Game of the Half Year

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What do you think is the best game of the first half of 2012?

If the answer is Mass Effect 3, then what is the second best?

Dawnguard doesn't count, damn it.

So far this year has been kinda weak, not a lot of really big releases so far.

But if I had to choose I would have to go with Mass Effect 3, no other game is given me as much enjoyment so far this year

Seeing how I live in America and Xenoblade Chronicles was just released this year here I'd go with that.

Mass Effect 3 all the way. It's given me the most enjoyable experience for the first half of the year.

Personally, my game of the year right now is Squids Wild West. But seeing as how this is The Escapist, I'm gonna assume that iOS games are somehow disqualified.

Given the few games I've actually played this year, I would have to give it to PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond. It was fun, colorful, lasts a while. It's just a game that I enjoyed spending time with.

Mass Effect 3 of course.

As for the second best, I haven't bought any other games this year yet. This year's pretty empty when it comes to good games.

The Secret World
Yes, it's an MMO, but it's pretty damn incredible.

ME3 and Journey.

I refuse to pick just one. They're both among the most enjoyable games I've ever played.

Apart from those it's been a rather meh kind of year so far.

Apart from Mass Effect 3...

This one actually surprised me. I really enjoyed Sonic 4 Episode II. I loved the levels, am now used to the physics, and while they differ from the original Mega Drive physics SEGA claim to emulate, it's still a much needed improvement over Episode I. I even found myself replaying it for all of the red star rings and chaos emeralds, as well as all of the achievements.

As far as I'm concerned, that little blue bastard is back!

Mass Effect 3 or the Amazing Spider-Man

Wow I never noticed how dry this year's been. I want to play Xenoblade Chronicles or Devil Summoner 2 so I can even say I've played a new 2012 game besides my #1...

Diablo III.


Max Payne 3

SoulCalibur 5, given how I bought two games released this year and that one wasn't a massive disappointment.

Soulcalibur V. Mainly because mindless beat-em's are funzy... They're also good at venting rage. That COM called Trell in quick match is an assclown, so I always kill him.

ME3. Only game I've wanted to play that's come out this year. I don't count Xenoblade as this year though.

ME 3 with Diablo 3 as a close follow up.


Just...Journey. What else is there to say? The game is easily the most successful PSN game ever, despite how the odds were against it. It shouldn't have been this successful, but it is, and it makes me very happy. Good on you, gamers of today! Not to mention the game by itself is fantastic.

Sly 4 is my most anticipated game for the rest of the year, though it has a lot to beat with Journey.

Ranylyn's Personal top game of 2012 as of the end of Q2 2012.

Dragon's Dogma.

Calling it "monster hunter with a plot" isn't entirely accurate since the plot is overly simplistic to a fault. But that doesn't mean the game itself isn't fun. In an industry where people cry foul when a game actually tries to tell a story (which leads to many once great series being derailed into battle systems on 2 legs) the fact that gameplay as good as this managed to carry any semblance of plot at all and still be popular is almost a miracle.

Ranylyn's "oh god what I take offense to this" of 2012:

- Soul Calibur V

(As a fan of all the other games, even Legends for the Wii, the addition of a meter system alone freaking ruins it. Guard impact being restricted to meter makes it difficult to punish predictable spammers, and the series' atrocious blockstun almost literally means "he who blocks first loses" since you never get to fight back. A series about the quick bursts of battle being slowed by slower flashier moves shows just how messed up the industry's priorities are, and arbitrarily slashing most of the cast in favor of newer clones just to shrink the roster was pretty bad.)

Max Payne 3, Mass Effect 3, Journey, or Gravity Rush. I can't decide between those which is number 1 so I'll say they are all number 1.

Mass Effect 3 it's the only game that's ever made me want to play multiplayer.

Mass Effect 3 wins by default. It's only competition: Skullgirls (which I haven't played enough) and MtG: Duels 2013 (fine, but not something anyone gets excited about either).

Can I count Wrath of the Lamb? I probably shouldn't, since I hadn't purchased BoI before WotL, so it would be double counting.

The Secret World
Yes, it's an MMO, but it's pretty damn incredible.

Really? I've been hearing it's pretty broke for what it's trying to do. But then, I should know better than to trust the voice of the disgruntled considering my vote is for Mass Effect 3.

Can I count Wrath of the Lamb? I probably shouldn't, since I hadn't purchased BoI before WotL, so it would be double counting.

Well, I'll do it then.

"Wrath of the Lamb", the expansion to The Binding of Isaac.

Because cathedrals are awesome.

Mass Effect 3 is the easy choice for me right now, looking forward to Assassin's Creed 3 though.

Gravity Rush. Gravity Rush, Gravity Rush, Gravity Rush.

It's perfection in a portable form.

The world is huge, the music is great, the combat is satisfying... just.. gah.

PokÚpark 2 was actually pretty darn good.

But, looking at this thread, ME3 takes the cake (even though I didn't really care for it)

Captcha: This is it. Heehee - Shamona!

Well, it's Mass Effect 3, so, second best... I actually haven't played any other games. Don't have a whole lot of money. Although the Sniper Elite V2 demo was nice I guess.

Mass Effect 3 or Journey. Can't say that I played much else.

I...I don't think I've bought a game yet this year? Oh wait, Stacking, I bought Stacking...and I bought into a beta. I'm enjoying Tribes: Ascend, probably the only game released this year I've played a lot of. I've played a little DayZ but frustratingly I don't own the ARMA2 expansion that is needed (come on Steam sale). The free Wing Commander game that was finished a few months ago, Wing Commander Saga, is a spectacular space combat sim but the pick of them all is the Endless Space beta, MOOve over all other 4X games.

The new walking dead game.

it has shown much promise in its first 2 episodes that it will continue to be a great series

Wow I never noticed how dry this year's been. I want to play Xenoblade Chronicles or Devil Summoner 2 so I can even say I've played a new 2012 game besides my #1...

Diablo III.


I.......I agree.

I was against Diablo 3. SERIOUSLY against it. Eventually I decided that my internet was stable enough that I shouldn't have any problems playing it (that and I was bored; I haven't played any other new releases this year that are really noteworthy). I get the game, and the next day, my internet goes down. Basically, I had to wait a week for a new modem. When I FINALLY, started playing, I was surprised to find the game kicked all kinds of ass. It's a fantastic game, and without that DRM it could easily have been a GOTY contender.

And my ISP ended up accidentally sending me three new modems, so that's a plus.

I haven't even bought a game from 2012 yet.

Let's try:

Mass Effect 3
Legend of Grimrock
The Walking Dead Game (So far so good)
Max Payne 3
The Darkness 2

I'll even throw in Spec Ops: The Line just because it tried a little.

Let's face it- the only AAA games that are any good in the first half of a year are just the games that were delayed the year before.

Journey hands down the only thing that even comes close to touching it for me would be lone survivor but that really is the only other game this year I've enjoyed heaps

I have a hard time saying Mass Effect 3 simply because I still am a bit butt hurt. Witcher 2 was released for consoles this year and that was pretty good.

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