Deus Ex: Human Revolution film on the way it seems.

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You know what... I think we may actually have found a role that Keanu Reeves would be perfect for...

As for my few cents: I am a gaming snob, who is quite sure that he has the most discerning tastes of any gamer ever, and I found that despite the qualms of various other reviewers Deus Ex: Human Revolution is in the top two greatest FPS games of all time. I would not, however, watch a movie of it. That would ruin it.

Sexy Devil:
Remember Eidos, don't outsource the boss fights this time!

Deus Ex HR had boss fights?

I never noticed... >.>

I think people would be annoyed with a movie about Deus Ex HR.
However the main character is portrayed, won´t be as awesome as Adam is.
And mainly because he would not be as people have played him in the game.
For a small portion, Adam was what you did.

I would love more Cyberpunk movies, as the genre is by far my favorite in gaming and books.
But Deus Ex HR?......dunno.

The original DE would be a different matter, this on the big screen, i can dig:

Don't make a Human Revolution movie, rather have one set in the Deus Ex universe.
Classic Cyberpunk, birth of the age of augmentation, featuring a young Hugh Darrow
Have a female protagonist (Robot Chicks sell tickets) who is a test subject for a prototype series of augmentations. Name her Motoko as a GITS reference and you are done.

Will see it for the Bollywood musical number!!!!

I think Deus Ex HR has the potential to be a fantastic movie. However Im almost certain that this potential will be squandered, particularly looking at other offerings from CBS Films.

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