Games Everyone Seems to Care About that You Don't

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Hey there fellow gamers.

Is there a game or series of games that you don't really care about, but everyone else doesn't seem able to shut up? Does their inability to shut up about them make you more hostile towards the franchise?

I've got several, but I'll only give one so I don't make too many of you feel like piping in would be redundant.

Assassin's Creed. I've never really cared about the series. When the first one came out, I was somewhat interested, but I didn't play it for three reasons.
1. I didn't have a computer powerful enough for it and I hadn't bought my Xbox yet.
2. I have a fundamental problem with a stealth game that involves being among crowds where the protagonist wears an outfit that just screams "I'm here to do something dangerous and/or illegal." A brooding guy wearing an eye-concealing hood ain't subtle, guys.
3. Yahtzee's review mentioned some faults in the game mechanics that sounded too tedious and annoying to be worth it.

Now Assassin's Creed has had several sequels, and we're only now getting to the one that's officially named 3. It's practically got its own cult following and it's hard to find a forum or web-comic that doesn't have a nerd-gasm about Ezio at some point.

Edit: So apparently some viewers of this thread are under the impression that I've made another "Let's all be hipsters and bash the triple-A games!" thread. That's not the intention of this. Despite what they'd tell you, hipsters follow trends. They're the other kind of conformist. If Emo kids are the creepy larvae and pupae, hipsters are the disgusting and freakish adult moths. This isn't about following the trend of bashing trends. This isn't about hatred, it's about indifference that can become annoyance from all the noise.

To make it abundantly clear that this isn't a hipster thread, I'll share another game I'm sick of hearing about: League of Legends. That's right, you're allowed to list Indie games in this thread.

Mass Effect.

And yes, people never shutting up about it has made me dislike it that much more.

Portal and Half Life.

Not terrible games but not the second coming like some people claim they are.

Portal and Portal 2 were okay as time killers and I felt the Half Life games were average at best.


I have a fundamental problem with a stealth game

I never really thought AC's main draw was stealthily assassinating people (yes, I know how counter-intuitive that sounds). I had the most fun just dicking around the cities with the excellent terrain navigation system.

OT: I never could get into the half-life games, which is odd because I love TF2, L4D, Portal,CSS, and just about everything else with the Valve logo slapped on it.

starcraft. i thought it was just a bog standard c&C clone at the time of release.

bioshock. assassins creed

those are the main 3 for me

The Half-Life games are probably the biggest offenders for me.

Uncharted, Portal (in fairness I've never actually tried Portal, just seen it in action, so I may be underestimating it), Bioshock, Team Fortress 2, Arkham games, I think that's it.

I don't mind people talking about them, up until the point when they tell me I'm wrong for not liking them.

Half life. Can't give less of a shit.
Also mass effect, I don't plan on playing them. Not that they're bad, I just am not very interested.

Grand Theft Auto series and Saints Row Series. Never been a big fan of the game, or their particular take on the genre.

- Final Fantasy
- Metal Gear Solid
- Dragon Age

I don't particularly care about Metal Gear Solid/Final Fantasy (7 actually looks quite decent), but I actively dislike Dragon Age.

I might take a lot of flak for this... but oh well... Mario.

Now, don't get me wrong here... I grew up as a Nintendo kid. I owned every system they put out (console -and- handheld, yes, even the goddamn Virtual Boy) between the NES and the GameCube. Despite this, I -never- cared for Mario games.

So yeah... when I'm watching, say, "Escape to the Movies" and every other week there's a mid-credits clip from Moviebob gushing over Mario-themed plushies with tanooki suits or whatever... ugh. I just don't understand that fanaticism.

I always thought of assassin's creed as a Dan Brown/Robert Ludlum novel with parkour.. and no amnesia.

and id say cod/boarderlands.. ive tried them (tho not rage yet) but just never them entertaining enough for a second glance (except perhaps nazi zombies with friends)

Final Fantasy. I hate that series and every single insipid, stupid, androgynous anime character that has spawned from it. Its amazing that the JRPG equivalent of Madden isn't called on it just because it has... I don't know.. anime cutscenes?

Oh, and Half-Life. I'm sure its revolutionary and awesome and all that but I really can't be bothered.

Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, MGS, Halo, Any Total War game, and a bunch of others

Probably going to have to go with half life and dragon age.

I guess that would be Mass Effect and Skyrim per say. I mean I know they're out for the PC but I can wait patiently for a special/ golden edition containing all the DLC's and what nots which will take a year or so to be out that if they intend to make one in the first place.

Any Bioware game and any Valve game. Especially Mass Effect, Portal and Half-Life. Please, people, can we shut up about these three games for just a little while? Please?

Mass Effect 2 and 3. The first one I loved.
Final Fantasy series
Zelda series
All the CoD games after Call of Duty: United Offensive.
All the BF games after Battlefield 2.

Anything by Blizzard Entertainment. Just not interested in that stuff.

Fallout: New Vegas

Go ahead, criticize me all you want, but I didn't like it.

The atmosphere was so bland. And the actual settlement of New Vegas was extremely underwhelming.

It was just a big disappointment.

Assassin's Creed is also my choice. A couple of my friends are really into it, but it just looks so boring and a little, well, stupid. Space Alien/Papal conspiracy? Please.

The Elder Scrolls series in general, Skyrim and Oblivion in particular. This would probably be the biggest example. Level-scaling has always struck me as rather defeating the point of having a levelling system in the first place. Sandbox has never really been a huge appeal to me either, hence why I've never really felt compelled to finish them.

Dragon Age would be a secondary example since I own them, but don't quite get what all the fuss is about it. As far as I saw it, Origins was a decent-to-average game that everyone seems to have decided was some sort of masterpiece while DA2 was a decent-to-average game that everyone seems to have decided was some sort of atrocity.

Diablo III, Any Final Fantasy (but mostly VII), Borderlands, and recently The Witcher games.

I'm sure they are great, but I can't get into the hype and I didn't enjoy playing them.

The Mass Effect series for quite awhile. Then I played em and now i'm a fan but I don't constantly talk about it like some.


and the Fallout games

Diablo 3, Minecraft, Dragon Age and WoW: Mists of Pandaria.

Mass effect, seriously just if most of a game is good (or according to most people, ive never played it) then there's no point in whining just about the very ending.

Great another overrated games thread in disguise. Well played OP, well played.

KoTOR wasn't exactly fun

Assassin's Creed and Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy, well I have turn-based combat so I never got into it, and I tried AC, but it was too damn repetitive for me

Come to think of it, just about every AAA game coming out this year, as most of them are sequels and I've never played the originals.

Assassin's Creed.

Can't bother to play it, this will be my choice

"Hey, I like Hitman and Prince of Persia, now they want to make an open world game that will remind me of those games and constantly tell me it's not as good as them? I bet that will go veeery well!" is my reason to not care. Doing what I have done before in a worse way is not my idea of fun.

Nintendo's main properties. Mostly because I've never had a Nintendo console, and that's the only place to play said games.

Metal Gear Solid. If I wanted to watch a poorly-written film, I'd do just that.

And then everything by Nintendo, probably because I didn't play them as a kid.

And then Call of Duty and Halo.

Hey there fellow gamers.

Is there a game or series of games that you don't really care about, but everyone else doesn't seem able to shut up? Does their inability to shut up about them make you more hostile towards the franchise?

Dragon Age (Origins and II).

I think the setting is sooooooooooo boring. Elves have pointed ears, used to be immortal, and live in the forest? Dwarves are short, stocky, build giant geometric cities underground, and love to drink? Humans are more numerous than other species while not having any particularly striking qualities?

Nothing like knowing what the entire world is like, including the politics between the species and who will eventually be the major antagonist/protagonist before I install the game.

I fight an ancient evil that's arisen from its burial grounds and happens to be a dragon? An absurdly powerful, but benign-looking witch who has her own conniving schemes helps me along the way in exchange for some seemingly small price?

Good thing these tropes haven't been around since before the dawn of recorded history, otherwise things might get interesting.

Sure, the games are good - but it blows my mind that BioWare is claiming that their fantasy world is entirely their own creation when almost all of my middle school years were spent reading about it.

Another are the Call of Duty/whatever games. I like Halo fine (and played 1-3 for the story), but if I want a multiplayer gun-fest I'll take TF2 over the others every time.

Obligatory mention of the half life series... and that's that over with.

Halo Series - Never even found it to be good even just compared to other shooters, let alone the larger gaming market. Probably doesn't help that 90% of the people online back when I was playing it were asshole 12 year olds trying to swallow their microphones. Thank god for mute.

Any Blizzard game.

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