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Poll: taunts

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do you like to taunt people via voice/text in games?

if so, what do you usually say?

Nope I never taunt because it's only a game and if I taunt I know karma going to bite me in the ass and the person I taunted is going to wipe the floor with me in the next match.

Hah, the poll says 120% no for me.

I don't but I wouldn't mind any taunting aimed at me if it was light hearted, but unfortunately I normally find it's not.

"Your tears fuel my slugs"

And i treat hackusations as the ultimate form of praise and flattery.

Only on local multiplayer when I play with friends and family, or when playing non-local with people I know well.

No. Taunting is stupid. It just makes people angry and makes the game worse for everyone.

I usually use the game's built-in taunt system (if it has one).

Otherwise, I only taunt if provoked. (*kills random, 1 millisecond later* random:"omfg u fking hacker get a lief")

I'm not interested in any gaming conversations ever, largely because of the subject matter of this thread. Basically? Have fun talking to air.

At first I was like I love taunting in games!
Then you meant real people, which I occasionally do but is in good spirit. I never do it to make the person angry, and if it annoys them I stop. When I taunt it's more of me challenging them to do better than laughing at their skills.

If I'm playing locally, versus friends or family, then naturally, but if it's online then not at all.

People who taunt tend to be bad players, I find. They probably just do it because they're surprised they actually did something well. Good players just continue about their business.

I teabag other players, that should answer all your questions.

The only time I ever taunt is with friends if im feeling cheeky or i am playing with Tira on Soul Calibur V because taunting actually changes her stance to the better version. I never taunt via voice or text though unless I know them really well or they taunt me first and piss me off.

I love one liners. ^-^ I do them all the time, especially while playing Brawl... and usually in character, too!

My friend plays as Ness a bit, so if I play as Ganondorf, I'm all like, *boot Ness in the face* "SILLY CHILD, MUHAHAHAHAHAH!", then I'm like, *Warlock punches Ness* "DARKNESS TAKE YOU!" and if he plays as Luigi, as he usually does, and I play as Falco, I'll be like, *Somersault kicks Luigi in face* "Oh man! You think you can beat me? You gotta be kidding!", then like *reflects fireball* "I don't need your fireballs, have 'em back!". Sometimes, if I play as Link, I'll be all like "HYYYYYAHHHHHHHH! TURIYAAHHHH!"... Y'know because Link never speaks, and just grunts and stuff like a female tennis player. I just love to voice act. =3

...Anyway, enough of me quoting my own cheesy lines...

Usually only to my friends because we have a friendly rivalry going; it's all in good fun. There's no point for me to taunt strangers, even in jest. Some might take it personally, others might take it too far.

Only when playing with people who are friends.

absolutely not. not with in game commands or with voice. i only feel pity for my opponents. taunting them is out of the question.

i taunt them if they taunt me

Never via voice chat. Only the scum that give online gaming its bad reputation do that.

I'll only taunt in game via the taunts specifically implemented like in TF2 or made up such as teabagging if the other poor sporting team does it first.

Only light heatedly and only really with friends. And then it's more just poking fun.

I can't really answer with a straight yes or no, I need more options

Only if people accuse me of being unfair.

I still cherish one occasion of when i kept destroying a person's sentries like toys and he called me a cheater. I then replied "maybe you should try a better class, like a medic"

No, not really. I haven't been able to use mic in ages cause of a laptop derp but when I do its to be helpful. Like yelling Spy.
I can be a bit harsh if you aren't pulling your weight in a dungeon/raid on WoW.
But I never say anything that's not true.
Usually its: Don't stand in that! Movemovemovemove or Your dps is not good enough. But people can be pretty sensitive. And if they keep screwing up I can get a bit pissed off.

Nope, I hate taunting because people who do it tend never to shut the fuck up. Or games that have integrated taunts make my ears bleed, like LoL the spam-able laugh makes me want to punch a baby seal.

I only do if I'm playing with friends because they know I'm kidding but randoms on the internet always take it seriously. When I do taunt friends it's either "Come get some!" or "14".

So it's 90% who don't do it. Why can't I believe this number? There is flaming that occurs on these forums despite the strict enforced policies.

Nope, I troll sometimes for the craic but I don't really taunt anyone.

If I'm online and have no idea who the other people are, then no. If I'm playing split-screen, 16-player LAN Halo with a large group of mates who all know one another......nothing is taboo...

Well i have to join in whenever one of my favourite Champions in League of Legends does their signature voice clip. Even if they are on the other team.

Some of the more awesome ones include:



"Haaaaa DEMACIA! *pew*"



Jarven IV

To name but a few.

Current favourite is of course Nocturne's "DARKNESS!" just for the sheer panic it brings upon the entire enemy team. You know some poor low health fool is shitting himself waiting for you to swoop down and instakill him with your dash, fear, soil combo.

Double points if he uses the simple evil chuckle voice clip. So awesome.

And Sejuani's "STAMPEDE!" *epic charge over a wall*

Oh and in LoL people will flame you for doing well, for doing shit, for doing neutral, for apparently killstealing in a teamfight situation, for landing clutch stuns and bindings (HAX/LUCK!) and so on so just take off those badass sunglasses and say:

"Please, cry harder"

Also anyone who uses the in-game taunt button in a fighting game after the game is over is a complete cunt. No exceptions.

Though if you manage to type /l or /d or /t during an escape in LoL and actually get out you're just cool. Unless you're playing Master Yi. You can spam /t, get up and make some tea then still get out easily because the speed buff ultimate is just that good.

I've always found that actions speak louder than words if it comes to taunting. Sure I can put on a mic and go "lol u suk" or "lrn 2 play", OR I can turn my back to my opponent/do a wave emote/fire a round at their feet/do a few light hits and back off. Out of those options, the actions are both far more insulting and WAY more fun if you pull them off.

That being said, I try to just taunt the people who're taking the game a LITTLE too seriously. There's wanting to win and then there's acting like winning is the only thing that matters. It's a game, who cares?

No. Taunting is stupid. It just makes people angry and makes the game worse for everyone.

Then why do most fighting games have a litteral "taunt" button .

OT: by txt no . In fighting games i use the taunt button only if my opponent uses it first , and even then only if i am sure to win . Usually what happens when i get taunted is , i get mad and go into overdrive mode and smash my opponent to a pulp . Then i msg them saying " don't taunt unless you can back it up". Incidentally , iv'e figured out how to use taunt as a strategy in UMVC3 . What i do is , i use a really long taunt ( like x-23 ) which makes the opponent think i am defensless . Usually he would be right , but there is ONE thing you can cancell a taunt onto ... A combination super... which is instant . Made a few people rage quit that way . Totally worth it.

Only if the opponent is already acting like a dick.

Then sometimes I'll egg him on. Teabagging, etc.

I only do it when I play a game against my brother; he flips his shit when my taunts rear their ugly heads.

If I taunt, I do so through character actions and whatever that character's preset taunt is.
However, I never verbally taunt people because I've seen such verbal taunting escalate into fights very quickly, even if the players involved know each other.

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