Detractors of Final Fantasy VII: Thank You

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To everyone still posting about their dislike of Final Fantasy VII: You've won.

Fifteen years. Wow, that's a long time. In fact, I never would have guessed all those years ago, but it's finally happened: everyone, everywhere, fan or critic, is sick to death of every last word spoken about the landmark Square Co. release, Final Fantasy VII. To everyone still nonchalantly mentioning how they never cared for it, I, though I bear no official designation and have no real authority with which to do so, have declared this conflict over. You have won, decisively, and I extend my most earnest thanks.

I honestly don't know how the game managed to garner this kind of attention. With almost every game released, popular or unpopular, divisive or inoffensive, the reaction is always predictable: the people that disliked it will voice their displeasure for a time, and then life happens. Other games come along, some of which they may even enjoy. Time passes. Usually less than fifteen frickin' years. The people that enjoyed it will talk about it for awhile, and then the same fading occurs. Years later, some of them will say, "Remember that thing we liked? We liked that thing. Aaaahh." And then? Silence. This is the normal reaction. But you have defied this pattern magnificently.

As time wore on, it seemed like discussion of FFVII just never wound down. Oh, it faded, sure, but it was always- and still is- around the fringes. This isn't unheard of; plenty of great games remain talked about more than a decade after everyone normal has packed up and moved on, but in all of these cases it's by people who enjoyed the games, and then only for games of legendary quality. But I honestly can't remember the last time anyone brought up Final Fantasy VII for any reason other than to make snide, petty comments about how its best attempts couldn't impress them, a fact so many remain so proud of even fifteen years later- and, I really can't stress enough, fifteen years is a damned eternity in videogame years.

This puzzled and even angered me at first. After I got out of... really? Elementary school? Jesus, that was a long time ago... Anyway, after I got older and began to make a productive and well-adjusted person of myself (what with finishing school and starting a career, I hardly even have the time to play video games anymore), I just couldn't fathom how so many would remain so persistently and vocally indifferent about something ultimately not worth making a big deal over; it just seemed obsessive and pointless to me at the time. But now, I ask myself, have I ever felt as strongly as these people must? Is there any single project in my life that I have voluntarily devoted a decade and a half to? And I must admit that this is a devotion I lack.

You were up against a lot. Final Fantasy VII was a title that, to my memory (which might be unreliable since this was like, seriously, a long damn time ago) was loved by practically everyone on release and has received numerous awards and consistently graced innumerable "Best Ever" lists ever since. The fans- myself included- were an enthusiastic and vocal bunch. I admit, the very mention of the title once brought me genuine pleasure. It must have been sickening to you people- or I'd think so if you hadn't all taken almost three fourths of my lifespan to assert that you really don't care all that much. But those days are all long gone. Thanks, really; it's touching. I still remember the day all affection for that game was finally suffocated out of me, because, rather than involve myself in a purposeless and redundant discussion of the game, I just said, "It's been a decade. It's time to let go." Yes, a decade- because that point was five years ago.

After that, the universally unwanted specter of people who really must have been powerfully unimpressed by FFVII seemed even more petty and superfluous; I mean, ten years had passed. All interest was dead by this point. Nothing remained of the game's legacy but a group of people who must have been way, way too cool for Nineteen-frickin'-Ninety Seven's room, with everyone physically sick of them and none but the most token counterarguments being offered in exchange. And that was when the real beauty of the whole campaign struck me: you weren't just going to rob us of something we had enjoyed. You were going to keep going, and going, not merely eliminating any scrap of fondness but replacing it with reflexive revulsion ingrained by the ceaseless, thudding, completely fucking unnecessary repetition of Clinton-era JRPG hipsters. Done, and done. Thanks.

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the help you had along the way. Square-Enix themselves really outdid themselves in crushing out any remaining goodwill the fanbase might have still felt, but kept hidden. A bold move, to be sure, but this was an invaluable step; the most essential portion of quelling people's enthusiasm is in wrenching away that last, desperate, nigh-invincible kernel. But man, I have to admit, S-E came through with a masterful one-two punch: the ecstatic reveal of everything my nine-year old self could have wanted out of life a decade after anyone gave half a shit, and then the deliverance of it all exactly as my nine-year old self would have made it. That's the personal touch that can really hollow someone out.

But at that point, they were really just cheering on the work you shouldered. This was a true grassroots movement, and that's always inspiring to see. Fifteen fucking years of smug, nagging gripes about something that everyone else had tired of, sucking the nostalgia out of decent people for no God-damned reason whatsoever. You have successfully abolished and converted into malice every inkling of positive sentiment that your chosen foe ever held about something totally not worth even a tenth of the effort, and even though everything I know about the Internet and forums in particular has taught me that this is the higher purpose off all online communication, this may well be the only time I've ever seen anyone pull it off.

*slow clap*

So believe me when I say that this is the last I ever hope to hear or say about Final Fantasy VII, and if I ever, ever have to speak another word about it- if the world's most indifferent, unbiased individual asked me about it only out of sheer ignorance, if my grandchildren want to know what entertainment was like before sex droids, if, as a creaking, ancient husk of a man, I am asked to relate all that I can about the Old World because all pre-crisis knowledge is the most treasured gift our dying race could possess, it will be too soon. You did that for me. Thank you. Now let's all get on with our lives.

I thought it was pretty good.

So.... I really don't know what you're talking about. And Final Fantasy VII is still good :P

The only time I've seen comments like that is when someone makes a thread or something and someone says 'meh I didn't really care for it myself' or 'I think it's overrated'.

It's not as if people are constantly making threads just bashing FFVII or anything. At least I haven't seen them

I read the whole thing . And i honestly , can't think of one constructive thing to say . So i will just say , this . Readin this , and realising you are right , killed a little part of me.

When it comes to threads such as this, there really is only one appropriate response, so I'll just get it out of the way. "U MAD BRO!"


Yeah? And I'm sure English lit students get tired of people misquoting and misusing Shakespeare. Doesn't mean they're going to stop. Rather than ask the world to stop and revolve around you, how about you just get over it and move on?

Like, really. I get what you're saying here, and I more or less agree. Yeah FFVII is overhyped. And? You're going to sit here and ask people to stop talking about it? How about you just stop giving fucks as to whether or not they want to talk about it? That'd be a lot easier, and you'll probably be a lot more successful in the end.

I'm not quite sure what you're talking about.

Perhaps I just don't hang out in the right places, but I rarely see anyone discuss FFVII at all, positively or negatively. I certainly don't see the veritable barrage of smug criticism that you seem to be describing.

Personally, I only ever played parts of the game. I was about... eight years old I guess. I remember being confused as to why my characters were standing still while a giant robot scorpion shot lasers at them.

So I'm guessing you're annoyed by people who are still talking about Final Fantasy VII? Why not just ignore them?

I may have to make a thread talking about how awesome FFVII was because of this.

Seriously though, I really did like FFVII. Not as much as IX though I'll admit.

I still like my Sega Genesis more than your SNES.

...but really, if you can't enjoy FF7 because Johnny likes it but Jacky hates it and Jory thinks it was good but overhyped and Ruzzie thinks Nei and Alys will eternally be cooler than Aeris and et cetera, that's largely on you.

Sure, it's a shame when conversations about a thing that shouldn't end up being about it's quality end up being so, but you need to learn to be able to still enjoy afterwards if you personally think it's good.

The Legend of Dragoon was better.



Yeah? And I'm sure English lit students get tired of people misquoting and misusing Shakespeare. Doesn't mean they're going to stop. Rather than ask the world to stop and revolve around you, how about you just get over it and move on?

Like, really. I get what you're saying here, and I more or less agree. Yeah FFVII is overhyped. And? You're going to sit here and ask people to stop talking about it? How about you just stop giving fucks as to whether or not they want to talk about it? That'd be a lot easier, and you'll probably be a lot more successful in the end.

I'm pretty sure he was complaining about the people who constantly call it overhyped, not the ones who hype it up. Truth is it hasn't been overhyped since the early 2000's. There was a wave of anti-hype around that time that hit so hard, it's borderline /under/rated these days.

And I hope you're happy, OP. This thread is making it very hard to go back to playing Orphen: Scion of Sorcery[1]. I'm seriously considering swapping the disc out for disc one of FFVII.

Edit: Screw it, FFVII it is.

[1] a PS2 launch RPG that I bought thinking it was a castlevania clone, which is the fault of either OPM or PSM claiming it was exactly that in their pre-coverage of the PS2 launch. It's actually kind of cool, but I'm glad I only paid $1.99 for it.

I tried to read it all but I failed, sorry.

VII is my second favorite FF game but it's a long way behind VI.

Personally it's, FF VI, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Secret of Mana then FF VII.

You're very welcome!

Just kidding. Don't you think that they'd better make a new game that surpasses FF VII instead of remaking it?

I'm sorry, but does...anybody know what he's going on about? I detect gratuitous amounts of snark, too much to consider just what direction his sarcasm is actually taking. I think there may also be some misinformation in there IF he's implying what I think he's actually implying...but I won't know because there's nothing straightforward here at all.

In Short: WTF, mate?

You are tired of people complaining about and hating on FFVII? is that it? well im afraid thats not going to stop and neither will people stop loving it. Im not even sure who you are addressing the internet? the escapist? I absolutely love FFVII its my favourite game ever yes it was overhyped back in the day which of course led to an overeager backlash but the fact people are still talking about it even now is encouraging especially when it can still elicit such a response from people same with Ocarina.

I am convinced of its worth so dont have to really convince others but if people want to say how great/bad it was thats no problem its amazing they still care enough and they can say what they like it might not change anything but that dosent really matter and I must say I havent seen a load of discussion on it certainly not the amount the OP is talking about.

The thing is it seems to have become the JRPG just like SF2 is the fighting game for people of a certain age or Ocarina is the Zelda and so its going to attract attention its in the firing line so to speak.

You're sick of people not liking FFVII? Maybe? Or maybe you've decided you don't like it either? Or... Something?

This is pretty much unintelligible mate... The only thing I actually understood was your belief that people who are indifferent towards FFVII have been constantly bitching about it ever since it came out.

A. No they haven't, nobody really talks about FFVII that much, and it's almost universally positive when it does come up in conversation.

B. I don't think you fully understand what the word "Indifferent" means. You can't be vocally indifferent about something for an 15 years, that would require one to care enough about it to talk about constantly for 15 years...

Personally, I blame the VII fans for ending my enjoyment of the series.
They were all saying "VII is awesome! You should do more stuff like that!"
And as a result, we got more things like that, such as VIII, X and x2, and every other game in the franchise after that point which I have never cared for.

Never played VII, but i would probably enjoy it
i tend to like the turn-based rpg's square enix makes.

You're tired of people..not liking FFVII and saying they didn't like it? That's nice.

Sadly it's not that people, like me, who found FFVII a little underwhelming just refused to give up. It's square hammered the fuck out of FFVII.

All of that, plus they put FFVII just about everywhere they could. Teased us with a remake on the PS3, bringing back to rampant childish fanboyism that really destroyed the game for many people.

>.> It wasn't us that did this to you. Square kept bring it back up. Like they're in an awkward conversation with a cute girl in a bar so they fall back on their safety net and blurt out "HEY DID YOU KNOW WE MADE FINAL FANTASY SEVEN?!"

They made something related to FF7 in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

I haven't heard anything about the game, or the series, since at most, 2010.

Just shut up and be glad there are not threads being made specificly for bashing it every week.

Also what is the problem? Internet has some jerks in it? Whoop-de-fucking-doo. It is not worth writing a wall of text about it.

Dude, this is the internet. There are people out there who hate adorable lil puppies, and will talk on and on about how much they suck til they drain the joy out of you.

The Legend of Dragoon was better.

When was the last time you played it? I loved TLoD with a passion for years. Plugged it in not too long ago and the nostalgia goggles died a horrifying death to the barrage of nonsensical dialogue and poor translation. That was the point I stopped loving it for what it was and started loving it for everything it could have been. Something amazing was there but parts of it got lost in translation. Seriously, if I knew how, I would go into the files of the game and just proofread the entire script. And the combat system I'd once thought was the bee's knees, I now realized was rather shallow beyond the additions themselves. Fun, but shallow.

That being said, Meru is still awesome and Demon's Gate is the craziest attack EVER. Nothing can take that away.

OT: I don't know what points everyone is missing. I get exactly where OP is coming from. The never ending cascade of smug negativity from people that claim to not care but are very vocal in their apathy whenever Final Fantasy is brought up has worn down my enjoyment of VII over the years.

To be fair, the negativity only comes up when people start posting threads about how it was the best game ever, or how Square would be stupid not to remake the game for the PS3. ZA

Honestly, I think what really killed FFVII was the graphics. And no, I don't mean in the "Wow, those graphics suck compared to more modern games." I mean "Hey, look, we can do polygon modelling! Here, let's show it off with a 5 minute long, unskippable summon sequence." FFVII was when RPGs really started to become about the spectacle of the thing instead of the meaty strategy goodness.

You look at the earlier Final Fantasy games with their sprite graphics. Everything was much more simple. The Mode 7 stuff was about as fancy as the games got in that department, and it meant that the storyline and mechanics of the game could shine all the brighter. Compare the storyline of FFIV or FFVI with FFVII or FFVII, and the earlier games blow them out of the water.

When you complain about the sorry state of jRPGs these days, you can point the blame Square-ly at FFVII. This is why we can't have nice things.


FF IV and VI are still better. Sorry, been playing FF since it was on the NES (yes, I am that old), while technically FFVII was a big leap, the story was dull and I really didn't like following emo Cloud around. That character set a nasty trend for the series.

I can honestly say I sit in the nose-bleed-high stands with a curious few who actually bothered to read that entire rant. Yes, a rant, that is what that was, or more or less it seems more like one long comment/counter-arguement that you ment to tell someone you really hate, but instead wussed out in the process and decided to turn to the faceless shell that is the internet.

That being say I do have to say that your standpoint isn't entirely rediculous, there are waaay too many people out there who bash on older generation stuff. From what I usually see, it is actually the generation or two right after ours that has 'been recommended' the game by an older sibling or friend, played it and felt like shit, why? Because they have been spoiled by their 'status quo' of gaming beginning in the PS2/gamecube/xbox era or at least thats what I think. I can honestly say that FFVII isn't my favorite, I prefered FFIX because of the playstyle, characters, and story (not trying to downplay 7, I just have a personal opinion.)

If people needling away at something on the internet bothers you, you may have a serious problem, argueing on the internet usually amounts to nothing (so what am I doing here?). Too bad you don't have metric tons of cash with which to Jay and Silent Bob your way through an arguement/insult:
WARNING!! Swearing, ass-kicking, and "Internet Justice" ahead!!!


Great stuff.
So, what about that FFVIII huh? That was a pretty amazing game!

Nice opinion and all, but who cares? You hate people who praise the game too much. So what?

There is only one response to this

I'm sorry, but does...anybody know what he's going on about? I detect gratuitous amounts of snark, too much to consider just what direction his sarcasm is actually taking. I think there may also be some misinformation in there IF he's implying what I think he's actually implying...but I won't know because there's nothing straightforward here at all.

In Short: WTF, mate?

I think he said that he saw so many comments about Final Fantasy VII being overrated, he finally caved in and got sick of all the talk of it.

Thumbs up if you hoped this thread was going to be about how much better VI was than VII.

Hmm, I know what you mean, sort of. There does seem to be a great deal of disdain for FFVII, but often it's just a case of "I don't think it's as good now as it was all those years ago". And that's pretty much how I feel. It isn't the best Final Fantasy game out there, but it's at least in the top five.

So what if other people bash it? That shouldn't hinder your enjoyment of the game in any way.

Not only did I like FFVII, I liked FFXIII

To everyone still posting about their dislike of Final Fantasy VII: You've won.


WHile i found it contradictory in starting a thread about not wanting to have any more discussion about something , irather interpreted it as a motion to initiate a discussion on the ability to stick to past glories. If we immediately disregard the fact that some gamers (not all) would rather look into the past and relive their glories of yore age. You have to take into account the cultural impact with which final fantasy 7 had. It had a tremendous change in the sense that A) it was kind of OK to like JRPGS (What are you playing? legend of dragoon/what the hell is that?/it's a roleplaying game kind of like FF7/i-now-immediately-recognize-the-validity-of-your-effort-and-am-less-likely-to-heckle-your-endeavours). And B) Almost everybody has a positive experience from a game.

I'd even go as far as to say that Final fantasy seven helped the world Embrace the nerd culture. NO, WAIT,STOP!. I did not say, MADE or CONTRIBUTED but helped. Not on it's own, but as a contributiung factor that we can now see in retrospect helped move gaming into the mainstream medias attention and started to wash away the "dweeb" stamp upon which gaming and roleplaying had long been associated with.

It also helps Squaresoft to validate it's work, not only "we made FF7, remember?" but also in the sense "You didn't like GF's/Gambits/ or Sphere grids?" But we were just gambling and trying to change up the formula,like we did with FF7.

Also. Fallout. Muddafudgin FAllout. Was released in '97. It's still being discussed rather vibrantly. Like FF7 i can still hear detractors and fans rising to and shying away from it's defenses.

So, in close. Yah, i agree. It was a good game, it was fun, for ME at least, it's a pretty integral part of my adolescence. But it was a long time ago. Analyzing what it did right and enjoying it is pretty hat in my book. But idolizing it on a pillar and saying it was the best it'll ever get is, at best a highly subjective opinion, and at worse a rather depressing statement on gaming ever since.

So, anyone else want to play FF VII after reading this?
I know I do. FF VII ate my childhood like a...thing that eats childhood. :P

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