The oldest game you still play to this day?

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There aren't a lot of games earlier than 1990 that I FREQUENTLY play. I'll occasionally play an NES game or even an old Atari game, but as for things that I replay every once and a while, I guess the oldest would be the original Alone in the Dark (1992).
I don't know why, but it has some sort of undying charm on me. Maybe it's because it was the first to implement a lot of elements that are now standard in my favorite genre (Survival Horror).
Sure, there were a few "horror" games before it, such as Haunted House on the 2600 or Sweet Home, but one was just moving a pair of eyes around a maze and the other was a crappy top-down RPG.
Maybe I just keep coming back because of Edward Carnby's moustache, which is, in my opinion, the greatest moustache in videogame history.

Rayman, though I have never completed it as it still annoys the fuck out of me. But every so often I'll crack it on and have another go.

For actual sustained play that doesn't make me want to go holy promethium on the nearest person, Theme Hospital.

Planescape: Torment.

Y u no sequel?!?!?!?!?!

There is loads of potential to the story left untouched... It's a fucking gold mine for a Game developer and story writer.

And of course, KingPin: A life of crime.
Deus Ex (The first one, GOTY edition)
Fallout series (tactics, 1 and 2, etc)

That kinda shit.

Oh yeah... funny stuff. They're all made by the same god damn people.

BTW: Funny thing about kingpin, it wasn't a success cus it was released after the columbine shooting. Read up on it. Interesting.


I occasionally feel masochistic, and play Treasure Island Dizzy.

Theme Hospital is probably the oldest, released in '97.

Captcha was 'let go'. Fuck you Captcha.


Oh, Videogames... Jak 2 or Tales of Symphonia. They both came out in 2004, and I don't know which one's older.



Dreamweb. One of the most flawed, but most incredible games of all time. I have to play it at least once a year, to remind me of what a game can be.

Mine have to be Nethack (1987), although it's been updated several times since original release; additionally, Descent (1994) still gets fired up occasionally, and it gets extra points for being pretty much the first-ever game to be fully 3D.

Oldest game on my desktop right now,which I love and adore with all my heart,and will probably never uninstall, is Emperor: The Battle For Dune. Just.. Amazing.

The king of fighters 2002, several times a week.

Wow, these are some great games being mentioned, really brings back the memories. It also seems that I need to give Planescape a go, seems like I've missed out on this gem!

Probably Star Wars: Supremacy (SW:Rebellion outside UK&ROI). It's just a really great game, with kinds of strategy that I've yet to find executed that well in a newer title.

Total Annihilation, 1997. I played the demo on the first day we had our very first PC. Still play it to this day.

I'll pop in anything SNES or later at any given moment. However, I do load up Doom more often than anything else equally as old. It helps that I have it running in Skulltag instead of its old Dos version.

Still play Chrono Trigger for my SNES.

I'm playing Disciples 2 right now. That's got to be late 90s. I'm going to play some HOMM2 after that and that is probably mid-90s.

Either Crash Bandicoot, or Abes Oddesy. Yeah, they're not as old as SNES games and such, but I grew up during the ninties. I played with the PS1. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7 were my parents. I did have a computer that could play DooM and Duke Nukem 3D and such, but I ended up with consoles before the massive PC game boom (Don't get me wrong, I'm not a console fanboy. I just don't care about the console vs PC argument.).

But I think the oldest game I play when I've got nothing to do and no way of using my old laptop or consoles, I play Pong on my phone.

One might say tetris, but one does not often play it anyway.

In terms of regularly played games it's probably Age of Empires 2, but not too long ago I was playing Pokemon Yellow again, and a bit further back again I played an old version of Oregon Trail.

I just played Galaga last week, but I'd say I play Tetris or Space Invaders more often. But those are just flash/browser versions, so maybe they don't count.

The oldest game I still actually own is probably Final Fantasy VII. I've also got The Longest Journey, which came out in 2000, making it just 3 years younger than FFVII.

G-Nome. Sometimes you just want to enter a heavily armored weapons chassis and squash some squishy aliens. The ability to selectively destroy pieces of enemy leg armor to slow them down until I can run off and wipe them out with camera-guided VISOM missiles is a feat I wish I could see more often. And by more often I mean can we please have a mech game where the mech isn't just a giant rocket-mounted human with metal plating and mystery shields again?

No really, if someone knows of a recent game in which mechs are treated as vehicles (composed of seperate parts that can be seperately damaged, and can be exited by the pilot) tell me!


Call Me Jose:
It also seems that I need to give Planescape a go, seems like I've missed out on this gem!

It's definitely a cult classic. It was developed at the same time as Baldur's Gate, but when BG became a HUGE success, Interplay Entertainment dumped all their effort and marketing into the BG franchise, so Torment was overlooked and not a lot of people heard about it except through word of mouth. If you liked any of those awesome old Black Isle/Interplay RPGs, you'll enjoy it.

To this day? Legend Of Zelda, Final Fantasy (1), or Super Mario Bros. on my NES.
On this day? Magic the Gathering.
I pick up Pokemon blue occasionally and play for old-time's sake. That's probably the oldest video game that I play most often.

I have long since lost my old consoles so, in no particular order.

Thief Gold


Planescape: Torment

Septerra Core

The Longest Journey

If you haven't heard of Sanitarium or Septerra Core, you need to stop, and go play it right now. You'll thank m later.

The oldest game I have played start to finish recently is probably Zelda 2 adventure of Link. I've played a lot of NES and SNES games lately.

As for things I play on a daily basis, I would say EVE Online, which is pushing on 10 now, I think.

It's gotta be Banjo-Kazooie


Bust a move, that beat is funky fresh!

I played ADOM (1994) fairly religiously until it started crashing regularly.

Well, in light of the recent article on kotaku about Atari's Adventure:

I went and played the browser version of the game. So there.

Pacman, On my phone. If that doesn't count and you'd prefer a console or PC game it would have to be Worms4 from Ps2.

Pokemon Silver

I play it on that Gameboy Color cartridge thing that came with Pokemon Stadium 2.

So much fun.

But it seems to be broken. Every time I turn it off and shake the game, it erases my data. Even the slightest touch will make it delete.


I've been known to play a little "Tennis for Two" from time to time


I'm currently playing FFX. The cinematic are actually better than some of the stuff on 360

Amen to that. Say hello to sir Auron for me.

Myth II, made in 1998 by bungie 12 years old and still going strong to this day

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