, with that in mind, shine on you crazy bastard.

I'm glad to see Meet the Spy and Meet the Medic leading the pack, I think they were obviously the best of the pack. Meet the Spy really upped the humor from the previous videos, and Meet the Medic is just very well edited and gets you pumped to play medic.

Disclaimer: I've never played TF2, I'm judging these on their entertainment value alone.

Well, since my favourite engineer did not make the cut, I'll rank them in the order I like them.
Meet the Engineer
Meet the Medic
Meet the Pyro
Meet the Spy
Meet the Sniper
Meet the Sandvich
Meet the Heavy
Meet the Scout }>
Meet the Demo }> These 3 are about equal.
Meet the Soldier}>

Pyro. Not so much for its content, more what that content represents.

Aaaand it's my main class.

Soldier, followed by Pyro, followed by Spy.

So hard to pick JUST one!
Uh... uh... SPY!

The Medic is my all-time favourite. Spy is a close second.

Meet the Medic for sure. I'm a medic by trade, and overall, the Medic is the character with the least character built into him. Every other character has their character drawn all over them. But not so with the medic. You get that he's german, but other then that, he's just this guy, you know?

But then the Meet the Medic happened, and suddenly the Medic went from being the most boring character in terms of design to being the greatest character of them all. The Medic was hilarious, cruel, manic and on the whole, the best thing in the entire series. Suddenly the Medic was awesome, just because of how he acted in his Meet the Medic.

It was also the best, imo, of the later "non-interview" episodes. The other classes had great lines, but I think the Medic was improved the most by the release of his episode in terms of style. That's why I choose medic.

Sniper is probably my favorite, with Spy or Medic coming shortly after.

Engineer is my favorite class though.

I think the soldier is my favorite, followed by the sniper, and the engineer.

I'll just rank them:
1. Medic (which means that this one is my favorite one)
2. Spy
3. Demoman
4. Sniper
5. Heavy
6. Soldier
7. Engineer
8. Pyro
9. Scout

Woo, I'm the only one who likes Meet the Heavy the most! I R SO SPESHUL :D

Definitely Meet the Sniper...

Mostly because he's the most normal out of all of them... So, it makes it extra bizarre when we're following him around and he's talking about killing people, like Steve Irwin would talk about subduing animals...<.<


Sniper, Pyro, Spy, and Engineer are still my favorites. Loved how they handled the Pyro, when everyone was itching to know whether it was a girl or a guy, and just went bananas with it. Engineer solely because he says "structurally superfluous", and that makes me giggle.


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