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Very simple, what are you playing at the moment ?

Since my PS3 died I did some tinkering and fixed an old PS2. Now I have a chance to play some old titles.
At the moment I'm going through Shadow Hearts (hilariously bad, or perhaps poorly translated dialogue) and Killer 7 (just friggin' weird, but I like it). Recent Steam sale left me with a couple of adventure titles, namely Still Life and Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis. I also, occasionally throw in a short game of League of Legends.

So, as Mr. T once said "What's your game?"

Mostly skyrim and TF2,I also play AC:B multiplayer sometimes.


I also play AC:B multiplayer sometimes.


Xbox 360.

Well, I just finished Max Payne 3 on hard, which was pretty awesome(except the last boss, which was a pain the ass) and I've set my sight on beginning on RAGE next. I've begun making a serious effort of cutting into my backlog and so far so good.

Aside from that, I'm playing Oil Rush multiplayer with some of my friends and as I've done for a long time, I'm still playing WoW on and off.

Recently, Kingdom Hearts II. I beat Sephiroth on that and moved on to Zone Of The Enders. After 30 minutes of cutscenes, I moved on to WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW 2006. Who knows where I'll go next.

I've pretty much been solely playing Minecraft, mostly Hunger Games and MineZ mods.
Although League of Legends and Borderlands (which is much better with a group) is dailyish as well.

League of Legends or more accurately Darius Hating Simulator at the moment. Screw him.

Way too much LoL. Though how do you ever learn how to farm really effectively? Apparently it's meant to be 100 every 12/20 minutes... Lol? That's me on a really good day XP

I'm liking Normal Draft Pick lately. It's like Ranked but less rageworthy when some genius decides to go Full AP Jungle Tryndamere. Apparently his E is too stronk.

At least i'm getting better at doing that bizarre solotop lane thing where you both come into each others faces just to last hit and you don't touch each other... The minion aggro makes the harass barely worth it most of the time.

I still seem to fail at solotop most of the time. I think I played too much solomid beforehand. Top is a case where both parties will likely have built-in health regen (Irelia with Hiten Style for example) so harass is just shaken off near instantly. Whereas Solomid is a battle of the squishy ranged Casters where every other move they make is to harass each other because they usually don't have much health regen built-in.

Unless it's Morgana of course. But who doesn't ban good old Morgie?

Funny how the only person I can Jungle with is Fiora. I think the trick to jungling is to (successfully) gank one lane twice in a short amount of time so that lane has a massive advantage then leave it well alone and help the other two lanes and counter-jungle whenever you feel like it. Fiora is crazy good early game so that's not hard to do XP

That's how I was three levels higher than an enemy Malphite as Irelia when Malph is supposed to be a complete terror top lane. He was terrified of coming anywhere near me because he knew I would just jump on him, chunk his health then go back to farming completely fine. Thanks Jungle Sion!

Nothing. Well I was playing Diablo 3 but I'm pretty much sick and bored of that game to the point of refusing to playing anymore of it.
At the moment, I am just counting the days away for Guild Wars 2 to be release.

Right at this very moment, I'm playing The Witcher 2, however I've also been playing Spec Ops: The Line and Ratchet and Clank HD Collection as well.

The Wykydtron:

LOL, they weren't kidding when they said you should be prepared for a lot of reading when you start playing MOBA games :D.
I play casually, more often against bots than real players, just trying out different champs and builds. I have been researching rune combinations lately since I dinged 20 :)

Dragon's Dogma, FoFix, a bunch of flash games, and Recettear.

Right now? I have an old save file still to complete on the DS version of Chrono Trigger. I'm in the middle of Assassin's Creed 2, again, and still have the Lost Archive DLC to complete on AC Revelations. I'm also in the middle of playing Halo Wars again, and have a campaign to complete that I plan on playing later on Medieval 2. I'm dabbling every so often in Team Fortress 2, and I just started playing Uru Live (the online MMO of Myst) yesterday.

So in total:

Chrono Trigger
Assassin's Creed 2
Assassin's Creed Revelations
Halo Wars
Medieval 2: Total War
Uru Live
Team Fortress 2

Wow. That's a pretty big backlog for me, eh...?

Recently rented Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Other than that, grinding a bit in Pokémon Black and Crystal.

I'll do what I've played for at least half an hour over the weekend and today (in descending order):
- Forza Motorsport 4
- Saint's Row: The Third
- Mount & Blade: Warband
- Binding of Isaac
- TF2
- Civilization V
- Warhammer 40K Space Marine


Hmmm.... My tastes have been a little random as of late.

Going from games like Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, to Sly Raccoon (HD Trilogy version), Metroid Prime (Wii Trilogy version), to Serious Sam II.

I've also had fun with Magic The Gathering: Duel of the Planeswalkers 2013, (enough for me to start collecting the cards), and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

I also have a buttload of PSP games I need to get back to. FFI, Star Ocean, and Persona are not going to finish themselves you know! XD

Skyrim, Total war: Shogun 2 and League of legends. Mostly playing LoL since I am usaully on that with friends as well as on my own. I am still playing Skyrim and I recently got Shogun 2 in the Steam summer sale, it's a lot of fun.

Currently playing Dragon's Dogma, I finally got a copy today. The song in the title screen has grown on me already.

I've recently completed both Amnesia and Rayman: Origins. Both are fantastic games, the latter being slightly under-appreciated in my opinion.
In a few hours my pre-order for Orcs Must Die 2 unlocks, so for the next few weeks me and a friend will be having fun with that.

Scarim Coral:

At the moment, I am just counting the days away for Guild Wars 2 to be release.

Yeah, I'm thinking of getting it too. Had a lot of fun in the last beta event.

I've been playing a lot of Civ 5 recently, and I'm about to give Crusader Kings II a try right now. But really, I too am just counting down the days until Guild Wars 2 releases.

Space Pirates and Zombies. I picked it up during the Steam sale and really appreciate it for its customization options. I just ran into the titular zombies and my ships are wishing I hadn't. Now I'm trying to come up with ways to keep the moldy little buggers off of my hulls.

Chrono Trigger on the SNES. I'm liking the battle system and I'm interested to see where this goes. The music is for the most part great (Lucca's & Frog's themes come to mind) but I'm finding the normal battle theme to be a bit lacking.

I picked LoL back up after a 6-month long hiatus since my buddy got back from China. Probably switch over to Guild Wars 2 when it comes out next month.

Dead Space PS3 on hard (first time through) and i'm trying to just use the plasma cutter XD.

my wife will be gone for two weeks starting wednesday, so i plan on finishing that run, then i have the following to start for the first time:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Final Fantasy IX
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Brutal Legend

not necessarily in that order.

I'm swapping between Fallout: New Vegas[1], Assassins Creed: Revelations[2], Football Manager 2011 and I throw in a couple of hours of BF3 MP with friend every evening.

[1] Doing a scavenger play, cannot buy anything, two gun limit, have to make/find my own meds and so on.
[2] It's been sat there untouched for a while now.

HL2. I haven't finished HL2 yet and I feel the shame...

Also BF3, Reach and Skyrim.

I also play AC:B multiplayer sometimes.

That's still kicking? What platform are you on?

I'm playing AC:R multiplayer, although I now have to fix that backdoor rootkit (Fuck you ubisoft)

And then Crysis 2, and a bit of Driver San Fransisco. Both of which kick ass, but I'd say Crysis 1 is better than crysis 2, at least in terms of the suit. The suit in C2 is balls, but the shooting is better.

White Knight Chronicles and LA Noire, starting on Resident Evil 5 tonight.

I'm playing through the new Ratchet and Clank ames then when the HD remakes of the original 3 comes out ill be buying that and playing the hell out of that as well.

Deus ex 3, the latest one
I got bored and quit about 10 minutes into the first action mission, despite liking the story, due to:

text all over the screen
i can not use the things i picked up and are on my action bar, a candy bar and a grenade
NPCs repeating the same line every 10 seconds I SEE YOU CHROME
i continue to aim or crouch despite not touching a button
running is maybe 10% faster than walking
Having no ammo because i missed like three times

felt and looked a lot like SIN episodes

I am rotating through ME3 MP(Xbox), Battlefield 3(PC), Darksiders(PS3), Red Dead Redemption(PS3), and Yakukza 4(PS3).

I jump around a lot :s

I'm about to start playing the XBLA HD rerelease of Sonic Adventure, with DX upgrade.

Hellz yeah.

I've been finding it hard to settle on one game lately. So recently I've played all of the below.

Fallout NV.
Myth 2 - Soulblighter.
Europa 1400 The Guild.
Empire Total War.
Rome Total War.
Stronghold 3.
Children of the Nile.

So I'm on a Mac.
I bought it in 2008, when I wasn't really gaming much. It was overpriced and the proprietary accessories still piss me off today, but it really helped during college when I was leading a weekly campus event.

But it sucks for gaming. Not due to crappy hardware. There aren't many resource intensive games that I'd actually want to play. But it sucks due to the crappy library (I can play Valve games and whatever little else has been ported over). But then last week, I discovered Wine and installed it to my computer. And just like that, the entire GOG library opened up to me all at once.

So I lost self-control there for a bit and at once started Arcanum, Deus Ex, Baldurs Gate, Alpha Centauri, Fallout, and Beneath a Steel Sky. I wittled that down to Arcanum and Deus Ex for now.

Final Fantasy VI
Tales of Graces f
Jak II
Dragon Age: Origins
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Picross 3D

Settle on one game, you say? Make me.


The Wykydtron:

LOL, they weren't kidding when they said you should be prepared for a lot of reading when you start playing MOBA games :D.
I play casually, more often against bots than real players, just trying out different champs and builds. I have been researching rune combinations lately since I dinged 20 :)

I honestly do try to stop rambling on and on whenever LoL comes up. No really, I swear! There's just so much to talk about dangit...

Fuck it, i'm going back to maining Katarina. Time to bust up some rudelords with the best ultimate in the game XD

<3 Katarina.

"Oh no, this guy is forcing me to last hit at my tower before lvl 6! No jungler in sight! He's camping bot for some reason. *ding* Fuck this noise. DOUBLE ULTIMATE HATERZZZZZZUHH!"

Kat is one of those people you don't come to gank on low health, like a less extreme Garen or Darius (yes I once saw my jungler do exactly that, didn't end well. Got blamed for not warding. Lol gtfo)

She's just gonna either combo you down with a Shunpo < Bouncing Blade combo or if she really can't be arsed she can just instakill you with her ult. Then all her cooldowns refresh so she can get out with a piss easy Shunpo to a minion.

So try Kat if you haven't already, she is super duper fun times!

I suppose if you take "main" as "best at" my main would actually be Support Sona. Screw you Soraka you suck compared to my darling Sona! Don't even get me started on that nooblord Taric...

I've done it again haven't I? Fuck.

Sims 3 and Jedi Academy. I'm also watching Archer while playing the former.

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