Designing a System for Your Game

I frequently see posts discussing designing game ideas. It's easier to make a game than you might think, and want to encourage and aid everyone to make great games. Of course, there are a lot of aspects of creating a game: producing, system design, level design, graphics design, composing, writing, directing/acting, and programing. Most people discussing an idea only have the desire and skill to work in some of these areas, which is why making a game is usually a collaboration.

I am one of the strange souls that ponders the core mechanism of game design, constantly fascinated by the mathematics and psychology involved in the art. So allow me to share my obsession.

I will help anyone who asks to design a core system that uniquely complements the elements your ideas or story. I do not expect to immediately succeed, it will take some exchanges to understand what vision you have in your mind, and its entirely possible some of you are not entire sure what that vision is yet. If you do have a core design, and wish to bring up a specific question regarding your design or adding an element, I will answer these as well.

Part of the benefit of doing this on a public forum is that it will help teach those watching what considerations need to be made. And I imagine open brainstorming of game design might help give others ideas. But I also welcome anyone to send me private messages on this topic if they prefer.


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